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Kitchen in Khrushchev: how to arrange a small room (25 photos)


Everyone knows that the kitchens in the houses, called Khrushchev, are very small - only 5-7 meters. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to equip the kitchen in the Khrushchev to fit everything you need, and make it cozy.

To effectively solve the problem of large space in a small area, you should start from the very beginning - the first step of the design will be the repair of the kitchen in Khrushchev (numerous repair ideas, including combining the kitchen with the next room or loggia, can be found online).



If it is possible to remove the wall and turn the two rooms into a dining room with a functional area, this will open up many opportunities to design a combined kitchen (for example, a Provence-style dining room).

If you don’t want to get involved in repairs, you can get by with a few effective reworking and buying some home furnishings and built-in appliances - even a few thoughtful purchases can modernize a small kitchen.

The kitchen in Khrushchev requires light colors. Warm creamy shades are able to create an attractive atmosphere, except that they almost do not hide space. You can arrange the kitchen in one color, playing only shades.

The classic white kitchen does not lose its relevance. If you add black accents, you get a Scandinavian style.

It is easy to get a loft style, if you think over the details in advance and adhere to the technical minimalism when selecting furniture.

You can also try to reproduce the warmth and comfort of Provence style - it is quite affordable for small rooms. Small accents: a sink made of natural stone or its imitation, a brass faucet, figurines and painted plates in the cabinets behind the glass, a herbarium on the wall - can recreate the provincial atmosphere.

Choosing color spots, you need to remember that it is a very small space, so they should be a bit. It will look great smooth texture of the walls, but the metallized surfaces and mirrored tiles can visually increase the space.




Wall decoration

Unobtrusive and light washable wallpaper - if the idea of ​​painting the walls does not attract. You can choose the usual - if the kitchen has air conditioning or good ventilation.

The walls can be plastered - now there are many types of decorative plasters on sale that are durable, beautiful and durable, while they can be washed - not the cheapest, but effective and environmentally friendly option.

Wall panels - look great, easily mounted on walls. No need to level the walls, besides, they are easy to care for.

Plain color can be the perfect solution - the choice of colors is huge. Silicone-based acrylic paints, water-based, decorative options that give the walls a unique flavor - given the small area will be cheap, in addition, they can be washed, without the hassle of refreshing and renewing. Most of them are odorless, dry very quickly and do not impose special requirements on the painted surface - if there is no purpose to have mirror-smooth walls.

Imitation of a brick or painting of slightly uneven walls followed by scratching to concrete can create the impression of complete untidy, suitable for a loft style. Similarly, but with more care, lovers of Provence style can do it.

Decorating walls and ceilings can be any - subject to the rules of design, any improvements will result.




Raise the ceiling

The ceiling in the kitchen in Khrushchev should also be bright, you can simply make the traditional version with whitewashing or painting with a water emulsion. But stretch with gloss will make the ceiling height more - due to the fact that the boundaries between the walls and the ceiling will be blurred.

Plasterboard backlit will also add spaciousness and height. Any option for finishing the ceiling should be thought out taking into account the other components.

Under the feet of a desirable light floor - lightness in all details.

Window decoration

For a small-sized kitchen you shouldn’t plan curtains. For a minimalist style fit blinds (for them, besides, easier to care for).

Also good are any variations of roman blinds or role-playing.

If the window sill expands and is used as a table or an additional work surface, the curtains can be shortened to half the height of the window.

Properly selected curtains can make the kitchen in the Khrushchev spacious and bright.


Light furniture significantly unloads the room, but the interior of the kitchen in Khrushchev requires a special approach. Developed a whole line of headsets for small kitchens, for short walls. The colors are offered very different, but attention should be paid to pastel shades and remember that neutral and cold shades seem easier. Choosing furniture for the kitchen in Khrushchev, you need to take everything into account, even to which side of the world windows are facing: the south requires cooler colors, the north requires warmer colors. Depending on the configuration of the room, you can consider the corner options - this is one of the most effective ways to use the space, suitable for square and elongated rooms. Well-chosen set eliminates the need to decide how to design the interior of the kitchen.

