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Curtains on one side: stylish asymmetry in the interior (24 photos)


Curtains are the final touch in the design of various rooms, speaking not only a detail of the decor, but also a participant in the formation of the design. All types and forms of textiles are designed to create a unique and at the same time simple interior.

Curtains on one side have the following advantages:

  • It is easier to use in everyday life: it is easy to close the window, it is easy to assemble into folds and fix with pickup;
  • the room is ventilated more freely at the desired location of the curtain;
  • at close proximity of the furniture, you can beautifully assemble the curtain on the side with the help of a decorative pickup;
  • It is appropriate to use in the kitchen (when installing a gas stove near the window).

Despite the “one-sided” arrangement, the curtain fulfills its functions to the fullest extent: it decorates the window and is an active participant in decorating the room; prevents sunlight from entering the room and protects the environment from fading.



When installing the curtains on one side use different techniques, allowing you to elegantly arrange the curtain relative to the window opening. The most common options: a solid canvas on the entire window opening (draped in the side or moving away), a narrow strip of fabric, fixed on the eaves on one side of the window.

The nuances of the choice of curtains

To make the curtain look organically in the room, several factors are taken into account:

  • color palette and interior style of the room;
  • level of natural light;
  • window settings and its location;
  • the purpose of the curtains on the window (which preference is given to protection or beauty).

To create a harmonious environment, the following recommendations are taken into account: dense curtains are not used in darkened small rooms; lightweight fabrics give the room airiness.
When using translucent fabrics it is desirable to install rolled or Roman blinds in the opening. This is especially important to do in rooms that require rest, sleep (bedrooms, children's rooms).

Naturally, you can choose the appropriate decor and accessories for any interior and room. To make the whole decor look organic, it is recommended to take into account some features of the choice of curtains for rooms for different purposes.

Cozy bedroom

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the room. Spacious rooms will be decorated with a double floor-length model. The classic combination of curtains in the bedroom is thick fabric and light tulle. Moreover, only thick curtains can drape with the pickup, and the transparent curtain can hang freely and close the window completely.

If the bedroom has a modest size, then a light curtain up to the window sill will look harmonious. At the same time, Roman or roller blinds can darken the room.
As an attachment, you can use single and double cornices. The light curtain on the grommet sewn from translucent fabric (chiffon, organza, batis) will look elegantly. In addition to it, it is necessary to install a Roman blinds - to regulate the natural lighting of the bedroom.



Spectacular living room

One-sided models look more interesting in living rooms with a single window opening. Preference should be given to natural fabrics of natural shades. Be sure to take into account fashion trends when choosing a color palette. This year the blue color and all its shades became a favorite. However, it is necessary to handle it carefully. In the rooms of the north side, it is advisable to dilute the cold blue palette with warm tones.



When choosing a curtain for the hall, it is taken into account that you can give a room a secular and elegant look with the help of canvases that fall in soft folds. A wide window will be skillfully decorated with small curtains on both sides of the opening, performing an exclusively decorative function. In addition to these curtains used thin tulle, veil, covering the entire window.

Also one-sided curtain supplemented with lambrequin will perfectly cope with the decorative function. Window drape in Provence styles, a classic will stylishly emphasize a lambrequin in the form of a hard, smooth canvas, or a soft flowing curtain will decorate a refined lambrequin decorated with folds. High-tech interiors and minimalism will decorate the curtains on the grommet without the use of grabs.




Curtain in the kitchen - practical decor

Perhaps this is the most popular room, which is decorated with one-sided curtains. And this is quite understandable. Most often, the room has 1 window, which occupies most of the wall, so the curtain to the kitchen, in addition to the standard functions (to protect and decorate), also solves the corrective task.

A properly installed curtain can visually lift the ceiling (low kitchen) or expand a room (narrow, stretched room). In the first case, the double cornice is mounted near the ceiling and a transparent canvas is hung on the whole window and a decorative curtain assembled on one side. For visual expansion, a kitchen curtain is installed, supplemented with a straight lambrequin, and the cornice is chosen wider than the window opening or installed with an offset.




When choosing fabrics, both a combined combination of material and single use are used. The basic requirements for textiles: simple care, sufficient transparency for sunlight, resistance to dirt. It is best to use cotton or linen (with the addition of synthetics), organza, tulle. These materials are also suitable for sewing curtains of many styles and shapes.
Compliance with some rules when choosing colors and patterns will help create a harmonious interior in the kitchen.






In kitchens with multi-colored wall decorations (wallpaper with an ornament / pattern), it is better to decorate the window with plain textiles that support the color scheme of the walls. If the walls are of the same color, then it is appropriate to hang curtains with patterns / colors / ornaments.

In compact kitchens it is not recommended to hang sheets of dark shades that can visually reduce the room. The exception is the kitchen-studio, where textiles in the kitchen supports the decor of the windows in the dining room, hall.

The main goal when choosing windows decor is a harmonious combination of design proposals / options and wishes of the owners of an apartment or house, because there is nothing worse than curtains, annoying owners or having a boring and depressing look.