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Types and benefits of the chair Poeng (25 photos)


The interior of the living room is difficult to imagine without a comfortable and functional chair. The Poeng armchair, which can be recognized by the curvature of the U-shaped legs, is very popular. It is easy to read, relax in front of the TV, spend time at the computer, or just have a cup of tea. This type of armchair has a number of advantages and disadvantages, and a wide range of colors and models will allow it to fit into the interior of any style.






Design features

Poeng chair may seem fragile and unstable due to the lack of rear legs. However, high-quality models are able to withstand considerable weight. The design feature is the back, which ideally follows the contours of the body, which provides a good orthopedic effect.



Most often, the frame is made of glued veneer, which allows you to get the desired shape, using only natural materials. The workpiece is fixed in the desired position, after which it is processed with a special compound that increases its elasticity.




Advantages and disadvantages

Chairs Poeng appeared on the market relatively recently, but already managed to gain popularity among fans of stylish and comfortable furniture. This is due to the significant advantages of such seats:

  • A wide range of models. Chairs Poeng are available not only in the classic version. You can find models with a rotating base, beds and rocking. The choice of design will allow you to perfectly fit the chair in the interior of the children's room, living room or office.
  • Orthopedic design. The main reason for the popularity of the Poeng chair is the unique design of the seat, in which you can completely relax. Rest in such a chair relieves the spine, which is important after a hard day's work.
  • Large selection of colors and materials. The market offers a huge selection of models with different frame and upholstery. The frame is made of various wood species, and the upholstery can be made of genuine and artificial leather, as well as textiles of various colors and qualities.
  • The presence of an additional footrest. Some models of Poeng chairs have a stool, which can be used as a stand for your feet. This will allow you to relax as comfortably as possible.
  • Ecological purity. The frame of the chair is made of natural materials, so this furniture can be used even in the nursery.
  • Ease of care. Covers from the chair can be easily removed and washed. Most manufacturers offer removable covers that allows you to refresh the look of the chair with minimal investment.
  • Affordable cost. A wide range of models designed for people with different financial capabilities. At the same time, the initial cost of the models is low.




There are practically no drawbacks to such chairs. The main thing to choose quality models of reliable manufacturers. However, it may seem to large people that curved structures cannot withstand their weight, so it is difficult for them to completely relax, but after a certain time this sensation is lost.

Types of chairs Poeng

In addition to the classic design of the chair Poeng, there are other comfortable models. The most popular of them are:

  • Rocking chair Poeng. A feature of the model is the presence of wide runners. Allows you to relax the spine, and creates a feeling of comfort and convenience.
  • Chair on a rotating stand. Suitable as a computer chair in the office or at home. Instead of legs has a round wide metal base.
  • The bed A model that allows you to fully relax. Additional rear legs make the structure durable and reliable, and the mattress has a high softness and thickness.
  • Armchairs with additional stools. Used as a footrest. Allow to completely relax your back. Recommended for lactating women, the elderly and everyone who dreams of a good rest.

The choice of the type of chair Poeng depends on personal preferences, the design of the room and the purpose of this piece of furniture.



Manufacturers offer and models of chairs Poeng for children. They differ from adult models not only in size, but also in bright colors and shape of the seat. Children's models have a small weight, which allows the baby to independently move it to a convenient place. The special shape of the legs minimizes the chance of the seat tipping over, making it safe for even the youngest children. The safety of the structure is ensured by the absence of metal parts.






The Poeng chair is a modern, practical, original and comfortable piece of furniture. It will occupy a worthy place in the interior of any room, and will become a favorite vacation spot for all family members, and the use of natural materials ensures the safety of the product even for the youngest family members.