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Stylish combinations of green in the interior (55 photos): wallpaper, curtains and furniture


A person can distinguish a huge amount of green tones. This is the most familiar color for the human eye, because green is the color of grass, fields, meadows, etc. Green is automatically associated with nature, which means peace and inspiration. After the winter cold, we look forward to spring, waiting for the first buds, grass and flowers. With the arrival of the first spring days, we seem to inhale a breath of freshness, gain a surge of new strength and inspiration to live, create and rejoice.






Green color in the interior

Wanting to refresh the situation in the apartment, pay attention to the green color. And your home will become a 24-hour home of rest and inspiration. Green is a set of shades, among which may be fresh juicy tones or flashy bright light or vice versa dark shades. There is even a green color with brown, yellow or blue tint. So real green fans will be pleasantly surprised. The rich variety of green tones opens up ample opportunities for activity and tremendous opportunities for the flight of fancy.

Green color in the interior gives a feeling of security, relieves mental stress. Therefore, it is perfect for any of the rooms, be it a kitchen, children's room or a toilet. So to say, fit into any interior.

A nice bonus is the fact that green can be combined with almost any color of the widest existing colors, which further expands the boundaries of imagination.

Green color in the interior of residential premises is perfect for city dwellers. Due to oversaturation with ads, bright signs and billboards, the urban population becomes more irritable. It would seem that advertising has to nerves. It turns out paramount. We often do not notice, but it is the oversaturation of the color palette, which is simply filled with advertising signs and billboards, makes us more sensitive and impatient, and sometimes even irritable.

Green shades in the interior of the premises will help relieve tension and make you more calm and peaceful.

Kitchen space, made in green shades, especially if we talk about light green color, will turn the usual eating of food into a pleasant process. In the green kitchen you will not want to hurry. Calm food in a pleasant environment surrounded by the eyes will have a beneficial effect on the digestive process. In the morning, the light green tint will invigorate, and in the evenings, on the contrary, pacify.









The combination of green in the interior. Blue and light green

The combination of blue and light green is associated with the sky and fresh grass or the sea and the shore. This combination of colors can be bright and contrasting or, on the contrary, deep and smooth, the main thing is to correctly combine shades of blue with light green.

Such shades of blue as turquoise or blue-green are suitable for rest rooms, for example, a bedroom and a living room. The bright shade of blue is suitable for kitchen space, restroom or children's room. Such a combination, if necessary, can be soothing. Please note that such a color alliance is often used in children's cafes, kindergartens and even in playgrounds. And all because it reduces hyperactivity in children.







The combination of brown and lime

Brown with light green is considered to be the most natural union of flowers. Picking up shades of brown, you can make this union catchy and bright, but you can do the opposite soft and not at all contrast.

Brown color is often a tree or imitation under the tree, which occupies a considerable part in the interior. Basically - it's furniture. But brown can be curtains, and pattern on the wallpaper, and elements of modern decor.

Light colors will give the room smoothness and tenderness. A dark brown is suitable for lovers of clear boundaries and rich and deep interior.






The combination of black and light green

Such an alliance of colors is a powerful contrast. Where, against the background of black, lime appears to be even more positive. This kind of dramatic combination is suitable if we consider living quarters, then for a teenager's room or for a toilet, if we talk about non-residential premises, then it is perfect for a nightclub.

Having diluted the existing alliance with gold and gray, we will get a luxurious interior worthy of the most distinguished persons.




Friendship red, orange, pink and light green

You do not always want to relax, sometimes you want fun. To break the circle of pessimism and bring the spirit of joy and happiness into your life, start adding warm colors to the light green interior. Pink details will make your abode worthy of princesses. The owner of such a room will feel the breeze of fresh ideas and accomplishments. From the combination of light green and red you will get a clear burst of energy.

In addition to fresh tones, there are many others. Shades can be pale, barely noticeable, or vice versa bright and rich, dark or light.



Green and white alliance

The union of these two colors creates a strict style in the interior. The combination of green and white creates the effect of complete sterility and purity. You can give a liveliness to the interior with the help of yellow, brown or pink, as well as adding a little blue tones. Such a union of colors in the design of residential premises seems to tell us about the nobility of the family living here.



Combination of green and red or orange

Red is considered to be a complementary shade of green. Against the background of red, green appears deeper and more expressive. In their combination, the colors seem to glow, but if you stay in a room with such an interior for a long time, you can quietly become more irritable. Therefore, it is better to dilute the union of red and green with white, black or dark brown color.

But the union of green and orange will also look bright and spectacular, but less obtrusive than with red, moreover, in a room with such an interior, a person will feel quite comfortable and cozy.

Any color can be revealed, you only need to know what to combine certain tones and shades, so as not to miss. For example, black, for many, is a rather gloomy color. But in the right union, he looks very expensive. The combination of bright dark green tones, tending to black and white color, with golden or straw details in the interior is an exotic luxury design style. For lovers to stand out from the crowd, you need to look to this particular combination of colors and tones and semitones. Such a style in the interior will be beneficial in all senses, both psychologically and physically, especially in terms of status.

Despite the many advantages of green, not all designers take to work with him. After all, the tonality of green is wide enough and the problem is to choose the right shade and combine it with a different color. But be sure, all the difficulties in working with such a color overlap due to its extremely positive effect on the person, as well as his magnificent appearance.

Excellent color choice for the bedroom. No wonder in psychology it is called "sleeping pills." Everything is very simple, because a person associates green with nature, which undoubtedly tones in the morning, cools in the afternoon and soothes in the evening before bedtime.

On the green sheets will rest not only the body, but the human brain. Especially well suited green bedroom for people who are engaged in mental work. But esotericists claim that a long presence in the atmosphere of green color fixes problems with immunity and even saturate a person with energy that attracts wealth.




Green in the interior of the living room

For a room in which not only the whole family gathers, but sometimes friends and close relatives to spend time together and have a rest, the green color in the interior will suit perfectly well. A green sofa in the interior can be the subject that will automatically adjust guests and household members for friendliness, positive and socializing.

The interior is not only furniture or wallpaper, it is also a mass of trifles, for example, pillows, vases or paintings, and so on. For the green living room fit furniture green colors of dark colors. Pillows can be made in brighter tones of green, orange or light brown. A highlight of the room, you can make the table jade color.



Green wallpaper in the interior

The green color of the wallpaper is suitable for both the bedroom and the living room. The main thing is to combine them with other shades and colors. For example, for a conservative bedroom, a combination of green and white will suit. And for the bedroom in which the child will relax, it is better to give preference to the green one. If it is a girl, then lime can be combined with pink. But for the boy, the design of the room where the lime green will be combined with the brown one is more suitable; if it is a teenager, then the green one with black. But this is a purely individual opinion. Still, the most important thing in choosing a room design is the opinion of the child.




Before you hang green curtains, you need to decide in advance on the interior. In the choice of curtains, both the size of the light opening and the side on which the window goes is important. After all, the choice of curtains depends on the illumination in the room. And it is also necessary to know that the lambrequin will not be useful in a room with low ceilings, otherwise the effect of hanging the ceiling. And curtains or curtains of dense heavy materials visually reduce the floor space.

Green curtains in particular come to a pre-designed green interior. But to choose the material from which the curtains will be sewn, you will have to use the above rules. And, of course, given what room they will hang in, and who will live there.

There are many more combinations of green with different colors and shades. But whether to list them. The main rule that should be guided by when choosing the main color in the future interior is personal preferences and wishes.