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Choosing a sofa to give: light version (26 photos)


At the beginning of each summer, happy owners of dachas with whole families move out of town and live there until the onset of cold weather, therefore in the country house as well as in a city apartment there should be comfortable and modern furniture. When you will furnish a country house, special attention should be paid to the choice of a sofa - it should be comfortable and functional.

How to choose a sofa to give?

In a sofa for giving everything is important:

  • dimensions;
  • design;
  • filler;
  • upholstery.

Many consider that a summer residence is a place of storage of old things that have become obsolete, therefore they bring a sofa for summer residence from a city apartment, where it stood for many years and served its time. This act can be justified in the event that your cottage is not guarded, and even locks do not protect against thieves. Then here you can bring what is not a pity - a faded sofa with crushed springs.



If your cottage is guarded around the clock, and no one else can enter the territory, then you can think about buying a new sofa or even a few: for the garden and the house. When choosing it, one should pay attention first of all not to design, but to convenience and functionality. Many come to the cottage to relax, relax and not think about anything, so the sofa and other furniture to give should be as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a sofa design

What size and construction a sofa will have depends on the size of your country house. It may not take up much space in the room, but it must be functional - at least two people should be placed on such a sofa, therefore, sofas with the design should be suitable for giving:

  • eurobook;
  • book;
  • with vykatny mechanism;
  • accordion.

The sofa bed for giving is good in that it takes up little space when assembled, but at least two beds are laid out. Sofas of this design - just a godsend for small country houses, in which it is impossible to put a double bed, and you want to sleep in comfort.



A good interior solution will be a corner sofa for the garden, which can be put in the kitchen. Its use saves space. On a spacious sofa at the table can comfortably accommodate several people. And then it is much more comfortable to sit on it than on hard stools.

Corner sofa for giving is good and the fact that, if necessary, it can be expanded and used as an extra bed. This is a good option for those who often stay overnight with friends and relatives. If there is not much space in the house, and you need to use it correctly, you should purchase an angular sofa for giving with drawers under the seat. They can put towels, glass jars, linens, dishes and other things that do not fit in kitchen cabinets.

Corner sofa or a book can be put on the street. Only you need to understand that upholstered furniture should not get wet in the rain, so this garden sofa and chairs should be placed exclusively under a canopy or a thick umbrella.



Garden furniture

In the country I want to create comfort not only in the house, but also in the yard. Today there are a huge number of different types of furniture for the street. They do it:

  • from metal;
  • from plastic;
  • from a tree;
  • from rattan.

Each of these types of furniture has its own characteristics. Garden furniture should not be afraid of sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. If you are in the country all year round, you need to look for furniture that does not deteriorate from frost.



The garden sofa from a tree will look elegantly. Natural wood always looks spectacular. The garden sofa will be perfectly combined with a table, a bench and other pieces of furniture, but not everyone can afford such sets. A more affordable option - a sofa and chairs made of pine. Oak furniture will cost more. Beautifully against the background of fresh greenery will look like an outdoor sofa made of wood, covered with white paint. To create a mood in the room on it you can put some bright pillows.



Wooden furniture for the garden is suitable for the interior of the house. White or brown garden sofa can be put on the kitchen, veranda or attic. It will not be as functional as an angular sofa for giving, but, nevertheless, sitting on it, tea will be very convenient. The interior, in which the wooden sofa for the dacha appears, looks completely different: cozy and homely. The sofa swing for giving from a pine or other tree will look originally. True, this piece of furniture to find a place. There are garden sofa swings that are attached to the wall, and there are portable ones - they can be placed at any point of the plot.

The budget option is a plastic garden sofa. It is lightweight, so you can put it anywhere. For example, make the sun or hide in the shade. This garden sofa is suitable for those who do not spend at the cottage every day, and it happens here from time to time. When you arrive and plan to relax in the air, you can pull out the sofa outside, and when you are going to leave, you can hide it in the house. If you want comfort, you can buy a plastic sofa to give with pillows, and use a plaid to decorate it - textiles will decorate even the simplest piece of furniture.



The garden sofa from metal can be put in an arbor, under a canopy or on a lawn - where it will disturb nobody to anyone. Forged garden furniture is expensive and has a lot of weight, so far not everyone can afford it, but if you are ready for such expenses, buy a park sofa with a table - this set will look very organic. To save money, instead of a bench with a back, you can buy and put modern metal benches around the perimeter of the site.



Rattan furniture

The most popular today are sofas for summer cottage and other furniture made from rattan - dry stalks of tropical vines. It is absolutely harmless, very durable and beautiful material. Wicker rattan sofas, despite the apparent lightness, can withstand a lot of weight. 3-4 people can easily sit on such a garden sofa, and nothing will happen to it.

For giving sofas from rattan are perfect. The stems are covered with wax or varnish, so they are not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. Such a garden sofa can stand on the street in any weather - nothing will happen to it. The tree does not crack and does not deform. To keep you comfortable, also get chairs for giving and a rattan table. On top of it you can put a thick glass.

Wicker furniture looks very elegant, but do not forget about comfort: in order to sit comfortably, mattresses and pillows made of padding polyester or foam rubber are placed on it. Such furniture fits well in the interiors in the style of Provence, country, as well as classic and eco. Even in an apartment in the kitchen or in the living room in Provence style, you can put wicker sofas and put purple or olive pillows on them.



Different types of garden and home furniture are made from rattan. Hanging swings are very popular - they look beautiful and original, but the main thing is that in these swings, just like in a hammock or rocking chair, you can relax and truly relax.



Sofa in the interior of the country house

What is good about the interior of a country house is the fact that its design does not have to correspond exactly to some style. Choosing a sofa, first of all pay attention to the fact that it is comfortable and does not require additional care. The sofa-book or any other should be upholstered with a fabric that is easy to clean.

If you can not buy good furniture, you can make a sofa from wooden pallets, which you will find at any large construction site. On top of such pallets are placed bright pillows and blankets. Park sofa from pallets can be installed not only in the apartment, but also on the street. Such a homemade sofa will look organically on the street and will surely survive any bad weather.




Choose a sofa to give much easier than for the apartment. In creating the interior of a country house, you can safely break the rules and combine incompatible things. There may appear upholstered furniture of different colors, a wooden bench, chairs and a rattan table or even a sofa made of building pallets. Cottage is the place where we come not only to do garden work, but also to rest and relax, therefore the country sofa and other pieces of furniture should be comfortable first of all, and only then beautiful and modern.