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Vertical garage door: features and varieties (25 photos)


At arrangement of the garage it is important to think over each element, but special attention should be paid to gate. The fact is that it is they who carry out the main protection of the premises against unauthorized hacking and against vehicle theft. The modern market offers many types of these components, but the most popular are the vertical gates for the garage. The design of these input devices has maximum comfort and enhanced protection, but it is better to carefully study their features before using this type of gate.



Features vertical gates

Vertical gates are often used for the garage. These designs have the maximum convenience, and at the same time they provide increased protection against unauthorized penetration into the garage. In addition, if you carefully study the features of these models, you can make them yourself, but first you should still understand what the device of these elements is.

Usually, these garage doors consist of a single leaf, which may differ in appearance. Additionally, they are supplied with a lifting mechanism, with which you can raise and lower the canvas. Products of this type are of different types, they differ in the form of the canvas and the method of opening.

Usually there are three types:

  • lifting and turning The device of these models consists of a single blade. It opens with the help of a hinged mechanism, which raises the canvas upwards, turns it 90 degrees, and only then it is placed along the ceiling;
  • sectional gates. These models are considered the most popular, their canvas is divided into 4-6 parts. The canvas at these gates is drawn in along the guides and fixed in a horizontal position along the surface of the ceiling. Sectional doors are often used as entrance garages;
  • roll or roll. The canvas of these models is usually divided in horizontal projection into strips with a width of 5-10 centimeters. When opening the cloth is rolled up in the form of a roll.

Vertical designs have one positive feature. All varieties are easy to operate, no great effort is required to open them. Special automatic system provides easy lifting and lowering of the canvas.

Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a vertical folding gate for a garage room, be sure to consider their positive and negative qualities. It depends on them the duration of operation and ease of use.




Lifting and turning

Vertical lifting and turning gates have a rather complicated device, in order to make them you need to have some initial skills and knowledge in the field of engineering design. However, since the gates consist of a solid and even leaf, they have maximum protection against the entry of thieves into the room. To facilitate the movement of the device of this design is equipped with spring counterweights. For this reason, when opening, a very small effort is applied, and it can be independently adjusted.



These lifting gates have a number of positive qualities:

  • systems have increased protection against unauthorized entry to the premises;
  • whole canvas has increased strength, it is able to withstand heavy loads;
  • easy and simple automatic control that does not require special efforts;
  • if necessary, there is the possibility of arranging the gate.




There is another kind of lifting and turning structures - lifting and swing. These models are also quite difficult to do with your own hands, but many quite successfully make these devices in accordance with their preferences. To facilitate the work, the system of counterweights is organized on the basis of tackles. The process of raising and lowering is carried out by link transmission.

The positive qualities of these models are almost the same as that of lifting and turning - high protection, good strength, easy operation.

However, these devices have disadvantages. Installation of these structures can be carried out only once, this task should be entrusted only to a professional, because they cope with this task quite successfully.



When opening the swing-height of the garage may decrease by 60-70 cm, but it is not so noticeable. There are also some small negative qualities:

  • opening the door can damage or scratch the car, it depends on the owner's care;
  • there may be some difficulties in mounting and adjusting balances;
  • gaps and cracks may be present.

When choosing, be sure to carefully examine the positive and negative qualities of these products. It is worth weighing the pros and cons. It is best to first consult with professionals and explore information on the Internet.






Roll or roll

A variety of doors with a horizontal sliding mechanism can also be used for a garage room. These garage doors are designed for automatic opening and closing. The canvas has narrow strips with a width of 5-7 centimeters, is wound on a drum, which is placed in a decorative case and fixed inside or outside the garage room. Additionally, a device is attached with which the gate can be opened manually.

The advantages of this gate include the following advantages:

  • simple installation;
  • lightweight construction;
  • in order to install a gate of this type, minimum requirements for the aperture and structure are required;
  • low cost Standard rolling gates can be bought for 16 thousand rubles.




Negative qualities include the following disadvantages:

  • the device of this type have low vandal resistance;
  • have a complex mechanization device;
  • it is impossible to install a wicket in the construction of the rolling gates
  • have low thermal insulation.

Rolling or rolling gates are usually used not to protect the garage room, but as a decorative fence, but on the modern market you can find models with thick and durable models, although they have an increased price.

In any case, before choosing vertical structures for a garage room, it is worth considering their main features. It is better to first consult with professionals, because it is the experts who will be able to choose a reliable and durable construction that will protect the garage space from unauthorized entry. If you want to make these products yourself, then you should first consider the drawings and projects of these structures.