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Curtains with a pattern - bright and stylish decor of the room (25 photos)


As a rule, curtains serve as a window opening decoration and at the same time are an element of a room design. Adhering to certain rules, it is easy to create a harmonious atmosphere, the main focus of which will be curtains with an ornament.




The nuances of choosing textiles with a pattern

Before you hang the curtains with a pattern on the plastic windows, you should consider the rules that designers use when making window openings:

  • If the dominant shades of furniture and wall decor are light (beige, gray), then it is appropriate to hang curtains with bright ornaments (blue, blue or turquoise tones) on the windows. Such a contrast is appropriate to use in the kitchen, in the living room, as it will add mood and brightness to the rooms;
  • in the interiors, replete with ornaments, patterns (wall decoration, furniture upholstery, carpet flooring) it is desirable to decorate the window openings with plain-colored curtains of soothing shades. For a harmonious interior are selected companion fabrics that support the color of the pattern or base;
  • An excellent solution - a combination of textiles and wall decoration of the same color, but different shades. In this case, it is appropriate to choose curtains with a small pattern;
  • the use of dark-colored textiles containing patterns or patterns of light golden tones is welcomed;
  • at the choice of the sizes of drawing they make a start from the room space
  • The pattern on the fabric should match the style of the room. For design in the style of country fit a cell, a strip on a white background. Floral medium-sized patterns will fit into the beige interior of the Provence. For Scandinavian premises it is better to use material with national drawings. For modern style fit geometric patterns.

The main rule when choosing a material with a pattern - curtains should fit organically into the interior of the room and complement it. Be sure the presence of parts that combine curtains with upholstered furniture, wallpaper, floor decorative coating.




Types of ornament

Numerous options for decorating textiles allow us to conditionally distinguish several types of patterns / drawings:

  • stripes are used vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Such decor can visually change the geometry of space (the vertical direction of the lines - raises the ceiling and narrows the space, and the horizontal - expands the walls and lowers the ceiling). Wide lanes will suit spacious rooms, and thin ones are better to use in the decoration of windows in small rooms;
  • A cage is a very popular pattern that is traditionally used to decorate kitchen windows. The combination of strips of different widths and colors allows you to choose the material for different interiors (Scandinavian, country). A well-known cell is Scottish, combining red and green colors;
  • floral ornament (the most popular floral patterned curtains) dilutes the monotony of the material and attracts attention to the windows. Colorful curtains perfectly decorate living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms. Provence - the most popular style that uses floral decoration in fabrics;
  • Curtains with a geometric pattern is preferable for non-standard interiors.

It is noteworthy that the pattern can be evenly located throughout the fabric or to be only in some single place - top / bottom / center.



Color combinations

When purchasing paintings with an ornament, you should definitely pay attention to the combination of shades of the pattern and the base, because the wrong shades can create disharmony in the room. Accepted in the design combination:

  • Contrast: black and red, blue and yellow, all colors in relation to white;
  • mixing warm (yellow, orange, red, pink, burgundy, brown) and cold (from blue to bright emerald) shades;
  • similar in shades of tone (red-pink-crimson).

When choosing patterns and ornaments should be borne in mind that a win-win for any pattern - white canvas.




Curtains for the living room

The choice of decor for the living room windows is a pleasant, but at the same time, responsible business, because this room is the hallmark of the apartment, which characterizes the owners and talks about their tastes and preferences, so the curtains should organically fit into the style of the room.

It is appropriate to look curtains with geometric patterns or floral and floral ornaments. And the small unobtrusive pattern will be perfectly combined with the same wallpaper. This option will not look intrusive.

Curtains with a large pattern will visually highlight the window and may become the main focus of the living room design. Traditionally, white curtains with black patterns look solemn and elegant.

For a classic style, it is appropriate to decorate windows with double curtains. Dense drapes with a small decorative pattern are perfectly combined with light white tulle or similar shades.




The decor of the windows in the bedroom

For this room it is preferable to choose calm, pastel shades (blue, beige, pale green). Designers recommend using simple, almost concise options for decorating windows - straight curtains on the eaves, curtains on the grommets. Additional comfort at night in the room will create roller blinds with a pattern or Roman blinds with a pattern.

Canvases with a large ornament will suit rooms with plain walls, provided that no more color solutions are used in the decoration. Small floral pattern can be considered as a classic version of the design of the window opening.




In the spacious south-facing bedrooms, it is best to hang blackout curtains on the windows, the material of which is notable for its opacity during the day and heat resistance. Due to the variety of patterns and colors, you can choose such models for classic and modern interiors.

Curtains in the kitchen

First of all, the decor of the windows should be practical. In this regard, the most popular options - curtains with a pattern of leaves or flowers, as well as - cell.

The decoration of the walls in this room is most often light, so the curtains can be of bright contrasting shades - with a turquoise pattern or any other (blue, yellow, green).




As a rule, kitchens have a small area. And we must take into account that too bright colors or a large ornament can tire over time.