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Bedroom in the Khrushchev: interesting ideas for small apartments (25 photos)


When arranging the bedroom I want to get a comfortable, beautiful interior. The bedroom is considered to be the place where the body rests, and thoughts come in order, but there are apartments whose room size limits the flight of fantasy. Thus, the bedroom design in Khrushchev assumes its own characteristics and nuances.

Distinctive properties of the interior of small rooms

Khrushchev’s apartments have rooms measuring 12 square meters and 10 square meters. The ideas for arranging such small rooms are aimed at creating a functional room. When choosing a style room should focus on certain types of interior:

  • Minimalism - style is characterized by simple elements of decor. The bedroom layout assumes the presence of rectangular details, natural materials. The interior color in this style is chosen soft or black and white.
  • Hi-tech - the direction implies the brightness of shades and the presence of very strict objects.
  • Loft - direction includes the creation of an interior in contrast to rough surfaces and rich elements.
  • Fusion - style characterized by a mixture of different interiors.

The bedroom interior in Khrushchev should not be classic, since the area of ​​the room is small. The use of heavy curtains is not permissible. Color composition involves a combination of warm light shades to increase the space. Dark shades can be used to emphasize any details.



In a narrow bedroom it is better to use different wallpapers on the walls. Long walls are covered with wallpaper of cold colors, and short - with warm shades. This affects the best visual perception of the room.

Ceiling decoration

Choosing the ceiling in the bedroom Khrushchev, should be clearly considered limited space, so you need to achieve a visual increase in the area. The rules of modern ceiling design:

  • It is not recommended to use a multi-level suspended ceiling due to the fact that it will take a large area of ​​space. The stretch ceiling or wallpapering on vinyl, non-woven base, which can later be painted in light colors, is widely used.
  • When repairing use the method of gluing around the perimeter of the ceiling fillet with a laid diode illumination. This will give a high ceiling effect.
  • In the presence of a dark flooring it is better to make a glossy ceiling in light shades (white, cream, light beige). As a result of the reflection height will increase.
  • When following the hi-tech style in the bedroom, it is recommended to select the ceiling coloring in multi-colored or black tones.
  • The idea of ​​choosing a ceiling with a pattern implies a different finish in monochrome.
  • Color zoning of the surface will lead to the solution of the problem of incomplete light entering the room.
  • The landscape on the ceiling visually increases the space.
  • When choosing the type and color of the ceiling should also consider their own desires.

A small bedroom in Khrushchev will not decrease if the floor is a dark or bright shade. The search for coverage is based on recommendations for creating a floor that will not be cold and sliding.

Approximate options:

  • Laminate;
  • Parquet;
  • Board;
  • Cork material;
  • The covering made on bulk technology.

Coating of marble and ceramic tiles is better not to use.

A small bedroom of 10 square meters will visually expand if the laminate or parquet is laid diagonally. Wooden boards will add to the interior environment and cleanliness.




A cork covering is valued for its ability to recover from physical impact. And also it is impermeable to liquids and is characterized by good sound insulation.

At the choice of a bulk floor the room will find a durable covering. This type of coating can be used as a standalone coating or as a base for other types of flooring. In small Khrushchev rooms a glossy floor will give the effect of cluttering due to the reflection of furniture.

Wall decoration

Repair bedroom in Khrushchev can not do without wall decoration. When using drywall when finishing walls, you can lose some of the space. After removing the old putty, it is better to apply a new, thin, smooth layer. Uneven walls quickly catch the eye. Types of wall decoration:

  • Wall-paper for a bedroom of light shades are considered often applied and suitable for different styles.
  • If you wish, you can diversify the walls in a modern style bed headboard. The wall in this place may be darker or contain patterns.
  • For loft styles and minimalism, some stone or brick walls are typical. When arranging a narrow room is better to do it on a small wall. If the room is square-shaped, then you can finish any wall like this, excluding the space with a window.
  • The presence of decorative plaster with a simple design will give a certain luxury room.

Do not forget about the plinth on the ceiling surface in the bedroom. A narrow one-color plinth that matches the color of the ceiling will be an ideal choice.




Types of furniture and its placement in the bedroom

How to furnish a bedroom in Khrushchev? This question interests many owners Khrushchev. When choosing furniture and other items you need to take into account their dimensions and the need for a 12 square meter presence. The correct arrangement of furniture means the elimination of inconvenience.

The design of a narrow bedroom in Khrushchev assumes such types of furniture items:

  • Bed - is an indispensable element in the bedroom. When choosing it is necessary to focus on small beds that do not contain bulky items. The option of a bed with a podium, where there are drawers with pushing function, will save room space.
  • Wardrobe - involves storing things. The ideal option would be a wardrobe. The presence of mirrored doors in such a closet will visually expand the room and ensure the presence of a mirror. The design of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev precludes the acquisition of a large standard wardrobe of standard form.
  • Bedside cabinet and chest of drawers - these items can not be purchased for the Khrushchev apartment. The presence of small square meters implies the presence of a small number of furniture. Especially in the presence of a wardrobe variant coupe owner will find a storage place for most things.
  • It is not necessary to hang racks on the walls of the bedroom in the Khrushchev apartment. You can use small shelves that will be appropriate in the area of ​​the sleep area.




Space zoning

How to make a small bedroom comfortable and spacious. Due to the small area of ​​12 sq. And less rooms, a rational separation of zones is not easy. Making a bedroom in Khrushchev assumes the following zones:

  • Storage areas - the presence of this area eliminates the clutter of the furnished room. Cabinets and drawers under the bed are mainly used for this zone. Small built-in shelves are acceptable.
  • Recreation area - the main part of this space is the bed.








Lighting in the bedroom

How to make a small bedroom lighting fixtures. The use of bulky chandeliers and floor lamps is unacceptable due to their underscoring the limited space.

It is recommended to install such lamps:

  • Point;
  • Wall sconces;
  • Stylized.

On the windows, it is preferable to hang translucent curtains so that there is more light in the room during the day.

A bedroom in the Khrushchev do-it-yourself room with a rational functional is done with a qualitative approach. Coziness and comfort is created using the right combination of colors and interior items.