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Curtains for the garden: choose the design and sew yourself (26 photos)


Modern cottage for a long time no longer looks like a shed for storing inventory. Today, the owners of summer cottages are trying to make a beautiful and comfortable suburban housing for the whole summer out of the summer house. And, accordingly, think over the interior design, which is conducive to a leisurely summer vacation away from the noisy megalopolises. Folk styles, which include: Country, Provence, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, most organically look in a country setting.

In our country, the so-called village style has become more widespread, reminding us of a vacation with a grandmother and a free rural life. It is characterized by an abundance of handmade textiles: bedspreads, rugs, curtains, and, of course, curtains. Which curtains to choose for a country house, and how to sew them yourself, tell professional designers.



How to choose fabric for country curtains

First of all, the color and texture of the fabric should be selected under the overall color scheme so that the curtains are in harmony with the interior of the country house. It is advisable to consider a few more important points when choosing a fabric:

  • The location of the windows. For the southern and western windows in the summer heat you need a dense light fabric that reflects the sun's rays. In this case, the house will be less heated in the evening. For the eastern and northern windows, this function is not so relevant, but to maintain a single ensemble, it is possible to provide dense fabric for all windows.
  • Fabric properties. For country curtains fit any - cotton, linen, synthetic or mixed. Natural materials will look more organic in a rustic style, but synthetic or blended are stronger, easy to wash, wrinkle a little and almost do not fade. What properties to choose - choose the hostess herself.
  • The size of the room. For a small room is to prefer a light fabric, monophonic or with a small pattern. In a spacious room with large windows will look any.

For curtain or roman curtains you will need thick fabric that holds the shape, and for curtains on the veranda or arbor, take the most durable material that does not suffer from rain and wind.

The cover of the curtains for the dacha does not differ in pretentiousness, usually they are a rectangle of fabric, gathered on top. Simplicity of cut is compensated by elegant colorful or checkered coloring. Nevertheless, each interior solution has its own peculiarities in the choice of textiles for windows.




Country music

Rather dynamic style of the American heartland. It is characterized by bright checkered rectangular panels with pickups, forming a small assembly on the cornice.

A cage or medium-sized floral ornament is suitable for solid walls, if the walls are covered with wallpaper with a pattern, you need to choose a fabric to match the basic color of the walls. Preference should be given to natural shades: beige, nutty, light coffee.

Lambrequins of a simple cut are also collected on the ledge in a small fold. For lambrequins in the style of country are characterized by vertical holders of contrasting monochromatic fabric. Try to use thin denim and soft leather for finishing curtains and you will be in trend for a long time.




The peace and bliss of southern France, warmed by the sun, is emphasized by bright linen cloths that let in a lot of sun. Stop the choice on the most simple cut, focusing all attention to color. This style is characterized by dim, as if sun-bleached shades - cornflower, olive, pistachio, lavender, mustard. Appropriate white-blue and not too small cell.

Use it for sewing curtains in the style of "cafe". In the textile design is popular floral ornament, resembling bouquets of wildflowers. Sharp saturated colors are absent. Instead of a small assembly on the eaves, use soft wide loops of the same material to fasten the curtains. Give curtains free to hang down to the floor and sway slightly from the breeze - and you will catch the atmosphere of a leisurely French province.




Unlike the south of France, this style is based on pure cold shades, reminiscent of snowy peaks and mountain streams. For him suitable snow-white curtains, smooth wide folds down to the floor. You can use more practical pastel shades: beige, blue, lilac. Preference should be given to natural fabrics: linen, cotton, fine wool.


Ease, simplicity and brevity - this is the motto of this style. The same should be the window curtains - a minimum of textile parts on large windows.

If you like warm colors, choose Italian, otherwise the Greek and its trademark colors will suit you better: white, blue and golden. A snow-white roller blinds on the windows or a golden Roman will remind you of ship sails and protect them from the scorching sun.




Under such an uncomplicated name, the style of the Russian village, well known to each of us, took root. Due to the enormous size of Russia, our folk style is not so strictly outlined in comparison with other countries. Each region has its own interior features. Nevertheless, the general principles developed over the centuries remain. If you are going to arrange the windows in the country house, consider a few recommendations:

  • Curtains in color should be in harmony with the overall color palette of the house;
  • preferably light natural materials - cotton (cotton), flax;
  • choose fabrics with a simple plain pattern - cell, stripe, floral ornament or plain.

A special feature of rustic style - patchwork fabric, imitating patchwork. The design of the curtains is also not difficult. Usually they have the form of rectangles assembled on a string of wooden cornice.

Long curtains visually make the ceilings higher, short ones are more suitable for the kitchen. Curtains in the bedroom should completely close the window from the light.

The same simple in terms of lambrequins and holders of a strip of fabric are appropriate. Sew curtains to give their own hands under the power of any hostess, at least a little able to scribble on a sewing machine.



How to sew curtains to give their own hands

Before you go to the store for a cloth, you need to measure the windows, take into account the seams and drapery allowances, specify the length of the finished product and the number of windows. It will take more material if you sew a tablecloth, sofa cushions or curtains onto open kitchen shelves with a set of curtains made of the same fabric. It is also necessary to take into account that before starting the cutting, the fabric must be washed, so that it shrinks, and ironed out, so the flow rate may increase slightly.

When buying fabric, check with the seller at what temperature it can be washed and ironed.

For sewing, you need to prepare scissors, tailor’s measuring tape and crayon, threads in tone fabrics, pins and a sewing machine. In the process, you will need an iron.



The length of the finished curtains is measured from the top of the cornice string and down to the selected mark - sill or below, to the floor. Add about 10 cm to the received figure - for the drawstring, under the string of the cornice and on the hem of the lower seam. The width of the cloth should be greater than the width of the eaves approximately 20-30 cm. If draping is assumed, the resulting figure is multiplied by 1.5-2.5.
Spread out the washed and ironed fabric on a flat surface and measure the required dimensions into small pieces. And do not forget the main tailor rule: measure seven times - cut once! Otherwise, a trip to the store will not be enough.

When cutting fabric into a cage or transverse strip, one should observe the pattern repeat so that it coincides in height on both panels of fabric.




After cutting, sweep the seams and try on the product to the window. Also check how easily the string of the eaves goes through to the upper curtain. If you are not mistaken with the size, the curtain can be flashed on a typewriter. The edges of the product are stitched under the hem. To facilitate the work will help a special foot for a sewing machine. Do not forget to fasten the seams so that they do not dissolve during washing. After grinding all seams ready curtains need to iron ironing with steam.




Country curtains for the kitchen

You made excellent curtains for the room! Now you can sew curtains to the country for the kitchen. When choosing material and cut, consider a few important things:

  • kitchen curtains will have to be washed more often, so the fabric should be durable and easy to wash;
  • fluttering curtains can cause a fire, if there is a stove nearby, consider this when choosing a style and length;
  • Curtains for the kitchen often sew short in the style of "cafe".

Coloring for kitchen curtains, you can choose brighter and more elegant than for the room.

With a modern wide choice of materials, it is easy to find a suitable and beautiful option for curtains in a country house. Try to sew them yourself and the result will certainly please you, because the thing made with your own hands fills the interior with warmth and comfort for many years.