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Plain wallpaper in the interior: the advantages of color (26 photos)


Monochromatic wallpaper for walls is rightly considered to be a versatile material designed for their lining inside a particular room.

The reason for the purchase of plain wallpaper

When making one or another interior, there are several reasons to prefer a single-color wallpaper:

  • visual expansion of the interior;
  • correction of irregular forms of premises;
  • masking revealed wall flaws;
  • subsequent decoration of the walls with photographs, paintings, panels;
  • buying original furniture that emphasizes attention;
  • planning a smooth painting of the walls in the future;
  • preference for concise room design.

Features monochromatic wallcoverings

The choice of wallpaper depends on the type of room, the walls of which they intend to glue.



If the owners of the room do not plan to exploit the wallpaper in this room for many years, it is better to buy paper wallpaper. They differ:

  • many design features;
  • ecological clean;
  • ability to seamlessly design any wall in the house.

This wallpaper is preferred, carrying out the repair bedroom. Such wallpapers are very good for the nursery.



Principles for the selection of plain wallpaper

Solid wallpaper in the interior is good for any of his styles. Before purchasing this type of material, it is necessary to analyze its parameters and select the most suitable for the implementation of specific tasks.

Determining the choice of a particular type of plain wallpaper, you need to take into account their texture, they are smooth or able to effectively imitate various surfaces - from wood to leather. Those who wish to further subject the wallpaper to painting makes sense to choose exactly the textured options. In this case, it is necessary to have information about their property to absorb paint and the final shade.




Color solution of a monophonic covering

The most difficult choice of colors wallpaper. It is necessary to take into account the fact that plain wallpaper actively interact with the interior of the room, which they are pasted over. With the classic technique - pasting all walls of one shade without exception - you need to take into account the color range of furniture and decor elements in a given room.

The most primitive plain wallpaper without a pattern can create a unique design, if you follow a number of trends. Recommendations of competent designers will help to avoid banal and boring wall decoration with plain wallpaper:

  • identify colorful accents around the perimeter of the room;
  • give preference to wallpaper with textured surface;
  • to draw attention with the help of a pattern created by means of a stencil;
  • to carry out a combination of wallpaper with curtains;
  • to resort to a harmonious combination of plain wallpaper companions with each other.




The range of plain wallpaper for different styles of interior

Beautiful wallpapers created in one tone can be successfully chosen for absolutely any style of interior of a room of the most diverse functional purposes. For each particular style, designers offer their own recommendations for choosing wallpaper:

  • light, calm, cool shades of wallpaper will be appropriate when you design rooms in the style of minimalism or high-tech;
  • warm shades of colors are preferable for pasting the walls of rooms, made out in the style of country or Provence;
  • plain wallpaper of bright, saturated colors, in other words, colored or combined wallpaper are advised to purchase to create an oriental interior;
  • discreet tones of plain wallpaper or monochrome will be harmonious in a classic or provincial interior.



Plain wallpaper in the interior of different rooms

According to designers' common opinion, each shade of color has specific functions in the interior design of a room, so it is important to understand for what specific purpose monochrome wallpapers are chosen and which color should be preferred.

The ideal option for the design of the walls of modern housing are white wallpaper. Thanks to them, a light background and an airy atmosphere in the room are created, which is conducive to emotional relaxation.

In addition to whites, beige wallpapers will provide a calming atmosphere in the room. They have their own significant advantage - they can be successfully combined with any other shade.

Yellow tones wallpapers will create a warm, exceptionally positive atmosphere in the room. It will reign the energy of life itself. It is advisable to glue the walls of children's, living rooms, kitchens with such wallpaper.

Plain green wallpaper that conveys a natural theme, choose for living rooms, study rooms or kitchens in a successful combination with furniture made of natural wood. The original option in this case will be turquoise wallpaper.



Monochrome wallpaper for the bedroom is better to get blue shades. Symbol of sea freshness, they will calm the owner of the room. Another option for their use can be a bathroom. Blue monochrome wallpaper can sometimes be too gloomy, and sometimes vice versa, very bright. In this regard, designers advise to apply them moderately, to glue them with one or a maximum of a couple of walls in one room, which may include bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms.

Wallpaper for the nursery will be very useful gentle tones of pink. Having chosen it for decoration of the interior of common rooms, it is better to carry out a combination with other shades similar in range, for example, with lilac.

Extremely bright - red or purple wallpaper - is not recommended to glue around the perimeter of any room. These colors are used to effectively create accent spots or zones on the walls.
The restraint of the created design of the modern interior is perfectly highlighted by plain wallpaper of gray shades.




The most risky option for decorating the walls of a dwelling is black wallpaper. Their use a priori will make any room cramped and gloomy, so black wallpapers are allowed in pasting walls only by all means containing rooms with bright accents.

How to combine those or other shades of wallpaper when creating an interior, suggest the recommendations below.

  • Monochrome wallpapers in the corridor require light shades to thereby visually expand the narrow space of the room. Wallpapers in the hallway should be skillfully chosen to prevent the impression of a closed uncomfortable space.
  • A special role in every house is played by wallpaper in the interior of the living room, common room where the family spends leisure time and meets. Wallpapers in the living room imply mandatory impregnation of dynamic shades. Different pasting of walls is allowed - solemn and quiet, which will uniquely divide the living room into two zones. Black wallpapers in a minimal amount emphasize the particular style of the room.
  • Plain wallpaper in the hall successfully combined with strips of wallpaper with a pattern. Next to the monophonic stripes will be spectacular ornaments and geometric shapes.
  • Bright wallpapers for kitchens are considered to be very popular among designers. An interesting effect can be achieved by combining various inserts on the walls. Kitchen wallpapers allow the combination of several warm colors. Pasting the kitchen offer textured wallpaper imitating a stone with a vegetable print or wood. Wallpaper for the kitchen of dark colors is preferred because of their resistance to pollution.

Using the advice given by specialists, every man in the street will be able to equip the immaculate interior of his house.