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Which bedroom to choose: the most current recommendations


Healthy sleep is a guarantee of vigor, activity and excellent well-being of a person. Not surprisingly, literally every person is puzzled by the question of what furniture to choose for the bedroom. At the same time, an important role is played by both the key elements of home decoration (bed, wardrobe, dressing table, linen closet), as well as small accessories that complement the stylish interior composition.

"Minimum program" for the bedroom

Today, in many progressive furniture stores or even in online stores you can see a completely unusual format of demonstration of goods. All the furniture is combined with each other in certain sets, which, ideally, should be equipped with a sleeping space.



In essence, a potential client is not left with a choice: you can only purchase someone else's “idea.” You can equip your apartments only, guided by other people's stylistic preferences and aesthetic affections.

It is not difficult to guess that a particular variety is characteristic of the selected composition. On the basis of a single headset is concentrated a number of elements that may not be useful to the average consumer. A person concerned with the question of how to choose furniture for a bedroom is likely to choose the most optimal variant from ready-made structures.

However, this is not always the right decision, both from the position of economy, and in terms of arranging free space. The minimum set of furniture for the bedroom looks like this:

  • The bed is the central and indispensable element;
  • Cabinet, located directly beside the bed;
  • Chair or sofa, where you can fold home clothes;
  • Wardrobe.

Many designers suggest to refuse bedside tables or bedside tables. However, if the aesthetic side of the question allows discussion on this topic, then the practical one makes it impossible to reject such furniture. Near the bed there should always be miniature furniture, allowing you to conveniently arrange a phone, a book, a mug or even a thermometer and tablets during an illness.

Choose a key element of the bedroom

Having decided on what the required elements should form a bedroom set, you can safely proceed to the study of each particular element. Not knowing what kind of bedroom to choose, you should start your search from the perfect bed.

The bed is the heart of the bedroom. It should be durable, reliable, comfortable, fit well not only into the interior of the room, but also organically complement the space. It is important not to overdo it with dimensions, choosing an unnecessarily spacious wide bed. Ideally, the selected furniture for sleeping allows you to sit comfortably for a rest, but does not clutter up miniature rooms.

Parameters and characteristics

If the dimensions of the room allow, you can pamper yourself with truly "royal" lodges with large headboards. In miniature rooms, the massive elements of decor should be abandoned.
Most importantly, consider the performance characteristics of the products: the frame and bed base. The strongest carcasses are metal or wooden types (we are talking only about high-quality wood), as well as wicker due to the pronounced flexibility.

Not knowing how to choose a bed in the bedroom, it is worth exploring the features of the materials forming the base of this product. Designers leave practical advice: flexible slats will last much longer than the mesh or spring conglomerate.



Mattress selection

Most of the comfort is provided by a mattress. This part of the bed should be elastic and moderately hard. Before buying it would be nice to lie down and feel how comfortable the mattress is in practice.

People suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system should look for a suitable orthopedic model. Advice to buy a comfortable bed can be heard by any patient with a problematic spine, visiting the doctor's office.

Additional attributes

Fans of experimenting, creating new unique compositions is better to collect "their" headsets, selecting each attribute separately. It is necessary to choose a system consisting of tables and nightstands for the bed.

The consultant can give this advice: choose a bed with a bedside table and a table that come with it. It is worth listening to this recommendation, since choosing a bedroom set in such an “abbreviated” format is most convenient.

As for the other, more serious and overall products, they are chosen separately, taking into account the style of the room, especially the layout, personal preferences of the inhabitants of the house. For example, in some rooms you can also put a chest of drawers. In classic interiors, this piece of furniture is a kind of embodiment of a sleeping location.

Experts give valuable advice: place a large mirror over the dresser. It is important that the style and decor of these two products are identical. If the owners of the apartments do not know what furniture to choose for the bedroom, you should not get the "dresser + mirror" set in advance. Only after the room has been landscaped, and the room will allow you to use some more furniture, you can look at the dressers.



Storage facilities

Modern city apartments are usually not pleased with the space, and the problem of proper storage of things is always relevant. It is not surprising that bedroom sets always complement the appropriate storage for things. Often the bed itself is equipped with cells for storing clothes and household supplies.

Versatile piece of furniture for the bedroom - linen closet. As a rule, it is not very big, but quite roomy. For an elaborate interior composition in any stylistic direction this attribute will not be superfluous.

If the room is a massive bed with a chic headboard, you can choose a good wardrobe. It will contain a huge amount of things. In very small rooms, where quite compact furniture is located, such overall products will be superfluous. It is better to replace them with lighter whatnot or shelf system.

Key Security Aspects

When thinking about which bed to choose for the bedroom, as well as selecting other elements of the interior of the house, you should pay special attention to key aspects of security. Absolutely any objects entering the house should not be fraught with any danger.



For a long time, unscrupulous manufacturers have resorted to the use of completely poor-quality raw materials, which are potentially dangerous for human health, in order to reduce the cost of their own products or to get more profit. Substandard as well as hazardous furniture can usually be easily identified. As a rule, it smells bad. The smell of "chemistry" is strong, intrusive, does not disappear for a long time.

There is only one piece of advice that allows you to somehow protect yourself from dangerous acquisitions for your home: you should give preference only to products from proven manufacturers with a good reputation. If a person is absolutely not guided by how to choose the bedroom from the standpoint of environmental safety, it is better to give preference to "classic" materials: wood and metal. In any store a potential buyer may require quality certificates, which will also be able to confirm the quality and safety of the goods provided.



Appliances - essential attributes of a modern bedroom

Today, appliances in all possible combinations are the same "satellite" not only in the kitchen or in the living room, but even in the bedroom. Although experts from various fields (from Feng Shui to practical psychology) tirelessly advise everyone to abandon the use of any gadgets in a room where they only need to sleep, as well as relax, active users of technical innovations cannot simply abandon their favorite “toys.

In addition, manufacturers of televisions and other similar equipment make these products so spectacular and perfect from the standpoint of aesthetics that it is difficult to refuse such an acquisition. If the TV is an important element in the house, before you install it in the bedroom, you need to take care of security.

Special parameter: the distance of the TV from the bed. It is better if the plasma is located at the level of the eyes of the beholders. This is a height of 1-1.5 meters. The distance from the screen directly depends on the diagonal of the display. Experts advise to resort to simple mathematical calculations to find out the exact indicators: the diagonal is multiplied by three. The resulting value is equal to the distance at which to keep the TV.

Although accessories do not play a particularly important role, they still help to give a special charm, comfort, color to the room, to set the festive mood. The bedroom needs rest, so it’s important not to overdo it with the details.