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White and black glossy laminate in the interior (22 photos)


To achieve the desired result in the design of the interior, it is necessary not only to select the material for finishing correctly, but also to use the optimal variant of the floor covering, which will be suitable in appearance and color. Applying black or white glossy laminate, the room acquires a trendy design direction. Light and dark colors are often used in interior design, but before you decide on laying laminate in black or white, you need to know in which cases these floor coverings are best suited and what features they have.



Features glossy laminate

The sought-after flooring is a glossy laminate of class 33, which, thanks to its properties and characteristics, has won recognition from consumers and a wide range of applications. A special place among all varieties of decorative material is products, presented in light and dark shades.

The presence of gloss on the surface of the laminate has its own classification, which is determined by several criteria:

  • The degree of gloss - the usual and high with a mirror effect. The floor covering with the usual gloss shows shine only when sunlight hits the surface. The increased degree of glossy coating is capable of reflecting objects standing in the room and not necessarily in daylight, artificial light is enough. The second option has improved properties and is more expensive.
  • Lamella parameters - standard and shortened, imitating tiled floor tiles. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for almost all rooms. Shortened slats are the ideal solution for creating a floor in the kitchen, in the hallway, bathroom, small room area.
  • The design of the slats - the presence or absence of chamfer, so you can create the appropriate appearance of the floor covering, for example, imitation of floor ceramic tiles.
  • Color solutions. Popularity won the flooring in white and black colors, on which there are no streaks and blotches. This feature of the material makes it unique.

The glossy flooring is suitable for premises in homes, apartments and offices, for restaurants and boutiques, beauty salons, exhibition halls, where you need to highlight or emphasize individual elements in the surrounding space, to add elegance and luxury. The mirror surface itself is an additional source of light, so it is very functional in dark rooms.

Laminate with a glossy surface has the following advantages:

  • High ability to resist increased moisture, which makes the floor moisture-resistant, which means that it can successfully be used in the bathroom, bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • Good resistance to high temperatures. The material can withstand a direct exposure to fire for a short time, so it can easily act as a decorative coating in the "warm floor" systems.
  • Resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion. Despite the fact that the coating has a perfectly smooth mirror surface, there is no need to walk with great care for fear of leaving marks and scratches.
  • Not slippery surface, which ensures safety. The creation of such a coating does not occur by polishing, but by introducing into the decorative top layer a special acrylic material forming a glossy layer.
  • Ecological and aesthetic - a smooth surface practically does not absorb dirt, and the possibility of the formation of fungi and mold is also excluded.

In addition, varnished floor is easy to clean and does not require special care. Such a flooring is a real find for families with small children, as the drawings made by felt-tip pens by “novice artists” are very easy to remove and there are no traces of them left.

Ways to use glossy laminate in the interior

Of particular popularity among laminate flooring won laminate of white and black color and it is these shades should be given special attention when choosing colors for a particular room. What impact do they have on the interior style?




White laminate

White gloss laminate is included in the list of the most fashionable trends and clearly stands out among other similar materials for the floor. The advantages of such flooring are invaluable when decorating the premises.

Due to the smooth and mirror texture, as well as a variety of wood imitations, the glossy light laminate fits perfectly into the interiors made in modern styles: high-tech, classical and Japanese, art deco and pop art, minimalism and ethno, eco-design and country.

There are several advantages of white gloss flooring, which are primarily taken into account when choosing a material:

  • Furniture attributes stand out well on the light surface, which makes it possible to focus attention on them without any additional efforts.
  • All items in the room are reflected on the floor surface.
  • The ideal solution for small rooms, as light shades visually increase the space, due to which the room looks much larger.

White flooring for varnishing is suitable for rooms with dark walls and ceiling. In such a combination, a contrast appears, but the room becomes brighter. Monochrome is present in the combination of light sex and furniture attributes, but this option allows you to create delicate interiors.




Black laminate

Not everyone at home or in the apartment decides to use black glossy material for the floor, but the modern approach to interior design allows us to look at a very dark shade from the other side. Such floors are most often used in the classical and avant-garde style and look advantageous when there are few furniture attributes in the room. When choosing black color, special attention should be paid to the uniform style of the floor covering with walls and available objects.

Black glossy laminate in the interior creates an atmosphere of solidity and rigor, but at the same time, such an environment helps to focus and relax comfortably. There is a large variety of shades that are selected for a specific interior.




Combination with other types of laminate

The floor covering of white and black shades is perfectly combined with other analogs. A special place in this tandem is artistic laminate, which not so long ago began to be used to design the floor. The original and fashionable coating is particularly specific, so the attention of designers was immediately attracted to it. With the help of artistic floor, you can create an interior with unique drawings and separate them with contrasts - white and black. This material refers to the budget option and is available to the average consumer. It visually resembles a varnished surface.






Assembly methods are also several, flooring looks impressive, where prefabricated segments are applied in the form:

  • Outlets;
  • Modules;
  • Curbs.

You should plan on how the floor will look in the room at the initial stage of creating a project or before repairing the room. Choosing the right color and artistic version of the floor is the main reason for how your mood and well-being will be during your stay in the room.

It is necessary to observe the line, since an overabundance of white and black can lead to negative perception, so caution should be present in the quantity. An overabundance of light creates the illusion of a huge space in which a person is lost and does not feel protected. In an overly dark room, a depressing state may arise and one just wants to escape from such a room. The choice of glossy laminate is large enough, so that a compromise design solution is not difficult to find.