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Sconce lights: cozy and comfortable (26 photos)


A sconce is a wall lamp whose beam shade extends up or down along the line of the wall. Sconce lamps are not a fad of designers, but an interior necessity, because the chandelier illuminates the entire room with bright light, and its individual areas, thus making even the largest room cozy and comfortable.



When do you need to hang bras?

Sconces hang when necessary to highlight one area in the room. For example, you want the picture on the wall to look especially expressive, then next to it you can hang sconce lamps and direct the light at the right angle. They are placed next to the mirrors in the bedroom and bathroom, and also broadcast above the bed - under the sconces it is very convenient to read without disturbing others.
Several sconces can be purchased for the hallway and give up the bulky chandeliers. They are also hung in the corridor with a low ceiling - light sources located on the walls will be a reasonable interior solution.

Sconces still hang in the premises in which they want to create a special chamber atmosphere. Sconce lamps in the interior of living rooms with a fireplace, halls of restaurants in a classic style, hotel lounges always look perfect. Even with their help, just as with wallpaper or color, you can divide the room into several zones. And still wall sconces can carry out exclusively decorative function and be an important element of an interior.

Lamps and sconces are classified according to various characteristics. They differ in shape, style, material and other characteristics.

Wall lamps in the form can be:

  • oval;
  • square with sharp or round corners;
  • triangular;
  • pentagonal;
  • non-standard.

They are also intended:

  • closed forms;
  • decorative;
  • directional light.

The first ones are made of transparent or frosted glass, and they are used as light sources, in which it is impossible to hang a large chandelier under the ceiling. If they are placed in the room solely for practical reasons, the decorative hang only for decoration. They will successfully fit into the interior, if they are made in the same style as other items. Luminaires of directional light also have a practical function. They have a movable lampshade, which can be sent depending on the situation in the right direction.



The style of modern wall lamps are of the following type:

  • classic;
  • Provence;
  • modern;
  • vintage;
  • country music;
  • eastern;
  • high tech;
  • loft.

Thus, wall sconces are suitable for a room in any style and any area. Lamps are made of such materials as:

  • glass;
  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Night lights can be made either from one material or from several at once. For example, bronze sconces can be decorated with crystal, and a wall lamp made of wood can have a plastic cover that is decorated with an original color pattern.

If you want the sconce to fit organically into the interior, you need to choose it as carefully as wallpaper and furniture. Bedroom lamps for the bedroom perform a decorative and practical function.

Wall sconces in the bedroom is located above the headboard. If it is wide and double, the lamps above the bed are located on both sides. Each of them should be with a switch that you can easily reach. Bedside sconces in the bedroom are needed so that the eyes do not get tired when you are lying down reading a book or looking at the phone screen, so it is advisable to determine the height of the bedside lamps before doing the wiring. There are no clear recommendations for installation: it all depends on your personal preferences and how you like to read: lying down or half-sitting. If the installation of a wall lamp is not possible, you can put floor lamps on both sides of the bed. They look very elegant.




For any bedroom fit classic sconces of directional light. They must have movable luminaires, whose height and direction can be adjusted. For the interior of the bedroom in eco-style fit wooden sconces, covered with matte varnish. Lovers of modern styles can pay attention to the sconces in the style of a loft or minimalism. They can be made of chromed iron and clear or frosted glass.

In the nursery you need to pick up lamps made of plastic or other unbreakable material. This is definitely not suitable wall crystal lamps. A child can hit them with a ball or break them during an active game. For the nursery you can find night lamps, whose ceiling is decorated with images of the child’s favorite heroes. And you can paint a boring stencil yourself with a stencil yourself with stained glass paints, which you can buy at any office supply store. In the nursery you need to install sconces with a switch to which the child can reach himself. A sconce should have a soft warm light, in which the child will quietly fall asleep, the night light can be put on the nightstand if you can not screw it to the wall.




Sconce in the living room

In the living room I want to create a festive atmosphere. If you like classics, you can hang forged lamps here, which will harmonize well in the interior with a crystal chandelier or heavy curtains. Forged lamps can come with a chandelier in one set - with them the interior will look particularly rich. For the style of a classic or art deco crystal lamps are suitable, but there should not be many of them: a maximum of three pieces. Too much crystal makes the room look like a tableware store. In the living room, a wall lamp can be placed on both sides above the sofa, above the TV or above the fireplace. Above it will look perfect forged bronze or copper lamps.



If the living room is small, you can even abandon the bulky chandeliers and replace it with ceiling lights. They are more compact, but do a good job with their main function.

Ceiling lights today are also made of frosted glass, metal and wood. They are so interesting that they can easily fit into a rich classic interior. If the room is large, around the perimeter there are several ceiling lights.

If you are a connoisseur of painting, you can install a wall lamp for paintings in the living room. They are small and do not attract attention, but they illuminate the image at the right angle. If the sconces for paintings are chosen correctly, then the painting looks very different than in the upper light.



Sconce for kitchen, hallway and bathroom

Sconces for the bathroom should also be directional light with a movable canopy. For a mirror, lamps are selected so that when it is light, a woman is comfortable to apply makeup, and a man to shave. This will fit the original designer lamps made of chromed iron and frosted glass. Designer lamps made of bamboo are suitable for a bath in a laconic oriental style.

Sconces for the kitchen perform an exclusively decorative function. Here you need top bright light for cooking, but during dinner or evening tea-time a chandelier or ceiling lights are turned off and the sconce is lit. These wall-mounted night lamps in style and tone should be in harmony with wallpaper and furniture. For Provence style, you can make a wall lamp with your own hands, carefully gluing the lampshade with the remainder of the kitchen wallpaper. For kitchen wall sconces will be the best option. Some people buy a table lamp, but then it becomes clear over time, then it takes up precious space, which is always lacking on the dining table. In the kitchen, above the working surface, you can position wall spots - several identical lamps on one guide.




Table sconce is suitable for the office. It can be put on the table in the nursery or bedroom. Table sconces are also placed on the bedside tables, on the coffee table near the chair. The child for the table at which he does his homework is better to buy a simple design directional light. It should be movable and easy to change height.

Desktop sconces are still suitable for the hallway. They are placed on a shoe shelf or small table, standing next to the ottoman, sitting on which they blow off and put on shoes. For the hallway will not fit sconces with a switch. If there are several, it will be very inconvenient to include each separately. The wiring must be made in such a way that with one movement of the central switch it was possible to light all the lamps in the corridor at once.

Sconce in the interior - the thing is not that mandatory, but very important. Even the smallest lamp with a warm soft light will make the bedroom or kitchen very cozy. In addition to decorative, it performs a practical function. Under the wall sconces in the bedroom is convenient to read, and under the desktop to work. In any room there must be several sources of light, and if it is not possible to hang wall sconces, they can be replaced with a floor lamp or a desk lamp.