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Massive board for repair and decoration: the possibility of application (24 photos)


For thousands of years, solid wood has been used by man as a floor covering. It provided a fairly high level of comfort in the homes of peasants and aristocrats. With the advent of artificial flooring, this material was used only as a subfloor. However, the growing environmental requirements for building, finishing materials and the latest wood processing technologies have returned interest to it. Today, massive floorboard is an exclusive product, it can be found in luxurious city apartments and respectable mansions. What are the pros and cons of solid wood and what are the features of its installation? Why did this material become elite?



Massive board features

The massive floorboard from natural wood is made, it can be spliced ​​on length, but has no substrate from plywood or synthetic materials, is not covered with the laminated film. Each board has its own individual texture and shade that allows you to get rid of the monotony in interior design. It differs from a conventional board by the presence of a thorn-groove system, which facilitates docking and allows you to form a continuous coating with virtually no gaps.

The modern castle massive board is made on high-tech equipment, thanks to which it has perfect geometry. The raw material used is wood that has undergone all stages of drying and has optimal moisture parameters. The board does not require additional treatment by scraping or grinding - its surface is ideally smooth. It requires only the application of the protective composition, which is traditionally used parquet lacquer.

A massive massive board made of various wood species is produced, which explains the variety of shades and textures of this material. In addition, each manufacturer has its own standards and offers a board of different widths, thicknesses and lengths. Available brushed massive board and artificially aged, bleached and factory protective coating.

Products from elite varieties of wood, for example, oak board, are produced only by the highest grades. More affordable massive parquet board of larch or pine is offered 3-4 grades. The lower grades are used in cottages, in the waiting rooms, as a subfloor or floor for painting. Top grades of low-cost varieties are able to compete with exclusive breeds in the most luxurious interiors. They can also be processed by brushing and have an original appearance.

The board differs according to its textured pattern, since a tree trunk can be sawn in various ways. So, a massive rustic board can have small but carefully sealed effects, which gives it a special character, and select does not tolerate flaws. Allocate radial and tangential cut, differing in texture saturation and uniformity of hue. Some manufacturers produce a board of "natures" with slight flaws.



The advantages of solid wood

The massive board in an interior of city apartments and private houses, in respectable offices and luxurious hotels is used. What attracts potential buyers in this material? Among its advantages:

  • service life more than 50 years;
  • the possibility of scraping to update the texture of the board;
  • excellent strength characteristics;
  • simple styling;
  • high level of sound insulation;
  • good thermal performance;
  • exquisite appearance.

It is not necessary to use oak or exclusive types of wood in the interiors - even massive birch wood gives the room a unique flavor and creates a special microclimate.



The disadvantages of solid wood

Any finishing material has disadvantages, there are also arrays. These include:

  • high cost, especially this is distinguished by a massive board of wenge or merbau, as well as products from other exotic varieties of wood;
  • sensitivity to temperature difference and high humidity;
  • needs additional treatment with protective compounds that are able to protect from exposure to water;
  • not recommended for floor heating systems;
  • needs special care, is sensitive to scratches and deformations.

Even in the case when using solid oak plank without coating, it needs to be treated with care. It is necessary to use high-quality parquet lacquer to protect, do not use chairs on plastic wheels, and it is not recommended to walk on such a floor in shoes with a thin high heel.




Ways of laying solid wood

For a person who owns a hammer, the installation of solid wood will not cause any special problems. The presence of the thorn-groove system allows you to form a continuous coating without gaps and height differences. There are various ways of laying solid wood and they depend on the base on which you plan to lay the flooring. The most traditional method is lagging. It is used in the restoration work, in houses, the construction of which used wooden beams as floors. In this case, you must use a board with a thickness of 32 mm or more; it is able to withstand a considerable load. Laying it on the logs is not difficult, from the classical technology of mounting a wooden floor, the only difference is that the coating is fixed through the spike and the nails are closed with the groove of the next board.

The massive board is laid on the coupler, using elastic glue that is resistant to temperature changes.




Before starting work, it is necessary to verify the quality of the base, it must be durable, dry and free from defects. A solid board is placed on the screed only when the humidity of the concrete floor does not exceed 6%. The climatic conditions in our country are such that it is better to lay the flooring not on a bare screed, but on plywood. To do this, you need to cut a standard sheet of birch moisture-resistant plywood into squares of 50x50 cm. They are laid on the floor and fastened with dowels, after which the base is leveled using a grinding machine. The massive board is laid on plywood using a two-component adhesive. Each lamella is fixed on the sides with nails or pneumatic spikes. There is one general rule how to lay a massive board - it is necessary to leave a technological gap near the walls - not less than 10-15 mm. In this case, temperature expansions will not affect the perfect surface topography.



When it comes to wooden flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is a massive oak board, which has excellent technical characteristics and an attractive design. Indeed, there are centuries-old traditions of using this material in palaces and castles, which cannot but attract potential buyers. Oak is really good, but a massive walnut board with noble color and high durability is just as impressive. From it you can lay the floor in the living room and in the bedroom, in the home library or office.

Good strength characteristics have a massive board made of bamboo, it is produced not only in China but also in European countries. The material attracts with rich texture and warm color, long service life. Bamboo floor can surprise fans of the classics, and its texture fits different styles in the interior. Its quality is not worse than that of solid oak floorboard.




In rooms with high humidity, a massive teak board should be used; earlier this wood was used as a material for the decks of sea-going ships. Water does not have a negative effect on it, and the amazingly beautiful texture and original shade will make the interior exclusive. Differs tick and high hardness, not yielding to this indicator birch.

The massive white acacia board, kempas, merbau, guarei is in increasing demand, but their cost is much higher than that of beech or oak. Installing such a flooring is not available to everyone, but the effect produced is worth the cost. A good alternative to exotic is a massive walnut board, attracting not only with its price, but also with its design qualities. This is a versatile material for different purpose rooms, and a wide selection of walnut wood shades will allow you to get rid of the monotony in the interior. Whatever massive board the buyer would not give his preference, he will always be able to appreciate the uniqueness of this material, its impeccable appearance and the created amazing atmosphere in the house.