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Types and types of doors: how not to make a mistake with the choice

On the modern market are a variety of doors that differ in purpose, material, type of coating and dozens of other characteristics. If you are running out of repairs, and you are planning to buy doors, carefully study all the proposals of manufacturers, because the wrong door can cross out the work of the designer and the team of builders.

Classification of doors by material

The first thing to look out for is the material from which the door is made. The cost and functionality of the door directly depends on it. Today, the types of doors on the material are as follows:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • veneered;
  • glass;
  • combined.

In the apartment and the house can be installed doors of all these types. Wooden doors - this is the option that will look perfect in the interior of any style. The tree always looks elegant and noble. It has a unique pattern and a special texture. The tree is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Wooden doors are timeless classics with which no other material can compare. Doors of wood will serve for many years and even over time will not lose their presentable appearance.

Metal doors, which include steel and aluminum, are usually installed at the entrance. Reliable metal door is able to protect the home from intruders. It has high noise insulation and is not deformed.

Glass doors perform a decorative function. With their help, you can zone and visually expand the space. Glass, like wood, protects the room from extraneous smells and sounds, but it transmits light, and if you apply intricate patterns to the glass or glue it with colored film, you will be able to create a very cozy atmosphere in the room.

Doors made of veneer compared to wood are considered a budget option. Veneer is a wooden sheet pasted over with thin wooden strips. It looks not as elegant as an array of natural wood, but due to its low price it is actively used for the manufacture of interior doors.

Plastic doors are light and very practical. They hermetically close the room, have high noise insulation, are easy to wash and are not afraid of temperature changes. Plastic doors can be made from materials of different colors and decorated with any patterns, but they do not look as elegant as wood or veneered, so plastic doors are usually installed in offices. If you are doing repairs in an office building and are not ready for unnecessary expenses, study all types of plastic doors - among them you will find beautiful and affordable options.

Before you make a purchase, it is better to study all types of interior doors for the material and choose the right combination of quality and price for you. You want a perfect interior in everything - buy solid wood or glass doors. If you need to save fit plastic, PVC and veneer.

Relatively recently, manufacturers began to use eco-pallets, a new-generation material. Eco-shears are made as follows: the wood is disassembled into fine fibers, which are stained and then glued under a press. Due to the unique production technology, eco-spar is very similar to natural wood, but it is much cheaper. Doors made of eco-cover look very stylish because the canvas is evenly dyed and does not fade or erase with time. And the name speaks for itself: this material is eco-friendly and absolutely safe for human health.

How can the doors open?

Manufacturers also classify doors according to the options of opening. In this case, they are:

  • sliding;
  • folding;
  • swing;
  • swinging.

The option of opening doors is a very important characteristic. It depends on how they will be opened whether it is convenient for you to enter the room.

Sliding doors that move along special rails are universal. They are installed in apartments, office buildings, as well as wardrobes. The facades of kitchens also very often represent doors of this type. Designers appreciate them because they do not eat precious centimeters of space and allow us to divide a room into several zones.

Types of sliding doors are classified according to several criteria. So, they are laminated, glass, mirror, veneered. They can be attached to the bottom, top or two guides at once. By location, they are interior, exterior or furniture.

All types of swing doors are very popular and in demand. This is a classic that is in the lineup for each manufacturer. Swing doors were invented by the very first and have not lost their relevance to this day. Swing doors are made of one or several materials, they can open in either or only one direction, they can be hung in a private house, in an apartment and absolutely any building, both inside and outside. Such doors can be double or single. The first, usually, can be seen in the subway or bars - in residential areas they are installed less frequently.

Folding doors work on the principle of an accordion. They consist of several canvases that fold and unfold the mechanism. They are made of plastic, wood and glass. Modern manufacturers today have a huge assortment of door models that differ in ways of opening. When choosing you need to take into account the size of the room. So, the use of sliding and folding door models will allow you to correctly zone and save space.

Other door classifications

More doors are classified according to the number of canvases. Today, in stores most often you can find bifolished and unifolded types of doors. The first is usually installed in large openings, for example, in private homes, assembly and conference rooms. Three-and chetyrehpolotnye types of interior doors are extremely rare. If they are made, then only by special order for a particular house. The most versatile and popular are single-leaf doors.

Also, the types of doors differ in the composition of the canvas. They can be made of solid wood or of composite material - the door leaf can be filled with polyurethane, thin slats or any wood derivatives. The most common option - PVC doors. They do not look very presentable, but they are always in demand from the average buyer, because not everyone can afford to buy doors from an array.

The doors are also divided according to the location in the room and are:

  • interior;
  • input;
  • balcony;
  • staircase;
  • garret

By buying each door must be consciously approached, but special attention is always recommended to pay the front door.

Entrance doors

Entrance doors are made of reliable metal and are expensive. The owners of apartments and houses do not spare money for the purchase of such doors, because the safety of all their property depends on their reliability.

Types of entrance doors are different. So, steel doors may differ in the way of opening and the type of locks, in the degree of protection and resistance to burglary. Each of these indicators is important, but when choosing metal entrance doors you need to first consider how well the door can protect the house from extraneous sounds and cold, whether its surface can penetrate bullets, how long it will take to break into it, and whether it has a high fire safety. The last thing to look at is the door decor. And remember, the richer the iron door looks, the more attention intruders it attracts.

Decorating wooden doors

All types of wooden doors today are in demand, because they can fit into the interior of all styles. Installing doors of pine and any other tree opens up a huge field of creativity for designers. For wooden doors are allowed to use a variety of coatings. They can be varnished, painted with acrylic, chalk or oil paint. Pine and any other wooden doors can be made monochromatic or decorated with bright patterns, but this use of a finishing material is not at all necessary, because Russian and European factories have such a variety of wooden doors that you can definitely find one that is ideal for your interior.

To make your home cozy, there must be beautiful doors in it. It can be inexpensive PVC doors, and can - elite mahogany doors. It is important that they are functional, fit into the interior and harmonize with its other elements. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, carefully study all types and models of doors, consult with the designers and make the right decision.