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Green wallpaper - the perfect solution for any interior (36 photos)


Color can do real miracles with the human psyche. Some shades annoy him, others calm him down, others are alarming, so it’s important not to be mistaken with the colors of your interior. You can spend a lot of money on repairs and buy the most expensive finishing materials, but if the color scheme is chosen incorrectly, you will be uncomfortable and restless indoors. Psychologists say that green colors have a positive effect on a person's condition, therefore a combination of green wallpaper of different shades is ideal for interior decoration in a nursery, bedroom, living room and other rooms.



Choosing shades of green

The palette of green is very diverse. It includes:

  • olive;
  • emerald;
  • dark green;
  • light green;
  • lime;
  • herbal;
  • malachite;
  • sage;
  • mint.

And this is only a small part of the green shades that designers work with. All these colors are found in nature, which is why they have a positive effect on the human psyche.



Due to this variety of green wallpaper in the interior of any style look organic. For example, emerald and malachite are used to design rich classical interiors. Wall-paper of these shades will be suitable for walls in big drawing rooms in country houses. They are chosen by those who want to demonstrate that they love luxury. The same colors will organically look indoors in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. Malachite blends perfectly with black, and emerald - with a golden color.



It is not enough just to choose a color, you still need to decide on the composition of the wallpaper you want to buy. They are of several types, and the most common are:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • liquid;
  • textile.

Paper green wallpaper can glue over the children's room. Their main advantage is an environmentally friendly and "breathing" material, and the walls in the nursery must breathe - this prevents the formation of mold and the appearance of dampness. Paper wallpapers are inexpensive and easy to glue, but they absorb any odors and quickly fade in the bright sun, so after 3-4 years they will have to be changed.




Liquid wallpaper is very similar to structural plaster. They are a powder of a special composition, which is diluted with water and applied to the wall with a spatula. Natural wallpapers or glitter are often added to liquid wallpapers. Such liquid malachite wallpaper with gold is suitable for decorating the living room walls. Liquid wallpaper is absolutely safe for health. They can be applied to poorly finished walls - a thick mixture hides all the flaws of the surface. And when applying liquid wallpaper there are no joints that can spoil the look of the entire wall.

Vinyl wallpaper has an interesting texture: foamed vinyl is applied on thick paper or interlining. Such green vinyl wallpaper can be glued in the kitchen, because they are not afraid of moisture and wash well. Unlike paper, they smooth and hide any irregularities of the wall. You can buy vinyl wallpaper for painting and cover them with green paint of your favorite shade, and when he gets bored, choose a different one - these wallpapers are easily repainted into other colors up to ten times.




Also today, buyers are popular wallpaper on non-woven base. They are made of non-woven linen that looks like paper. They, like paper wallpapers, “breathe” and do not pose a health hazard, but non-woven fabric is more durable, it is resistant to any external influences. It does not fade, does not deform after drying, and visually smoothes any irregularities on the wall surface.




Green fleisilinovye wallpaper can be glued to the ceiling and walls. Always looks advantageous combination of dark and light shades. For example, the walls can be calm deep grass color, and the ceiling - calm olive.

We combine and combine wallpaper

Due to the wide palette, green wallpapers in the interior can be combined differently among themselves and with other shades, but here it is very important to know the measure, because each color can be present in the interior in a certain amount. For example, a bright green color should not be much, but with olive or mint wallpaper in bright colors, you can glue all the walls.




Universal for any interior is a white-green combination. And it can be wallpaper with a pattern, and can be plain wallpaper of green and white colors. It is also allowed to combine plain green wallpaper and patterns in the interior of one room. For example, one wall is covered with a canvas with a pattern, and all the others are plain. The combination of white and green wallpaper of these colors is suitable for the bedroom, kitchen and living room.




The interior of the kitchen is recommended to use a warm color palette. Combining shades of green with yellow, beige, sandy, creamy, light brown colors creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Kitchen design needs to be developed on the basis of its location. If it is on the sunny side, you can use a darker combination of colors for decorating it: brown with herbal, blue with olive. For the kitchen on the north side, beige-green, yellow-light green color combinations are suitable.





In general, green wallpaper in the bedroom looks very elegant and stylish. If you are a conservative, then choose a classic wallpaper for it, and if you like to experiment, find more ambitious options: rich green, bright green, deep herbal, but here you also need to know the measure - green is not combined with all shades of red.

For the living room it is imperative to choose beautiful wallpapers of good quality. Living room with green wallpaper - this is a real classic. Plain and striped wallpaper calm green shades decorated living rooms in the homes of the English aristocrats and Russian nobles.



In the living room everything should have a rest and a quiet pastime, so for this room the perfect combination of green with brown, deep blue, beige, blue. In the living room, striped wallpaper can cover one wall, or they can glue the bottom half of all four walls. Then for the upper part of the walls are selected wallpaper companions, the color of which echoes the bottom. If the striped wallpaper is green-blue or white-green, the top of the wall should be blue, white or green.



Wallpapers in the corridor can be striped, monochromatic or a combination of preferably calm tones. Green wallpapers in the children's room can be bright, but here you also need to know the measure: acid-colored wallpapers or a combination of bright yellow or light green baby will soon become annoying.