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The advantages and features of the sofa-baby (25 photos)


The sofa baby is a popular model of a berth for children and teenagers. It expands to the size of a full-fledged single bed, while in the folded state it takes up almost as much space as a chair. Also, this model can be used as an extra bed in the country, in a guest room or a small apartment. A wide range of varieties, color combinations and quality of upholstery will allow you to perfectly fit the sofa in the interior of any room.



Features of the sofa-baby

Most often, the sofa bed, baby get the owners of a small apartment or cottage. This is a great option for a full bed for those who have to think about the rational use of each centimeter of a small room.



The sleeping place is the central element of the room, but other furniture should be in the room, so it is better to choose a sofa of a small size than to put a huge corner sofa that will take up all the space. A compact sofa will allow you to use the space to your liking, without worrying about exactly where to put the bulky sofa.





In the manufacture of such a sofa, the accordion transformation mechanism is used. This allows for a few minutes to decompose it and assemble. The child will be able to cope with this task even without the help of parents, but the main advantage is its compact size, which allows you to leave enough room in the room for active child games and children's creativity.




Separately, it should be noted sofa-type baby "clamshell". This design is less reliable and more difficult to fold. However, most of these models have slats and a fairly high-quality mattress. This makes them suitable as a bed for a child. At the same time the cost of such a folding bed is lower than the frame sofas.



The children's sofa-baby differs in usability, and also has the compact sizes, but these are not all advantages which the furniture of this kind possesses. The main advantages of use include:

  • Good performance. Roll-out sofas have a strong box and accordion folding mechanism that even children can handle.
  • Practicality. A great choice for small rooms. It is convenient to put in the children's room, in the country, in the living room and even in the office.
  • Affordable cost. If you need inexpensive furniture, a sofa-baby will be a good solution.
  • Reliability. The accordion mechanism is highly reliable and designed for continuous use.

There is another significant advantage of such sofas for children - it is their safety. They are distinguished by the reliability of the design, good orthopedic properties, a convenient and durable accordion mechanism.




As a rule, models of such sofas have no corners, and their armrests are sheathed with fabric. For the manufacture of sofas for children using environmentally friendly and safe materials that are odorless and do not cause allergic reactions. However, when choosing such furniture you should independently check the quality certificates.




Selection rules

Buying a quality, durable, comfortable and safe baby sofa is not an easy task. When choosing such furniture, you need to know what exactly you should pay attention to in the first place. This will help to get an optimal sofa that will last for many years without loss of appearance and performance. When choosing a sofa-baby you need to pay attention to such aspects:

  • Ecological purity of materials. The primary task of parents is to take care of the health of the child, therefore the materials used in the manufacture of the sofa must comply with sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Features of the folding mechanism. The design should be comfortable and understandable even for the child, so that he himself can fold and fold his bed.
  • Dimensions. The main advantage of the sofa-baby is its compact size, so when choosing a sofa-baby should take into account its dimensions. It is necessary to compare the area of ​​the room, as well as the required size of the bed.
  • Mattress features. For comfortable sleep, the mattress should be made on the basis of spring blocks. This ensures a strong and healthy sleep, as well as a long life of the sofa.

Sofa bed-baby - the best solution for a child's room, cottage, office, guest room or hall. It is extremely compact, but at the same time a full-fledged sleeping place is formed in the unfolded form, and a wide choice of colors, shapes and fabrics will allow you to choose the perfect sofa to fit in any style.