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Bed with a shelf: non-standard solutions for the arrangement of a berth (21 photos)


Non-standard interior does not always mean the use of some new-fashioned materials or the acquisition of copyrighted objects of famous designers. To embody a creative environment, it is enough to combine familiar and familiar objects in an interesting and unusual way. A prerequisite - the preservation of the functionality of things and ease of use. For a bedroom, it is important to make rational use of the space to install the bed and the area around it.

Manufacturers offer several options for solving the issue of compact placement of beds and furniture in the bedroom.

Bed with a shelf in the headboard

Shelves, mounted on the wall above the headboard or installed directly at the head of the bed, may well replace bedside tables.

Wall Shelf Models

Wall models can be used simply as a decorative element of the bedroom interior (as a stand for photos, souvenirs). Although on some products it is possible to put magazines, telephone, laptop. An excellent solution is to put a lamp that will illuminate the pages of books much better than a model mounted on a bedside table.

When mounting the shelf, it is important to choose the right distance from the bed to the structure. The best option to solve the problem - sitting on a bed in a comfortable position (half-sitting or reclining), raise your hand up. If the shelf is used solely as decoration, then it can be fixed above the raised hand.



You can create a beautiful composition from wall items, and some models can be used as decorative, and others for specific practical requirements.

Modern shelves are no longer associated only with wood. Glass products look weightless and easily fit into any interior. Variants of their use are determined by the thickness of the glass, the method of fastening.



Shelves built into the headboard

Undoubtedly, wall shelves are decorative and comfortable when designing the decor of the bedroom. However, if tenants like to rearrange the furniture often, then hinged shelves just do not move. Exit in a similar situation - a bed with shelves at the head (built-in). Manufacturers offer such interesting and non-standard models that it is easy to choose a product.

The most popular option is a headboard with a shelf on the entire width of a double or single bed. Designs can be located directly above the head of the bed or on the sides. Some special models of shelves are made in the form of a continuation of the bed and are used as bedside tables. It is convenient to put lamps, decorative things on them (photographs, figurines).

Shelves are open (it is convenient to put books, decorative things) or closed. Comfortable use of closed shelves will provide sliding doors.



Bed with niche

If there is a niche at the head of the bed, then it is quite possible to equip it with shelves. To focus on this area of ​​the room, just select the opening with a special backlight. The niche can be up to the ceiling or it can be located up to the middle of the wall. In any case, such a decorative area provides many options for the location of mounted shelves.

Depending on the area of ​​the niche, it can be adapted for storing books, souvenirs, photographs. At the stage of choosing the size of a niche, you can choose the width of the structure larger than the headboard of a double bed. In this case, the individual shelves are equipped with sliding doors, and a full-size wardrobe is formed. Provided the manufacture of glass doors, the design will not look cumbersome, and finding any books or things will not be difficult.



A non-standard version of the bed can be considered a sofa bed with shelves. In such products shelves are placed under the armrests. And the furniture options are many. The sofa bed with a shelf is made of a straight form or a corner. Depending on the area of ​​the room, you can pick up models in which the shelves are located on the sides or additionally equipped behind the back of the product. The sofa bed with shelves is different comfort and ergonomics.



Transforming bed

Such models allow in one product to combine several furnishings (sofa, bed, shelves). These designs can not be called common, which is primarily due to their high cost, although the merits of beds with lifting mechanisms is enough:

  • wide model range;
  • the transformation of the room depending on the time of day in the bedroom or living room (very much in demand for studio apartments);
  • simple operation of the device for raising / lowering structural elements, which ensures comfortable use of furniture (the elderly and children can easily cope with it);
  • arrangement of a complete recreation place in small bedrooms; positive trait - side surface protects a sleeping person from a cold wall;
  • Built-in drawers (under the mattress) allow you to put things there (blanket, pillows). The presence of these storage sites may make the structure heavier;
  • cleaning is much easier.

For the child's room is most convenient to install a horizontal structure (cross-folding). In these products, a bed with a shelf rises across the width of the bed. In the closed state, the product takes the form of a regular dresser. Books and photos are conveniently placed on the shelf. You can put the TV. It is convenient to install such a children's bed with a shelf in the nursery, because it will be interesting for both boys and girls.

A non-standard option is a bunk bed-transformer, which combines the functions of a sleeping place and a desktop. Transformation occurs through the operation of the tilt and turn mechanism.

The disadvantages of such models can be considered high cost and complexity to choose an option for a non-standard room.

For the children's room, manufacturers offer a comfortable model of furniture - a loft bed. Do not confuse this design with a bunk bed. Feature of the structure of the product is that at a height of about 1 - 1.7 m from the floor is placed one berth. Under the bed are a table or shelves.

Such a design with a working area is considered the most ideal option for decorating a child's room. Climbing up to the loft bed and going down, the child gets an extra portion of movements, develops dexterity and coordination, and most importantly is the mass of positive and cheerful emotions.




When buying a product, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the safety of the model depends on the stability of the structure, reliability of fasteners, the distance between the lower working area and the bed;
  • steps should be well fixed, it is advisable to provide some anti-slip coating for the surface of the steps;
  • if small children will sleep in the loft bed, then it is necessary to install protective sides. This measure will prevent the fall of babies during sleep.

When purchasing a loft bed with a workplace, you should take into account that the study area will be dimly lit, so you must always install a desk lamp of sufficient power.




Bed models suitable for children of different ages

For babies from two years old, the bed is set relatively low (at a height of 0.8-1 m from the floor level). Under the bed can be located: play area, locker for clothes, shelves for toys, books. The best option - models with sliding part. That is, at bedtime, all components of the structure (table, shelves, drawers) easily slide under the bed.

The loft bed for a child over the age of five is already focused on the arrangement of a full-fledged workplace. The area near the table is equipped with bookshelves. The bed is installed at a height of 1.3-1.6 m above the floor.




In adolescent models, the berth is placed at a height of 1.6-1.8 m above the floor. These designs allow in the lower part to place not only a workplace, but also bookshelves, wardrobes for clothes.

When buying furniture, preference should be given to products made of wood. When choosing a design, it is advisable to purchase models of soothing pastel shades. Ideal - natural wood texture. Depending on the interior of the children's room and its location (north or south side), you can choose beds of light or dark colors.

The variety of bed designs allows you to create a cozy bed in a compact room or in rooms combined with a living room. The right choice of model will help to embody a stylish interior, which will also be comfortable to ensure rest and proper sleep.