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Bedroom in the attic (54 photos): layout and interior design ideas


In past centuries, mansard rooms of houses were intended for poor people, but now things are different. The bedroom in the attic is a non-standard and at the same time romantic solution that has many variants of execution.






All attic floors have a special geometry that will have to be considered when designing the interior and future design decisions. Sloping ceiling and walls, narrow passages, in other words - lack of space. But limited space will not be a problem if you build your project correctly in advance. We offer you ready-made solutions for arranging an attic in your home.






Design by the recommendations of experts

The attic project most often causes difficulties in the ergonomic part: how convenient it is to arrange furniture, how to solve the lighting problem, how to move pipes and ventilation, so as not to disturb the integrity of the house and fit into the design, etc.

When transferring pipes and ventilation shafts, it is recommended to contact specialists who will solve these issues, organically fitting them into the interior and taking your ideas into account.

When arranging furniture, each centimeter of attic space must be calculated:

  • Under the slope of the roof it is best to install the bed, turning the headboard to a low wall;
  • Tall cabinets are replaced with modular ones that easily fill the niches;
  • Attic bedroom - most often a project in the style of minimalism. Use small dressers and compact cabinets;
  • The most romantic and fabulous place - by the window - is perfect for setting the table.






Do not put furniture close to each other - take care of space, avoid massive furniture, for example, a large dressing room, if it is not suitable for the chosen design and takes up too much space.

When painting the walls and choosing wallpaper, stop on light colors. Bright colors are suitable for coloring the central part of the room. To visually expand the room, you can paint the highest part of it in a contrasting color.

Attic bedroom can be decorated with different accessories that create a single style for the whole interior. Vertical paintings on the walls will make the space of your attic house bigger and deeper and suitable for any design.

Because of the sloping walls, the light from the windows of the attic is always reflected in the floor, so it is important not to make the room darker, having wrongly designed the windows. Choose curtains from flowing fabrics of light colors. Windows should open fully to let in as much sunlight as possible.










The style of provincial France - Provence, one of the best ideas for the interior of the attic bedroom. This is comfort, simplicity and dimensionality of design, which preserves appeasement. For this style is characterized exclusively wooden furniture and floors. Often, furniture made in the technique of artificial aging, decoupage, which gives the decoration a cozy atmosphere of antiquity, is chosen.




The interior in country style, above all, implies a relaxed village life. Simple but durable furniture, an abundance of textiles and jewelry made with love. Country music is not compatible with minimalism, it is chosen by those who like to surround themselves with small things: photographs, embroidery, handicrafts, applications, etc.

For this style choose only environmentally friendly materials: wood, cotton. The furniture sometimes looks coarse, it can be wicker or wooden, wrought or carved. The classic country solution, of course, is the fireplace, which will give even more comfort to the rustic style.

An important element is textiles: cotton bed linen, floorboards, sheepskin carpets, patchwork bedspreads, checkered rugs, small pillows. In country style, it is customary to decorate walls abundantly: paintings, antique clocks, pine wreaths, panels and so on. Wallpapers choose not bright, colored stripes or flowers, embossed wallpapers are popular.




Classic project solution

The classics always remains modern, it is also characteristic of the design of the attic bedroom. Grace, solemnity, wealth, chic, slender and flawless elements of palace luxury are the key ideas of the classic interior.

If you chose a classic finish, then:

  • The floor is made of high quality natural materials such as marble or wood;
  • For the walls, a floral range of noble colors is chosen - all shades of white, olive, burgundy, blue and green;
  • Choose furniture from valuable materials, decorated with carvings or precious fittings.

The classic attic bedroom is heavy draped curtains of gold, beige, cream shades. You can put in the bedroom dressing room, which will give chic and elegance. The decor is often used canopy.





Modernist style layout

Also, the top floor can be made in the style of a loft. This style has its own special industrial accent:

  • Brick walls, no wallpaper;
  • Open pipes and ventilation system;
  • Roughly applied plaster;
  • Multifunctional model furniture and many metal parts;
  • Author's, rare accessories, often made by hand (posters, collages, posters, graffiti, etc.).



This option is suitable for spacious attic rooms with sufficient daylight.

For a small attic room, perfect planning in the style of minimalism:

  • Laconic and flexible forms of modern materials;
  • Transforming furniture;
  • The minimum number of colors, and one of them is usually white;
  • Painted walls.




Shabby style chic

"Shabby" chic is a fashionable solution for the design of your bedroom in the attic. The main advantage of this choice is that you do not need to buy expensive accessories. Shebbi is femininity, lightness, airiness, the design is close to Provence, but has its pronounced features:

  • Carelessness, aged furniture;
  • Forged items;
  • An abundance of textiles, lace, ruffles, ornaments, glass elements, etc.



Shebby chic furniture is always pastel or white. Often fabric covers are put on the furniture, images of birds, butterflies, and flowers are used in the decoration. The bed is the central figure of the whole room. Metal beds with a beautiful wrought headboard or wooden beds made of light materials are suitable. The rest of the furniture is aged artificially or an existing antique is found and painted in suitable colors. A dressing room will be a great addition to the chebbi style chic.

Shebbi is a special choice of bed linen. White, delicate pastel colors, ivory, from materials - cotton and linen. Linen is decorated with laces and ruffles, here you can use a variety of ideas, for example, crochet pillowcases for small pillows. Linen from satin and silk is not suitable for a chebbi, choose muted tones with elegant embroidery.

Shabby-interior means a lot of accessories: carved frames for mirrors, a lot of photos in wooden frames, exquisite vases and candlesticks, bright flowers in white pots, lace napkins and more. Fresh flowers in the form of small bouquets of field plants will be a bright solution among pastel shades of chebbi chic style.




An interesting solution - a children's bedroom on the attic

Children love small rooms, because it’s good to hide in them, they like to climb stairs in search of adventures in the attic, so the children's bedroom in the attic is the perfect design solution.

First, the child will be able to retire in the house, to be in silence. Secondly, the non-standard geometry of the attic gives space for creative implementations, the child can decorate the bedroom with hand-made ornaments.

It must be remembered that the child needs proper lighting. This can help special dormer windows that the child can not independently open.