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Wallpaper for children's room (58 photos): the best ideas of design and decoration


Children's room is a special room, because the child begins to know the world from him. It is a kind of small kingdom for a little girl or boy. Therefore, the interior of the nursery should have a beautiful color, be unusual, bright, comfortable and modern. It should be borne in mind that children grow and change, so the design of the room should be improved. For girls and boys of 2-3 years, one design is created, and for teenagers of 12 years, the choice falls on a completely different one.






Therefore, the design of a child's room is a responsible and difficult task for parents. The main role in the interior design is given to wallpaper. Wallpaper for children's rooms can be completely different. It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters. For example, what is the gender, age of a girl or a boy, what materials and types of wallpaper, color, size of the room, as well as design.

You can choose a completely different wallpaper: bright and bright, pink, yellow and blue. This may be a combined yellow wallpaper for a small room. It is best to emphasize the color and individuality of the design, taking into account the characteristics of a girl or a boy of 3, 5 or 12 years, using children's 3D wallpapers.






Wallpaper selection criteria

It is important to choose the best wallpaper for a girl or a boy so that the interior of a small room is beautiful and safe. Therefore, the design ideas for children's wallpaper should take into account the following criteria:

  1. health safety;
  2. ecological cleanliness;
  3. beautiful drawings on the surface of the walls;
  4. optimal microclimate;
  5. safety of wall materials;
  6. suitable color

Making children's wallpaper is best done in view of the fact that the colors and textures of the walls should match the age and character of a girl or boy of 3, 5 or 12 years. For teenagers, some coatings are needed, but for a little girl, completely different ones. This also applies to the degree of durability of wallpaper. For heterosexual children and teenagers 12 years old, for example, you can choose washable wallpaper that has resistance to impact or abrasion. If you are not ready to glue expensive types of wallpaper, then for a girl or a boy of 3, 5 or 12 years old you can buy paper wall coverings. Such a choice would not be afraid that the interior of the nursery for children of different sexes will often spoil the children. Paper wallpaper is not expensive, which will quickly return to the old design.



If you want to find out what wallpaper options are on the store shelf, then the choice is better to start by studying the label:

  1. one or two wavy lines will say that it will be possible to remove the “works” of a girl or a boy of 3, 5 or 12 years with a soap solution and a sponge;
  2. crossed out flames indicate good fire resistance of the coating;
  3. hammer pictures will say that the wallpaper will easily endure collisions with toys of different sexes;
  4. eco-friendly wallpaper for a child’s room can be chosen if the label has a corresponding emblem: drawings of a tree or a leaf of clover, crossed-out abbreviation PVC.

The choice in the shops today is huge: paper or liquid wallpaper, bright and bright, pink, yellow and blue, 3D coating. This makes it possible to consider different design ideas, select a color, glue a different combination of coatings, create a unique 3D design for children of different sexes.












Children's for girls

Making a nursery for a little girl requires a special approach, because it is important to create an interior that will have beautiful color, create comfort, nurture taste and ensure psycho-emotional development. So which wallpapers for girls is better to choose?

  1. As an idea for the interior of a nursery for a little girl, you can use a combination of delicate pastel colors: pink, peach, beige and lilac.
  2. Drawings are recommended to choose according to the age of the child. The design of the walls for a two-year-old girl’s child can be made of wallpaper with colored circles, stripes and squares. You can glue and combined wallpaper. For 3-4-year-old baby fit a combination of drawings with the characters of cartoons. Also, the design may include fantastic flowers, drawn princesses, cats, fish and the like.
  3. But do not glue some pictures in the whole room. You can combine the wallpaper as follows: on one of the walls to place a 3D picture, and on the other surfaces to mount monochromatic coatings that are matched to the tone.
  4. For romantic girls fit pink and purple tones. Pink wallpapers will make the girl feel like Barbie or a princess. For daredevils who compete with boys, interior design includes blue, turquoise and yellow scales.












World of boys

For boys under 12 years old, the most common combination is green, blue, blue and gray. In some cases, yellow or brown tones are added. At the same time, blue colors will suit dreamy natures who rave about sea adventures and travels. Green, gray or white wallpaper decorated the interior of the room for boys who dream of becoming a military.

Saturated green or blue wallpaper for boys should be placed maximum on one of the walls. For kids of 4-5 years, 3D wallpapers with game prints of pirate ships, airplanes, and racing cars will be natural. Making a choice of which wallpaper to use for the room of teenagers, you need to understand that for boys the children's room is more playful than the bedroom. Therefore, there must be a compromise choice that will allow to realize the ideas of combining different functions. For a bed, it is desirable to design soft and muted colors, for example, white. A bright design is recommended for the play area, where yellow, blue or green tones may prevail.












Types of wallpaper

It is important to know what types of wallpaper are there in order to make the right choice and realize the ideas that are planned.

  1. Paper wallpaper. Paper coatings can be very different in texture, colors and patterns. Paper wallpapers are the most budget. There are two-layer paper wallpaper with wood chips, they provide an opportunity to repaint them several times. Plain paper can be glued around the bed, and in the gaming area will look great combination of combinations.
  2. The interior of a small room for heterosexual children up to 12 years old can be decorated with wallpaper for painting. It can be combined non-woven wallpaper with vinyl or without. It's a great choice. Such coatings are more expensive than paper, but they should be chosen for teenagers under 12 years old, because they are more durable and wear-resistant.
  3. Practical and environmentally friendly are liquid wallpaper. Such liquid wallpaper allows you to easily transform the interior of a small room, because the design can be changed by repainting the walls in a different color. Liquid wallpaper can transform the interior, because they allow you to use different design ideas. However, they are expensive. That is why liquid wallpaper is recommended for decorating teen rooms.
  4. Natural coatings are an excellent option for toddlers and teenagers. Bamboo or cork coatings will create a beautiful design, but they will be without colorful drawings.
  5. Create a unique design and bring to life many ideas will help 3D wallpaper. 3D coatings can dramatically transform the interior, the color of the room and its size. Large-format 3D wallpapers can have a huge number of colors and images. 3D wallpapers for the little ones are able to develop the creative and mental abilities of the baby. Therefore, we can consider the idea of ​​decorating a nursery with the help of 3D educational coverings with elements of geography, numbers and alphabets.