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Wallpaper under the skin in the interior of the apartment - the original motifs (24 photos)


Fans of original interiors have long appreciated the new trend of modernity - wallpapers that mimic the skin of wild animals. This decoration is suitable for decoration of walls in an apartment and a country house, in hotels and office premises. The original drawing adds a touch of exoticism and originality to the room, which can not but affect the overall impression of the room.

Wallpaper for walls under the skin is not made to glue throughout the room, most often they choose one or two walls for them, placing semantic accents. Animal skin imitation pleasantly complements the light and dark interiors of various styles.



Such wallpaper can be made of a variety of materials: paper, vinyl and non-woven. Depending on the type of wallpaper have a different texture and strength properties. The most commonly used vinyl wallpaper are under the skin. These wallpapers are dense and durable, easy to care for and even wash, they do not fade in the sun and do not wear out for a long time. You can use these wallpapers in almost any room.

Modern technologies of drawing patterns allow you to create coatings for walls of a wide variety of colors. Today it is not necessary to use real stone or metal coatings, you can use simple paper wallpapers with imitation of these textures. They are more affordable than real materials, weigh less and look good too.

The same story with the wallpaper, imitating the skin of wild animals. Realistic patterns, scales and hairs achieves first-class perfection. The most popular are skin imitations:

  • snakes;
  • crocodile;
  • an elephant;
  • zebras;
  • leopard and others

In order to find out how each color is suitable for different interiors, you should consider each type of wallpaper separately.



Snake skin wallpaper

This is the most popular skin imitation option. It is used for the design of bedrooms and offices. Due to the fact that the scales are arranged unevenly, a volume appears on such wall decoration, which allows placing accents in the decorated space.

Wallpapers under the skin of a snake look great in the marine and modern styles. Scaly texture combined with metal and glass. As mentioned above, it is not customary to design the entire room with imitation of leather, only one or two walls are separated. Such zones look great in minimalism and high-tech style.



Wallpaper "skin of reptiles" can imitate not only the skin of a snake, python, but also other reptiles. In addition, the possibilities of modern typography allow not only to repeat the skin pattern, but also to give it inconceivable colors. So your wall python can be red, purple or brilliant. Such a riot of colors suitable for original, provocative and cosmic interiors, and exactly conquer your guests.




Wallpaper under the skin of a crocodile

Crocodile leather is popular with European designers, they decorate the walls of offices and conference rooms. The drawing is distinguished by its unrepeatable rudeness, so designers advise choosing thick paper or vinyl, then the necessary harmony of textures can be achieved.

A fascinating pattern that contains crocodile skin wallpapers is distinguished by severity, hardness of lines and stylish execution. Such an imitation is more suitable for male interiors, because from the doorway it declares the strength of its owner.




Most often, the skin of a crocodile on the wallpaper is depicted in dark colors: black, brown or silver. This allows you to more accurately portray all the lines and streaks of natural leather. This contrast is perfectly combined with dark leather furniture and a table of rough forms.

Zebra skin in the interior

This coloring takes the third place on popularity, but in comparison with previous two differs in tenderness and softness. Perhaps that is why it is most often used by designers in the design of children's rooms for girls or women's interiors. So, designers love to combine black and white stripes of zebra with bright pink tones. In more relaxed variations, the wallpaper under the zebra skin dilutes the monochrome interiors.



Leopard spots

Warm brown coloring imitation leopard skin fills the room with coziness and comfort, so this design looks great in bedrooms and living rooms. An important feature of the leopard pattern is that with excessive abundance it begins to look vulgar, so designers advise using this print in reasonable quantities. It is better to set the tone for the whole room with a small fragment on the wall and beat it with other interior items in different natural shades.




All of these imitations are great for modern and original interiors, they can be found both at home and in office space. The main thing that designers are advised to observe is moderation. The abundance of animal prints will have a negative effect on the overall perception of the interior and will be unpleasant for the eyes. In addition, designers advise not to combine imitations of different animals, it is better to choose one design for your interior.