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Trendy, modern, comfortable flooring - vinyl laminate (22 photos)


Just a few decades ago, there were only a few varieties on the market for building materials for the floor, including wood and metal. Today, a huge assortment is presented to the attention of property owners. From such a variety of eyes flee, and many doubts creep into the soul. Today we will make your choice a bit easier and tell you about the ultra-modern vinyl coating.

As you already understood, this type of flooring material appeared in Russian stores relatively recently. According to manufacturers, vinyl laminate is distinguished, perhaps, by the highest indicators of wear resistance, practicality and protection from mechanical damage, but these are not all pros and cons. The most interesting about this unique coating, you can learn from our article today.



What it is?

Flexible vinyl laminate - a real find for those who appreciate the ease of installation and ease of operation. It is made, as you have probably understood, from polyvinyl chloride. Today there are various varieties commercially available. The first line of the rating is laminate tiles. It is an imitation of rectangular or square ceramic tiles. The most common sizes of plates: 300 * 150, 200 * 200, 300 * 300, etc.

Vinyl laminate has standard sizes - 191 * 1316 and 324 * 655 mm, but the main distinctive feature is its thickness - no more than 5 cm. This gives an undeniable advantage: now there is no need to strip off the old coating. The new layer does not create any discomfort and does not reduce the usable space.



Vinyl chloride was created in the early 19th century. And in 1872, Eugene Baumann made polyvinyl chloride (PVC). By the beginning of the 19th century, mass production of PVC was already debugged, but its active use began only in the 30s. After that, this material won all the existing spheres of production. Now the most developed area is the manufacture of decorative finishing coatings.



The most interesting about vinyl laminate

In addition to the technical features, there are some points that distinguish it from other flooring materials. They should be considered if you want to lay your own vinyl laminate:

  1. Glue mounting. Today, in large quantities are sold special adhesives, designed specifically for working with PVC. On the basis processed by glue mastic, the tile is pasted. It should be immediately noted that this technology has a significant degree of complexity, which makes it not very popular.
  2. Quartzvinyl laminate castle, you guessed it, has similar locks to similar coatings. This allows you to perform all the necessary work quickly and easily. Such laying vinyl laminate is considered one of the most popular and relevant today. In addition, the presence of such locks allows you to use the material in a wide temperature range from 0 to 40 degrees.
  3. Panels with an adhesive layer. The main feature of it, as you already understood, is the presence of an adhesive layer on the reverse side. It is protected from drying out with paper stripes. You can easily lay this cover over the old one. This is probably the best vinyl laminate, the disadvantages of which lie only in the fact that during installation it is impossible to move the board, from which you have already removed the protective paper layer.
  4. Tile with glue tape. This version assumes the presence of a lock around the entire perimeter of the panel, but it only snaps into place, not mechanically, but with the help of a special fixing compound.

We should also mention that vinyl tiles are divided into two classes: flexible and rigid. The peculiarity of the first one is that they can be laid on uneven surfaces, and their hard counterparts do not tolerate unevenness, therefore during installation they often crack and deform.




If you want to lay vinyl laminate yourself, give preference to lock models. In the case of glue, any mistake can fly into a pretty penny.




Now let's talk a little about design. Today there are a large number of different shades, ornaments and imitations of natural materials, such as wood or stone. Modern equipment allows you to create truly unique designs and prints. Particular attention should be paid to the fashionable this year images of marble and aged wooden boards. By the way, the options "made of wood" are considered the most successful, because the tiles have a beautiful relief and texture.

You should also talk and structure laminate flooring. It is multi-layered and complex. The basis, of course, is the polyvinyl chloride discussed earlier. It is he who gives the products strength and the required level of rigidity or softness. The second most important layer is PVC. A special substance is applied to its surface, namely fiberglass. Next is the turn of the layer, giving the board strength.

Many manufacturers add here quartz sand fines. On the next layer is a paper base, on which the manufacturer applies the desired shade and ornament. At the end is protection - polyurethane, which has high strength characteristics against mechanical and other types of damage.



As you have already noticed, with the appearance of any new type of flooring, manufacturers immediately begin to praise it, telling customers about its wonderful properties, such as durability, safety and practicality, but loud remarks often do not match its true characteristics. Now we will examine in more detail the main advantages of vinyl laminate.

  • Increased wear resistance and durability. As manufacturers say, the floor will not scratch, and the traces of solid furniture in the form of dents you just will not see.
  • Durability. There are allegations that the board can serve homeowners for about forty years.
  • Ease of operation. Any contamination can be removed with a damp cloth.
  • Moisture resistance. This feature allows the tiles to withstand the effects of liquids for a long time. According to construction companies, according to this indicator, vinyl laminate can be compared to tile.
  • A variety of design solutions. This item is not subject to dispute.
  • Easy installation. Experts put the material for a small amount of time.
  • Fireproof.
  • Efficiency.




But, as practice shows, everything is not as rosy as it is described to us in high-profile advertisements. Consider a few examples:

  1. For cutting panels, it is enough to have an ordinary knife on hand. What do you think, if the board is so easy to cut, how does it resist scratching? On the Internet you can read a lot of reviews. Some users claim that after a month of operation, various strains appear on the laid laminate. Any heater or stove can significantly harm the coating. And if you are a person who likes to smoke a cigarette at home, an unintentionally fallen cigarette butt can leave an indelible imprint on the floor in the blink of an eye. And if natural coverings (parquet or flooring from wooden boards) are easily restored, then vinyl tiles will have to be changed.
  2. The material cannot stand firmly against solvents and other household cleaners for furniture and other surfaces. Rubber can ruin the colors in places of contact and leave spots. Even the highest quality waterproof vinyl laminate can not withstand such experiments, so be extremely careful during wet cleaning.
  3. Water can penetrate the seams, making the locks and adhesive base unusable.
  4. As for the installation, its ease ends when the process itself begins. If you choose a hard model, you must make a screed, otherwise any unevenness will cause the tile to crack. Although experts say that putting it is much easier than the equivalent of MDF.
  5. Of course, today manufacturers can skillfully create an imitation of any material. But why pay for such materials, if, for example, natural wood is several times cheaper?
  6. The price for piece natural parquet is significantly less than oak laminate. Then what kind of savings can we talk about?
  7. In case of fire, the tile, of course, will not burn, but exposure to high temperatures causes the material to emit toxic chlorine-containing substances.