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What sofa to buy for a boy? Interesting designs and colors!


Why every year parents are increasingly buying children as a bed a sofa, and not a bed? What is the growing popularity of these sliding pieces of furniture? And how to choose a good sofa for a boy? You will find answers to these questions in the article.

Sofa or bed?

The appearance of the beds plays a sofa in terms of diversity. The soft surface of the sofa allows designers to embody a lot of atypical ideas. Sofas for boys also feature a variety of shapes and colors. Bright and functional pieces of furniture fit perfectly into the interior of a children's bedroom.

But does the appearance of sofas surpass traditional beds? What else are the advantages of transforming sofas?

Buying the wrong couch will tell you not only useless material waste, but also the health of the child. In order not to regret the choice made, follow these rules:

  • Say no to sharp corners and hard surfaces, because they can cause injuries.
  • Focus on quality. Especially reliable should be the frame. Children are active, they can jump and run on the sofa. Save on material - risk getting a broken product.
  • Upholstery must first be durable, and only then beautiful. In pursuit of an extraordinary design, you can forget that children tend to get dirty. The stains will ruin the look of even an incredibly original sofa.
  • Do not rush to choose the size, if you do not want to buy a new sofa in a couple of years.

These simple recommendations will help to avoid annoying mistakes.

Children's sofas for boys are chosen taking into account the age of the child, the dimensions of the room and functionality. We offer to learn about the most popular product transformation systems. This will help determine the choice of product.


This simple and inexpensive option is familiar to many since childhood. The sofa takes a horizontal position after the seat rises to a click, and then lowers. The reverse process occurs in a similar way. The downside is that when folding such a sofa you need to return to the wall, and for a little boy to do it yourself will be difficult. Plus, in a roomy drawer where you can fold laundry or remove toys.



It is also worth mentioning a sofa bed with sides. They can be purchased for kids from 2 years. Soft strips of fabric will prevent falling in a dream, so that adults do not have to worry, leaving the boy alone in the room. Also, using a removable sidewall can limit access to the cold wall.

We have already said that parents of two boys should take a closer look at compact roll-out sofas. An alternative to this is a bunk bed. If you are planning a third child, and no improvement in living conditions is foreseen, this option will help save precious square meters.

The shape of the sofa in the nursery, choose, based on the age of the boy. The smallest (from 3 to 5 years old) will like models that resemble toys more than a sleeping place. These are products in the form of machines, space or pirate ships, steam trains or rockets. Such realistic models will delight kids. The child will enjoy playing on the sofa during the day and sleep at night.

Also, the baby will like it if he sees his favorite cartoon characters on the upholstery of the sofa. Just keep in mind that the sympathies of children aged three to ten years change quickly enough, so take this option only if you are sure that in a couple of weeks your child will not become a fan of another cartoon.



Psychologists recommend for small children (from 3 years of age) to choose rounded furniture with smooth lines. Bright shades and designs are welcome. For older guys (from 5 years) pick up a sofa bed with elements of asymmetry. Remember that the sofa should fit into the interior of the room or be a bright accent.

If the sofa for the boy is purchased for a long period of use, choose a neutral color.



As we have said, the preferences of children are changing quite quickly, so there is a risk that the “cartoon” sofa will soon become out of place with its young owner. Do not be afraid that a simple bed will not like the child. You can always decorate the sofa with colorful pillows, throw a colorful blanket or buy a cover with your favorite images. It will cost much cheaper than buying a new model or dragging the old one.

By the way, boys are easier than girls to choose colors. They are more concerned with external attributes. So feel free to choose blue, green, yellow or red - it does not matter. The main thing - do it together. Take your son with you to the furniture salon. So he will feel its importance and get a lot of pleasure.



Choose a quality sofa for a boy is easy if you know what to look for. You already know the most significant selection criteria. It remains to use the information received and make a choice in favor of the option that will suit both you and your son.