There are options with a two-color solution - the doors of the lower cabinets are made a few tones darker, the upper ones are light or glass.




Glass gives softness to the light, dispelling it, the doors without frames or with a thin frame look great.

The layout of the kitchen in Khrushchev must take into account how many working surfaces are needed. In such a small area they will be missed, so you can consider such a solution as multi-level surfaces and pull-out countertops. Any of these options or their combination will provide the kitchen with a sufficient amount of working space. Retractable surfaces are located under the main and are used as needed.

To be able to eat and just sit in the kitchen, you will have to place a table - better with rounded corners. The table can be folding, for example, a part of it can be moved forward - this will significantly save space.

A tempered glass table will be a stylish and airy addition to the cramped kitchen.



You can save space in different ways, the use of integrated technology - one of the ways. You can pick up a set with the necessary components and fit in the kitchen in the Khrushchev 6 square meters. m all possible achievements of modern technology.

It is not necessary to buy expensive kitchen with the latest technology - you can buy separate built-in convenient devices and build them separately.

When furnishing a kitchen in Khrushchev, with a refrigerator, problems may arise - it takes up a lot of space, especially if the family is large. But for a small place easier to find - it can be put on a strong floor cabinet. Or, on the contrary, to buy a low refrigerator, and use its upper surface for other necessary things of accommodation, for example, equipment.

In this case, this combination is suitable - a narrow and high freezer cabinet is placed in the room or on the warmed balcony, and the refrigerator is in the kitchen. In any case, you can consider placing the refrigerator in another room (in the Khrushchev stove there is a pantry) or room. This will free up at least a meter in the kitchen.




In this case, it will be possible to equip the kitchen with a bar, and it can be used as a table. This option is especially convenient if two people live in an apartment.
You should not place a microwave on a work surface - it will fit well into a hanging cabinet on the bottom shelf, or on the top - into the floor. Wide window sills are also suitable for this. Special strong shelves for microwave ovens are produced - you can consider placing it on the wall.

The window sill can be used more widely - even if it is initially narrow, it can be expanded by installing a tabletop, then it can replace the table.

Kitchens of this type assume two short walls with a small space between them, moreover, we must take into account the presence of a door near one of them, so you can consider the placement of shelves and cabinets on the wall with a window. If the room is elongated, it will significantly round off the space, making it more harmonious. But, of course, it is necessary to pick up lockers on the width of the walls, or order them.





The design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev implies the study of all the details to the smallest detail. If there is a desire to feel comfortable in a small room, it is not enough to hang the chandelier to the ceiling. Rather, it will have to be abandoned, replacing it with lamps located in different zones, with different intensity and even a shade of light.

Work areas are illuminated with lamps placed in the lower part of the wall cabinets; separate, softer and more comfortable lighting is organized for the table. You can hang a small chandelier on a long wire or put a desk lamp. Several small ceiling lights above the dining table will make the boundaries of space more blurry and spacious.

If the kitchen was renovated, the possibility of lighting with different light sources is decided in advance - cables are laid, sockets are cut. Numerous ideas for the kitchen in Khrushchev allow you to choose an approximate lighting scheme at the stage of removing the old finish.





We can assume that now there is no natural ventilation in the houses: double-glazed windows, external insulation of the walls changed the distribution of humidity in the apartments, so fresh air and normal humidity levels should be considered separately. This problem is usually easily solved by the hood, which is chosen based on the intensity of the kitchen activity. If there are no house ventilation ducts in the house, make a hole in the wall.

In any case, think through how to equip the kitchen in Khrushchev, you need at the stage of repair and installation of electrical wiring. Even without spending large funds, you can make the kitchen beautiful and comfortable.