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Wallpaper in the style of a loft: we make a trendy interior (23 photos)


One of the most unpredictable and controversial interior styles is the loft. It allows for interior design to use such elements that are usually hidden in other styles. Concrete screed, brickwork, black wires - all this is necessarily present in the interiors in the style of a loft. And if you want to convert the most ordinary apartment into a spacious storage or attic room, then wallpaper in the loft style will help.



Features "attic" style

Translated from English, "loft" means "attic", so this direction in the design is also called "attic". Loft style appeared in the United States in the middle of the last century. Then, in New York and Boston, factories and factories were taken out of the city, and the empty industrial premises of their owners began to be converted into residential buildings and rented out for symbolic money. There was no opportunity or desire to make expensive finishes for the new tenants, so the walls and the floor were almost not decorated. Over time, huge rooms with high ceilings were chosen by artists and sculptors.



Here they did not interfere with creating. This is how the loft style appeared, characterized by:

  • high ceilings;
  • big windows;
  • unclosed beams and other supporting structures;
  • uncovered water pipes and wires;
  • minimum number of partitions;
  • lack of interior decoration.

The first owners of the warehouse did not paint brick and concrete walls with anything, did not sew stone with wood. If the interior was wood, it was either coated with varnish or monochromatic paint — black, white, gray, but the paint was applied so that even through its layer the texture of wood and iron nails hats were visible. Today, not all apartments without decoration look as stylish and elegant as the premises of old American factories and warehouses.



Wallpaper under the wall

The main feature of the interior in loft style is "bare walls". However, if the unfinished walls in your apartment look terrifying, you can use wallpaper as a brick, concrete, raw boards. A wall with these wallpapers will look neat and careless at the same time.

To make this interior even cozier, you can combine wallpapers that mimic different textures, because if all four walls are covered with wallpaper under a brick or under concrete, such an interior will seem boring and will soon begin to depress.




This wallpaper can be combined with other textures. For example, in the interior there may be a real brickwork red or painted in any color on one wall, and on the other wall - lining, varnished. Also, ordinary paper can be combined with liquid wallpaper. This special mixture is diluted with water and applied with a spatula to the wall. By texture, it can be like a cement screed, and the shade of these wallpapers can be any.

The ideal loft should be brick, wood and stone, but if you are uncomfortable in a room with such wallpaper, you can move away from established canons and choose brighter options for decorating walls.




Wall mural loft style

If you once found yourself in an abandoned factory building, you would find there a lot of interesting things, because over time, empty and forgotten houses begin to live their own lives. Bright graffiti or scenes from comics appear on the brickwork. Piles of cardboard boxes and wooden crates, coils of wire and sometimes old dusty books pile up on the floor. All this and much more can be painted on the wallpaper in the style of a loft.

For example, one of the walls of the living room can take wallpaper with bright graffiti. Graffiti artists are invited to design these warehouse premises that have become residential, but photo wall-paper is also suitable for decorating the wall in an ordinary city apartment.



To make the space seem bigger and deeper, you can stick wallpaper on the walls in the living room and bedroom, which show shelves with books or old wooden boxes. With such wallpaper, an additional zone immediately appears in the room, and the space seems to expand. For these purposes, you can stick and wallpaper with the image of a window, behind which you will see the skyscrapers of a huge city.

Wallpaper with calm colors and geometric patterns or even comic book characters will also fit in here. Comics appeared in America around the same time that a loft appeared.

The interior in the loft style is the interior of a modern person who is not afraid to create, experiment and make mistakes; therefore, a combination of wallpapers with a different image, but in the same color range, is allowed here.



Simple wallpaper for a simple loft.

Loft style was loved by many for its particular simplicity and immediacy. It is similar to minimalism in that it does not require special, contrived decoration, so simple plain wallpaper will fit into the loft-style interior. They can be any shades of gray, brown, brick, black and white. Paper monochrome wallpaper can make an ideal background for wallpaper that mimics stone and brick.

Also with their help you can arrange bright accents, because the loft style does not mean boring and poor. The loft style is original, interesting and a bit brutal, so an orange, yellow or even green wall can easily appear in a black and gray room, and a bright color covering the floor, pillows in the same color scheme on the sofa.

With the help of plain wallpaper you can easily zone the space. So, if in a studio apartment you make the interior of a loft, then you can use plain wallpaper of different colors to decorate the dining, bedroom and guest areas. Scandalous style allows it and even welcomes.



Recommendations for creating interiors

There is a huge amount of wallpaper in the loft style, and those who decided to make repairs on their own can quickly become confused and fail to find their ideal, so designers suggest using versatile and long-proven solutions.

For the kitchen fit wallpaper imitating brickwork and wood. It will be pleasant to be in such a room both in the morning and in the evening. If it comes out on the sunny side, you can paint the walls in gray shades, but then be sure to dilute the interior with bright accessories: a yellow rug, orange plates, blue pillows on the chairs. For complete immersion in the past, you can put household appliances in the 60s of the last century in a prominent place, but use only modern ones.

The living room is the place where all friends and family members often gather, so it should be spacious. Visually expand the space will be possible with the help of wallpaper, imitating plaster or brick, painted white. These wallpapers will be combined with wallpaper for cement or simply gray. Here you also need to place accents using black or some bright color. In this case, you can use both plain wallpaper, and any other coatings - paint and plaster. In the loft style, a combination of various textures is allowed.

Also in the living room you can stick on one of the walls of the wallpaper with graffiti, abstraction or cityscape. It is also possible to use wallpaper with a strict geometric pattern. If everything is deliberately designed, absolutely deserved living room will become the center of your apartment.