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Modern Scandinavian style in the interior of the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen (25 photos)


The famous god One, the tree as the main symbol of worship, the joy of the sun's rays, purity of spirit and physical strength - "components" of the Scandinavian countries. Such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Sophisticated thread ties and direct associations - and now the Scandinavian style in the interior is fashionable. How does he attract a Slav? The same as the Scandinavian. It is light-purity, space-purity, materials-purity. Functionally, practical, stylish. Nothing extra.

An apartment in the Scandinavian style, a country house, or just a few rooms, for example, a children's room or a living room, are household items in stock, each of which is in its place. Usefulness, the use of accessories, trivialities clearly and conveniently (as opposed to minimalism style) - this is one of the basic rules of the Scandinavian style.

That it attracted the inhabitants of Europe in the 50s, for whom the Scandinavian style became a kind of sigh-sip. Fresh, clean, logical, understandable and simple. That is why the Scandinavian interior came to taste to many, and became commonplace both in the house of a simple clerk and the boss of a famous company. And it was a kind of tandem of minimalism style, modern with a touch of eco and ethno style.






Scandinavian style rules, or just for everyone

Small-sized apartment Khrushchev, a country cottage for seasonal living, a private house in the Scandinavian style will look functional, stylish, bright. Modern style will appeal to both innovators, who demand change all the time, and conservatives, who want eternal and stable. Acquaintance with materials for interior decoration, lighting, colors, necessary accessories - and a modern style is created.

Numerous nuances / subtleties, or color

What could be a living room, children's room, bathroom or Scandinavian-style kitchen area? White. And this is unequivocal, but by no means easy. Matt-pastel-white, cold-snow-white, white, flowing in a shade with soft beige, adding light pink, olive, blue - all these colors are your mood every day, emotions / feelings / desires. In white - the purity of the Scandinavian style, freedom, spaciousness and real "feeling" of the moment. Therefore, the choice of shade of white should be given special attention so that it attracts you every new day. Again. And again.

The white color of the living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom, visually expands the space of small rooms, brings freedom and a sense of soaring. Even a studio apartment is getting bigger, wider, more voluminous. As accents - bright accessories, and the room will look alive, functional, comfortable. And it will not resemble a cleaned up hospital ward.

The classic design of the apartment or the interior of the house in the Scandinavian style involves a combination of white and natural shades of wood. It can be bleached or gray-haired oak, cognac hue of lime or ... coal black. This will give the room a drive, creativity, energy, will allow you to beat contrasts.




Comfortable and cozy Scandinavian style in the interior is not only functionality, but also dynamics. Modern interior should be powerful, energetic, exciting and uplifting. At the same time easy, simple, practical. And this implies the presence of multiple decorative elements.

The main rule - do not overload the interior. Therefore, find a place for posters in retro style, bright figurines, original forms of vases, pillows and carpets that will attract attention. There are panels, paintings and all that is created with their own hands. A great choice - green friends! And the Scandinavian style in the interior submits to the soulful, appreciating the simple joys of life.