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Ventilation Grilles: Possible Views and Their Benefits


The lack of fresh air inflow into the house can lead to a deterioration of the tenants' well-being, since in an unventilated room for a long time there is an accumulation of carbon dioxide and various toxins released by both household chemicals and many finishing materials.

As for the need for ventilation for the bathroom, the situation is even more serious. In a fixed, moist air environment, various bacteria, microbes and fungi multiply very well, accumulating on the walls, on the doors and on the furniture, spoiling their appearance and deteriorating, and creating a threat to human health.



It also requires the installation of ventilation grilles in areas such as baths and saunas. Ventilation is also extremely important for kitchens, basements, attics. Today you can find a variety of types of ventilation grilles, which differ significantly:

  • To destination. There are external, internal, door ventilation grilles, etc.
  • By design. The ventilation grille can be round, square, rectangular, with louvers for adjusting the amount of air flow, or with a valve that prevents the flow of air from the street in the exhaust ventilation system. There are overhead and recessed grilles, with and without flanges, and even with special built-in nets designed to prevent insects from entering the room from the outside to the inside.
  • According to the material of manufacture. Both front ventilating lattices, and ventilating lattices for doors, and the lattice designs connected to air ducts, both from a tree, and from plastic are on sale. There are metal ventilation grilles (for example, aluminum and steel galvanized grilles are very popular).
  • By color and appearance. Among the many varieties of products considered in this article, you can find commercially available grilles and white, and brown, and other shades, and patterned decorative ventilation grilles.

Also may be different and the size of the ventilation grilles, their width and height.

The most popular are the following options:

  • Gable ventilating grille with latch or louvre type. It provides ventilation of the attic space with the ability to reduce the flow of air in the winter. Often, such lattices outside are closed with PVC lids, which are also regulators of air velocity in the area under the roof, although of a very simple type.
  • Front metal ventilation grille or PVC. It comes in a variety of configurations and colors. They are both rectangular, and round, and white, and brown. Such a wall ventilation grille is manufactured in a wide range in order to ensure the compatibility of these products with the facade of any house, including, for example, sheathed polyvinyl chloride siding (PVC) or ordinary wooden clapboard. Often found on the facades and ventilation adjustable grille, and closing the lid. At the same time, exterior metal facade grilles (especially aluminum ventilation grilles) are in greater demand than similar PVC products.
  • Ground ventilation outer grille. Natural ventilation of the foundation is ensured when it is erected by a device of vents that can be created after construction. Products are called special openings that provide air flow to the foundation, on which, to prevent dirt and small animals, including rodents, from entering the house, ventilation grilles are installed for the socle. They can also be metal or PVC closable lids of white, or brown, or other colors, and adjustable louvre grilles.

If in any room (for example, in the kitchen) an exhaust hood is installed that does not close tightly when it is turned off with a metal or plastic cover, then either very cold air (in winter) or very warm air can enter the room from the outside. (on hot days of summer), or containing various odors.

To prevent such unpleasant effects, it is recommended to install ventilation grilles equipped with a special check valve, which is a round or rectangular plate with openings and their lobes closing. Under the pressure of the forced-flow air flow, the petals are deflected and allow air to move only in one direction. As soon as the fan stops working, the petals return to their original position, and the access of external air masses to the inside of the ventilated room is closed.

Today, ventilation systems with grilles that have check valves are increasingly being found in offices and residential areas. Their ability to automatically close when stopping the operation of the exhaust fan or intake ventilation not only creates more comfortable conditions for the life or work of people, but also provides savings in electricity consumed by air conditioners and heaters.



How to install the ventilation grille?

Installation of such products is usually simple and can be done independently. But to answer the question of how to properly install the ventilation grill, you need to know exactly what it is and what it is intended for? Because there are some features when mounting different types of grids. Consider several options.

  • Installing the ventilation grille in the duct, for example, in the kitchen, in the toilet or in the bathroom. In this case, the frame can be attached to the wall or dowels, or mounting glue, or glue such as "liquid nails". It is also possible to fix the grille (for example, metal outer) using spacer spring-loaded parts (if they are included in the kit). In the latter case, it is possible to remove and wash the installed ventilation grill.
  • Mounting the ventilation grill with integrated check valve. It is best to fix it closer to the hood, since if you install such a grill outside, then its petals, blocking the path to the outside air, in wintertime can freeze to the base and stop performing their function. There are similar products that can be installed inside the ventilation duct, but then there is a problem with access to such a grate.
  • If the room (for example, in the bathroom), the air circulation is not intense enough, the ventilation grille can be installed directly on the door of this room. In this case, the lattice dimensions, which depend on both the dimensions of the room and its purpose, should be calculated according to building standards. In any case, it will be necessary to make a hole in the door of the required size and fix the grille either with the help of screws or using glue.



These are, above all:

  • Metal door grilles of the supply and exhaust type of the MVM series, which are made in various colors, including they can be: beige, brown, white, gray, black and blue.
  • Ventilation grilles RV, consisting, in fact, from the grille itself and a separate mounting frame. At the same time, due to the fact that special spring clamps are used for their fastening, such ventilation grilles can be easily removed from the opening, cleaned and washed.
  • Blinds have 1-row AMR wall grilles that can be used both as part of the supply and exhaust ventilation systems.
  • Wall grilles 2-row type ADR, providing more accurate control of air flow due to the presence of them in addition to the vertical, more horizontal rows of blinds.

The choice of the location of the air distribution device, as well as its type, determines the nature of the movement of air jets in the room. In residential buildings and civilian buildings, mixing ventilation is usually used, provided by the discharge of air through the ceiling and wall ventilation grilles. The improvement of the microclimate in a dwelling or office can also be facilitated by the presence of blinds, gate valves and check valves in such products.