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Swing gates: the device and the species (26 photos)


Known since antiquity, the swing gates, traditional for many countries, are simple to make, reliable and very convenient. Their relatively simple, time-tested design provides a minimum of elements and ease of installation, and the smooth operation, which consists in plowing and returning to the original position of the valves, is guaranteed to last for many years. In addition, a good gate quietly and smoothly open, even if their doors reach a width of five meters and one ton in weight!




Numerous types of swing gates are divided into two main categories, depending on whether the automation is installed for swing gates:

  • automatic;
  • manual mode.



According to the materials used in the manufacture of such gates, they are divided into such common types as:

  • swing gates made of profiled sheet;
  • wooden gates;
  • metal gates.

Gates made of wood are not so common, but in their design the frame and supporting elements are made of metal, and wood goes only to the lining of the valves.



Installation rules for swing gates

First of all, the installation of swing gates depends on their purpose: the installation of the gate just to enter the territory differs from the installation where the opening has height restrictions (for example, a garage).

The swing gates design, which provides entry, provides for pre-installation of support pillars, the base of which is deepened at least one meter, is concreted and reinforced.

A foundation is needed for swinging gates, ensuring the reliability and durability of the entire swinging device.




The pillars, on which the shutters will be hung, are made from such popular materials as:

  • a rock;
  • brick;
  • profile, covered with anti-corrosion composition of the metal pipe with an optimal cross-section of 10 to 10 centimeters;
  • wooden beam from solid wood;
  • concrete - cast or purchased ready.

If it is intended to install swing frames on brick pillars, brickwork is connected with cement mortar.

Rectangular or square-shaped frames are also either purchased ready-made, or welded to order or on their own.



The nuances of editing

Regardless of who installs the swing gates, is a professional master or the owner himself, you should be especially attentive to the good condition of the hinges, canopies and frame of the casements: after the completion of the installation work they must be adjusted neutral.

Neutral will be such a state of the valves, which remain exactly in the position in which they were left, and do not seek to slam or open on their own.

When choosing a drive model, you should not only take into account such key characteristics of the valves as dimensions and weight, but also the possible force of the wind that will affect the doors.

Can I make swing gates with my own hands?

Finished models can not arrange for the price, so many owners of private houses and villas think about how to make swing gates with their own hands, so that they look no worse than those produced in industrial conditions.

The simplest version of the hand-made is to use ready-made variants made of corrugated board and automate them, i.e. equip homemade lever device.

However, in order to fully perform beautiful automatic swing gates with their own hands, you will need special equipment, such as welding.

The design, which supplied some gates, allows them to open in both directions.

Modern swing gates have ample opportunities for their modernization: for example, they install a drive for swing gates, working from a 24 V power supply unit. Thus, their functionality and usability immediately increase.

Also, for greater convenience, connect the entrance to the site with the entrance, installing metal swing gates with a gate built into a single frame.

In order, for example, swing doors made of corrugated flooring to open easily, it is necessary to properly adjust the automatic mechanism of the gate, since it is the quality that determines the comfort and the duration of the gate operation.



Features of automatic swing gates

The gates for the house or cottage, on which the remote control is installed, are opened with the help of electric current.

Gate systems of swing type use two main types of power drives:

  • lever;
  • linear.

Both types can be copied by yourself to automate the gate with your own hands.



In addition to comfortable control, the integrated automatic device provides the gate with:

  • longer operation of their suspension support system;
  • stability and uniform distribution of the load on the supporting frame;
  • protection against unexpected closing of the valves, especially with their blow.

Automatically opening and closing swing gates sets of mechanical drives and sensors can be freely purchased in a specialized store and retrofit their swing gates with a wicket.

Automation systems for swing gates according to their design and technical equipment are:

  • the simplest, implying human control over the security of the automated process;
  • difficult arranged.

In the case of complex systems, automation is additionally equipped with infrared position sensors, an owner identification system and devices that provide protection from mechanical damage.



Advantages and disadvantages

Doors, regardless of whether they are installed automatically for swing gates, or they swing open manually, can be supplemented with an entrance for a person - for example, swing doors with a built-in wicket, or improve in different ways, such as warming gates, non-freezing in winter.

Garage swing gates are insulated through the installation of sandwich panels, for just swing gates, providing entry into an open area, insulation is impractical.

Among the shortcomings that the installation of a swing gate can entail, there are three main problems caused by the specifics of their opening:

  • difficulties with opening in the winter season, - the snow lying in front of the valves will significantly interfere with their movement;
  • the need for sufficient space to ensure the free plowing of the valves;
  • double-leaf gates will require the installation of a pair of electric drives, which is twice as expensive.

In order to maximize the comfort of use, besides the mechanisms ensuring the automatic opening and closing of the sash, a manual drive and locking devices are still mounted on the gate. Such measures will help to protect the owner of the gate from problems with departure in case of possible power outages.



Ways to use swing door systems in the interior

So that the swing gates not only fulfill their traditional, restrictive tasks, but also serve as an individual design of their master's private property, the decorative side of the swing system is also scrupulous as well as the technical one.

What to choose? Classic, high-tech, modern, gothic, art deco, country country or maybe baroque? Professionally qualified architects and designers are called upon to professionally assist with the selection of suitable design options for the fencing of the territory. However, the secrets of professionals are freely available, so by sticking to them, everyone can independently design the individual design of their entrance group, which looks harmoniously against the background of the house and landscape design.