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Yellow color in the interior of the apartment (50 photos): successful combinations and accents


The ability to “play” with flowers during interior design is a creative and drive, expression of yourself, bright ideas for decorating an apartment or a villa so that they become different from others. Do not be afraid of bright colors, those that are rare. One of them - yellow, the color of the sun in case you add a little softness and lemon - if sour. Hot or calm yellow color in the interior will charm and enchant. Ahead - the secrets of decorating!

A unique yellow interior is not only one of hundreds of decorating ideas for a child’s room, bedroom, kitchen or living room. It also:

  • positive effect on the psycho-emotional state. And all thanks to the exciting action and the biological clock of the human body, which "wake up" when the sun shines outside the window;
  • stimulation of efficiency, creative thinking due to the fact that on a sunny day each of us is more active than on an overcast and rainy one;
  • getting rid of fatigue and depression. To do this, doctors recommend using not the most bright yellow color in the interior, but slightly oiled, muffled;
  • desire for movement and only positive emotions. Coming out of the yellow living room in the morning everyone can be sure that the day will succeed !;
  • improved memory and feeling full of buzz. Such a union will make any plans;
  • warm, roomy space. Any cold shade of color in the presence of yellow will be a little softer, freer, more pleasant;
  • Combination with almost all shades of a color palette, except violet. The latter refers to complex colors, so it can be represented in the yellow interior only as accessories.





The color of the sun in combination with others: choose for yourself!

Using the yellow color in the interior, do not forget about harmony. The main idea of ​​this design (like any other!) Is the perfect tandem of wall / ceiling / floor decoration, furniture and textiles, trifles and accessories. At the same time, the color palette should not tire or annoy, but should give warmth, joy, positive emotions.

This is easily achieved by using shades of yellow and beige to decorate the room. With the prevalence of the latter, yellow can be used as upholstery, decoration, accessories. The room will be free, moderately soft and warm, relevant to any style. Neutral beige "will take" all shades of yellow and create a truly luxurious and rich environment.

The optimal combination of yellow and orange color will help make the room velvety, delicate, unique. At the same time, the orange-yellow room can be decorated both as a kid’s bedroom and as a rest room. Ideas and ways to implement them will be born in it, and everyone will feel confident, brave and secure.

The white-yellow interior will impress you with style and a certain elegance, dignity and accuracy. So it begs in a tandem coffee table made of transparent glass, steel metal chairs, decor items, in which only smooth clear forms and lines. Minimum delights, inaccuracies, ornateness. Such an idea can be embodied even in design projects for modern styles: silver, coal black, cool white in the style of functional or minimalism will be diluted with yellow elements, giving vigor and dynamics. Original and bold!

All shades of red are just as good with all sorts of shades of yellow. It is worth remembering that yellow is not only the sun and lemon, but also selective yellow, and dark pear, and saffron, and golden. By combining alizarin, burgundy, even scarlet with gold or saffron, you can focus on the working area in the library or office, for example, and make the rest area softer and more elegant.

Interesting and languid looks yellow in the interior, combined with brown. They seem to complement each other and are able to create a cool and sedate climate in the room, give it a lot of positive, warm energy, depth and volume. Do not forget that brown is almost 160 shades. There is where to show courage and fantasy.





Yellow in the nursery

Every child is cognition, constant movement, and interpersonal skills. To keep all these qualities at the level, the yellow color in the children's room will help to give joy. However, using it as the main color fragment, you should not create floors and walls, the ceiling and everything else in yellow. In such a huge amount, he is able to tire a child. It is enough to choose in yellow tone wallpaper or curtains, upholstery for furniture or accessories.

For example, yellow wallpaper in the interior is easy to combine with blue or blue, creating a marine style. Add remains from transparent organza or tulle textiles - and the traveler is ready to conquer the seas! The original idea for older children is gray-yellow, calling for concentration or yellow with green, which has a positive effect on the physical condition of the child. Perform the opposite walls in the color of beige and dull yellow, focus on green poufs, pears, for example. For athletes - the most it!

Yellow with red can be issued to the training area. The combination of these colors will develop a craving for knowledge and will contribute to the study of something new. Decorative panel, accessory on the table - and the baby’s attention is not dissipated, but focused!

The interior in yellow is interesting for kindergartens and schools for the reason that children are more afraid to stain the yellow walls than any others. Consequently, the walls will remain washed longer, and the kids will learn to be careful and take care of the things around them. Option for neat!






Color of the sun and cuisine: harmonious tandem of two

Yellow in the kitchen is a great idea. This color will contribute to the development of unrestrained imagination of the hostess, and guests and household will give strength in absorbing the cooked masterpieces. At the same time yellow will fit equally well into the interior of a modern style. To do this, you can make yellow facades of furniture, or opposite walls, or accessories. Much will depend on the light: the maximum amount of daylight will allow you to pick up more saturated, deep shades, and its disadvantage is to use a combination of red and yellow, yellow and brown, or orange and yellow.

A special highlight for the kitchen is the yellow curtains in the interior. They alone can bring a sufficient amount of kindness, optimism, and positive emotions into a room. If the interior is presented in natural styles - choose natural materials of rich deep color for curtains. The same idea would be appropriate if the curtains / drapes / curtains on the kitchen window become a bright decorative component of the interior. A pair of yellow plates on the table - and yellow became a favorite!









Yellow for the living room and bedroom, or most importantly - accents

The living room is a gathering place for the whole family, a rest area and meetings with friends. The whole territory should be practical, functional, conducive to communication. A bedroom is a zone of complete solitude, abstraction from being and the outside world, the territory of knowing each other. It should be calm, light, airy. Therefore, the yellow color in the interior of the living room or bedroom can be perceived ambiguously, because it:

  • will give the room softness. For some hosts, this is simply frivolous and unacceptable;
  • distract those present from the most important;
  • will be hot and hot, and the heat of passion in the house - to anything.

However, this does not mean that the living room can not be decorated in yellow. The main thing is to correctly place accents, do not crush the space with deep and rich yellow, do not combine it with emerald green, blue or burgundy. Light yellow wallpapers with white ones will look stylish and charismatic in the living room, the furniture is black wooden furniture, for example.

For the bedroom will be enough portiere or a set of bed linen in yellow. Or bright gerberas in a vase. They will help to raise the tone and charge a powerful energy, but will not distract from the main.

















Yellow in the bathroom: for relaxation

Yellow in the hygiene room - only partly or only in accents. It will serve as a dynamic start, will allow to “catch” with the eye on the decorative element, will bring a charge of vigor after water procedures and will allow it to hold on all day or all night. An organic solution is a decorative panel of ceramic tiles, a bright macro shot of washable photo wallpaper. And all this - taking into account the basic color of the bathroom, which should relax and invigorate, not annoy, not annoy.









Summarizing. Painting yellow ...

Choosing yellow for any of the rooms of your own house or apartment, try to recreate the whole picture at once. To do this, you can use special programs or make a design project by hand. Having decided on the finishing material and furniture set, choose colors for them. The difference in a couple of shades will allow you to create a room uncluttered and restrained, moderately warm and elegant. Accents can be made in bright colors that are in harmony with yellow.

In case you want something bright and challenging, choose a pair of yellow tantalizing shades of red, defiant green or rich blue. Specify the main color with the help of finishing materials or furniture upholstery, auxiliary - in the form of textiles on the windows and tables. A great option - a different shade of yellow in the wallpaper, which will visually divide the room into an active zone and a rest area. Interesting and nontrivial.

Everything is subject to yellow as the sun. Virtually any combination, options, ideas of colors, textures, ways of decorating. The main thing - a measure of sunlight!