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Features and benefits of sectional garage doors (21 photos)


Sectional garage doors - a relatively young invention. Appearing in Europe, this new product very quickly gained recognition and spread throughout the world. Now, most people who want to install a new garage door choose the sectional option. Is it any wonder, for it is precisely the “section” that meets many requirements and perfectly fits the modern pace of life.

What is a sectional door?

This term should be understood as a special kind of gate, the door of which consists not of a single leaf, as in the usual swing models, but of several separate parts (sections). All these parts are securely interconnected by special loops. Most often, small loops are fitted with 3 loops: one loop at each edge and in the middle. Large sashes require additional fastenings.



The scope of such devices is quite wide. They can often be found in private homes, garages, the service station, car washes, industrial buildings. In any of these options, sectional doors become a useful mechanism, convenient and easy to operate.

The features of the work and the advantages of this type of gate are made possible by a special structure.

Door leaf. As noted earlier, the individual sections are fastened with loops, which provides a movable lamella mount. This allows the door leaf to move not only in a straight line, but also to go smoothly to the ceiling or turn around the wall. Manufacturers offer a "cold" door and "warm." The cold door sections are single-layered. "Warm" slats are double-layered with a layer of insulation in the middle. Such sectional doors for the garage are suitable for absolutely any type of premises.

Suspensions and guides: rollers are located along the edges of each section of the door leaf. They allow the gate to move in one direction or another. Define the path of movement of the guides - special profiles of steel, fastened with suspensions. They are vertical and horizontal, in this regard, the gate is divided into lifting and sliding.

Spring mechanisms. This item is required to perform balancing. Installing torsion springs or tension springs allows you to open even the heavy large door leaf by hand.




Classification and features

Choosing sectional doors, it is worth considering that manufacturers offer different models of this device. The differences are in the purpose and method of opening / closing.

According to its purpose, sectional doors can be garage and industrial.

  • Garage models are suitable for installation in private homes and garages. They are small in size and do not require powerful wear-resistant fittings. You can choose this option for the opening of any width and height.
  • Industrial types of sectional doors differ from the garage in large dimensions, increased reliability, durability. The main requirements that are imposed on such gates are the ability to work intensively even with a large flow of cars, making up to hundreds of openings and closings daily.



Different models and the type of opening:

  • lifting (in this case, the section of the door leaf when opening rise up);
  • sliding sectional doors (in such models, the canvas is shifted to the side).

The way of opening is also very important. He might be:

  • mechanical (door leaf opens manually);
  • automatic (automatic sectional doors operate with the help of an electric drive);
  • remote (remote control).

Due to this diversity, each customer will be able to choose a sectional door of the type that is ideally suited for performance.




Features and Benefits

Installation of sectional doors is a universal solution, as this design will be effective in almost all cases. This is facilitated by the numerous advantages of such a door leaf.

  • Space saving. In contrast to the swing door, the "section" is able to move to the side or rise to the ceiling. In this regard, it does not require additional space for opening the valves. Sectional garage doors are suitable even for the closest premises.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes. A simple mechanism works without failures even at temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees. Thus, the installation of sectional doors is suitable for the region, even with a harsh climate.
  • Resistance to corrosion. The lamellae of the device are covered with a special compound that prevents the appearance of rust.
  • High level of thermal insulation. When choosing "warm" slats, the door will reliably block heat loss and will not require additional insulation.
  • Soundproofing. Due to the tightness of the structure (all the cracks are eliminated), the sounds from the street are muffled.
  • The ability to manufacture different sizes. The advantage of sectional doors is that they can be installed even on non-standard doorways (in industrial buildings, car washes, service stations).
  • Maximum security. Each sectional door device provides protection against cable breaks and locks that snap-in after closing.
  • Simple repair. In case of damage to one or several sections of the door, they can be quickly and inexpensively replaced with new ones.
  • A wide range of colors and textures. This choice of sectional doors allows you to make the garage original and attractive.




Sectional flaws

Despite the large number of advantages in the use of sliding and overhead sectional doors, the design has some minor drawbacks. You need to know about such nuances before you install a sectional door.

  1. The high cost of the design itself and installation work. This can hardly be called a disadvantage, because the costs are offset by a long service life, convenience and aesthetics.
  2. Proper maintenance. The pledge of good work of the gate depends on the regularity and correctness of service.

Special abilities

For those who decide to acquire such a device, professionals can advise additional features that will increase the level of comfort.

A sectional door with a wicket is a great opportunity not to open a large door leaf, but to go through a small door. In everyday life, such trifles play a very important role, helping to save time, effort and energy.

In cases where you need to achieve natural lighting in the room, it is worthwhile to install sectional garage doors with windows. Such models are called panoramic. They are often used in car dealerships and exhibition centers. These slats are equipped with an aluminum profile, which is inserted into a translucent or fully transparent material. With the help of small windows you can give the design and more attractive look.

Another convenient addition, like a sectional door with a door, will be a motion sensor. With this solution, the residents of the house or the employees of the enterprise will no longer have to open the doors - the automatic equipment for the sectional gates will do everything itself.




What to look for when buying

To the acquisition was profitable and for a long time to properly serve its owner, when buying a sectional gate (vertical and horizontal) it is worth to show maximum care.

To begin with, we determine the characteristics of the room and the intensity of operation - only on the basis of this, we select the appropriate option and install it.

It is important to consider:

  • door dimensions - measurements are taken from the doorway for proper installation and the design is made individually (this factor is especially important when purchasing lifting and sliding gates for a non-standard doorway);
  • lamella thickness - if the room is unheated (for example, a warehouse), then there is no particular difference and you can save;

Before you make a sectional door, many are wondering whether to order a professional installation of the device or you can make a sectional door with your own hands. According to the reviews, the option of self-assembly is good, for those who are familiar with the basics of construction or are willing to spend time and energy on studying the issue. In all other cases, it is faster and more reliable to pay for the installation to specialists.




Summing up, we can agree with the statement: “sectioning” is an extremely convenient modern device that can improve the quality of life. However, the brilliant result depends on the correct selection and operation.