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The location of the dresser in the interior (40 photos): modern ideas


The dresser in the interior appeared thanks to the usual old chest. Our great-great-grandmothers in wrought chests folded their clothes, supplies and valuables. Then gradually the chest transformed: comfortable shelves appeared, doors, dressers began to be equipped with a mirror.






    • The chest does not take up much space. And with a mirror, it is even more functional, such a chest of drawers is indispensable in the hallway.
    • Comfortable and roomy.




Chest in the interior plays a significant role. In some rooms it can be the main violin, so it must be chosen carefully - improperly selected furniture can spoil the look of any room - both the bedroom and the living room.

Consider what modern trends should meet the dresser.

      • If you choose a model for the kitchen, then it is desirable that inside it be a special grill for storing bottles. And the boxes under the dishes. The narrow dresser will ideally fit into a small kitchen or a hall.
      • If you prefer antiques, you can make furniture under the order in the workshop. Such a chest of drawers can be made of valuable and expensive woods and will be an excellent legacy for your children. Original carving, patina, vintage gilding and other interesting design ideas will give such furniture a truly ancient look and aristocratic luxury. It is better to place it in the living room or office.
      • Inlaid from natural mother-of-pearl is very popular now. Mother of pearl - small white iridescent stones, very beautiful. Such a piece of furniture will have a slightly oriental appearance, therefore not suitable for every interior. However, if in your apartment you adhere to this particular style, then the Moroccan inlaid chest of drawers with or without a mirror is just what you need.
      • If you are leaning toward Japanese and Chinese culture, then a bamboo chest of drawers is the best solution. Moreover, such furniture is also very light, which is important when rearranging and transporting. Ideas for decorating an apartment with such furniture are on websites and in design magazines.
      • Classic is always in fashion. Therefore, a chest of drawers made of wood of strict lines of dark or light color will be relevant in any room of the house, especially suitable for the bedroom and living room. Except, perhaps, a bath. And even now they are doing wood lamination, which allows us to put wooden furniture in the bathroom, and it does not dampen and does not deteriorate. A model made in dark color adds luxury and severity to the interior, and a light or white chest of drawers, especially with a mirror, brings comfort and space.
      • For the cabinet perfect solid chest of unpainted wood, varnished or stain. Such a prestigious piece of furniture will talk about the status and solid financial position of its owner. An old chest of drawers is also suitable for this purpose after careful restoration and renovation. Ideas of such a restoration are on special sites.
      • In the children's rooms are now popular light models, painted with soft pastel colors. Brightness is also welcome, but not all the product should be bright, but only a few details. For example, white chests of drawers with red handles. The same principle can be used if you select a model for a hallway or bedroom in a modern, avant-garde style.
      • White color furniture.
      • Dressers with a photo printing - a modern relevance. Such a model can be selected individually for your interior. You can pick up bright prints or calm ones - depending on where you plan to place the furniture - in the living room or hallway. In the quality of the picture can be anything - even a reproduction of Gioconda or Rembrandt's picture. There are no restrictions here.
      • Trendy glossy finish. Black and high glossy dresser for the bedroom - the trend of the season. Of particular popularity is also now gained coverage "chameleon" - a special lacquer, when applied which will change the color of furniture from the angle of view.
      • In the living room on the dresser is ideal to put the TV. So it will be practical doubly - and as a place to store and as a stand. And in the boxes you can place a vice, remotes, even hide the cords from the TV.
      • In the bedroom chest of drawers - an indispensable thing. The first dressers appeared exactly as a piece of furniture intended for a bedroom. It easily fit bed and underwear, other necessary things. In this case, the room itself will have a neat and well-groomed appearance. From above it can be equipped with a mirror.
      • Chest of drawers in the kitchen can be placed only if this kitchen is large enough. In the standard kitchen there is no place for it. But modern large apartments and, especially, country houses fit perfectly. Beautifully look ceremonial dishes and crystal glasses behind glass doors. Sometimes models for the kitchen are made with a mirror.
      • The bathroom will look great plastic models with a mirror, which are made in color, combined with the color of the tile. In its compartments it will be convenient to store household chemicals, towels, cosmetics, care products.
      • Relevant so-called style "chebbi-chic." It is a kind of wooden furniture that gives the impression of being slightly worn and faded with time. Well, such a chest of drawers will fit into the interior of a country house - even in the hallway, even in the living room. Apartments rarely trim in this style.












Consider what materials for the manufacture of dressers are now in special demand and why.

      • Cherry. This natural wood gives a very beautiful cut pattern. Cherry wood is solid and luxurious, great for the living room. But it requires an appropriate interior. Otherwise, a single cherry wood chest will be lost in mixed-sized furniture.
      • Nut. Dressers from a hazel turn out easy and graceful. This light-colored tree is suitable for the bedroom and the hallway.
      • Maple. Beautiful material, but rarely used because of the complexity of processing.
      • Plywood. This material from a tree one of the most budget. Everyone remembers the bedside cabinets from the 70s in the apartments of their parents. So, most of them are made of plywood. Not particularly beautiful, but inexpensive and practical furniture.
      • Ideas with a combination of different materials are very popular. So, expensive natural wood can be combined with metal, chrome, even plastic. In the trend of stained glass inserts and glass countertops for the living room and hallway. And the glass doors of kitchen drawers have long been classic. Doors equipped with a mirror are also in high demand.
      • MDF and chipboard - budget, practical and modern materials. They imitate the absolute any wood species. Would you like cherry or oak cheap? With modern materials, nothing is impossible; any ideas come to life. MDF is a very durable material. The furniture from it long serves, without losing the qualities.
      • Metal models made of lightweight alloys are appropriate in the interiors of minimalist high-tech. Such a dresser in the interior will be almost forever. If you wish, you can add the usual wooden dresser forged parts, which will give it solidity, reliability, but also make it heavier.
      • Rattan is an eco-friendly natural material, lightweight and convenient. We pass for interiors in the style of summer houses, evoking thoughts about rest and relaxation, ideal for a bedroom.
      • Plastic models are indispensable for bathrooms and children. Easy to wash, bright colors are cheap. Will approach and in a hall.
      • Glass models are made of tempered glass. Fully glass furniture is rarely produced. Only if the order. But glass inserts are common. Also often dressers are equipped with a mirror.