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Corner tables in the interior: features and varieties (20 photos)


Today's furniture manufacturers tend to keep up with the times and create new ergonomic forms. Recently, non-standard solutions of tabletops are popular. Along with the corner tables for computers that are already familiar to us, designers are gradually introducing written, toilet, magazine, and even kitchen dining tables into the interior. The reason for this was the extraordinary compactness, multifunctionality and sophisticated design of this type of furniture.



Features of use in the interior

Recently, the main concept of building a home environment has become the release of the maximum amount of space, especially when it comes to small apartments, where every square centimeter is counted. At the same time, it is important to preserve the aesthetic component, without this there will be no comfort in the house, which means that you will not want to go back there. Solving such problems, designers often have to resort to non-standard solutions, to which corner tabletops belong.

We all went to school and remember how beautiful and stately it looked in the classroom corner desk. You could see a long corner desk with drawers in the spacious director’s office. Gradually, such furniture migrated from work offices to cramped city apartments, but why?



Consider this question on the example of a children's room. For example, your baby is growing up, who will very soon put on a uniform and a satchel and go to comprehend complex sciences. The corner table for the student in this case solves three problems at once: first, he will help to keep the maximum free space, fits perfectly into the situation, and if you choose a model with cupboards or a cabinet, it will also serve as a storage system for office and textbooks.

If you care about the health of your child, choose a corner desk made of wood. Natural massif does not cause allergies and does not emit harmful substances into the environment. Products with shelves and drawers will help keep school supplies in order, and the drawer can play the role of a toy chest.

Corner tables make it possible to embody the most daring ideas and fantasies into reality. And if the familiar shapes with straight angles have long gone out of fashion, they were replaced by smooth, non-cutting eyes in the form of a convex or concave semicircle. Such models will perfectly fill the space of one of the corners of the room, which previously hid things like a vacuum cleaner, a box for linen or a massive pot with a decorative plant. If you prefer classic versions, designers recommend giving preference to tables with add-ins, canisters and side tables.





Types and varieties

As mentioned earlier, modern manufacturers today in a huge assortment produce not only computer tables, but also coffee, writing and even dining. And now we will talk about the main types of furniture for the home.

Corner desk and computer desk

To date, the stores present a rather large assortment of corner computer desks, both for home and office, to customers. They are multifunctional and ergonomic. On such a vast working area you can place a monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse and other devices. A large corner computer desk can be supplemented with cabinets, bedside tables, small shelves, into which disks, external media and other attributes can easily fit.

Another important advantage of these tables is their design. It does not matter at all whether it is classical in its execution or modern, the nobility of materials such as metal, solid wood and glass make this furniture sophisticated and elegant.

Corner computer desk in the color of wenge - a great solution for the office in the traditional stylistic direction. The only caveat - do not purchase products on metal legs. Under the weight of its own weight, furniture can damage the flooring.

Especially beautiful is the corner desk in small rooms. The unusual shape makes it possible to correctly plan out every centimeter of space and zone the room, creating a compact and ergonomic workplace.




Tables for TV, toilet and coffee tables

We have already written a lot about the corner desk, now it's time to talk about the types of furniture for the living room and bedroom.

Coffee tables in the interior are often used as decorative items or as an addition to the seating area. Here you can put a cup of aromatic coffee while watching TV, put a stack of magazines and newspapers.

Corner dressing table can play another role: women usually make up cosmetics and lovely knick-knacks for the heart. Also on these tables you can put decor items: photo frames, vases of flowers, figurines and souvenirs. Of course, this is not a corner desk, so it should be different from its counterpart in size.

If you want to decorate your room with an angular dressing table, choose products with shelves. There are things that must remain hidden from prying eyes.

There are cases when the room has a small area. If you value the free space, a corner table with a shelf is an excellent solution. Such furniture today is presented in various forms - asymmetrical and straight, with sharp and smooth outlines.

Corner TV tables. Many people save their living space by installing televisions in one of the corners. Recently, transforming tables, which can be laid out in order to put a laptop or a computer nearby, have gained immense popularity. Corner computer tables can also be used in the living room, because their design is not much different from the TV tables.

Light shades are in fashion now. If you buy a written corner white table or beige furniture for a recreation area, the design of the room will become weightless and airy. In the classic version of the products are made of solid wood, but there are models of MDF.



Furniture for kitchen

Corner table for the kitchen - an excellent solution, especially when it comes to small rooms and so-called studios. The fewer family members, the more convenient this table will seem to you. Such furniture in a small kitchen will be the highlight of any interior in any stylistic direction from classic to modern.

Such a product can be placed in any corner of the room. If you like the morning sun, put it at the window. Corner kitchen table can be subject to room zoning. To separate the working area and space for recreation, you can set the corner table for the kitchen. It can serve as an area for cooking, or as a dining table. Hanging over it stylish sources of lighting, you can turn most of the bar.




If a small child grows in a family, he also needs his own personal space. A corner desk or a computer desk with a cabinet will help to separate it. As such furniture can be wooden models from an array of built-in stand.

Corner tables - the perfect solution for those who appreciate stylish design, versatility and compactness. Today there are a huge number of models for the children's room, a small kitchen, a living room and even a bedroom. Such products are incredibly popular, and, most likely, will not cease to be in demand, gradually moving into the category of classics.