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Doors to give: selection criteria (24 photos)


Summer cottages are increasingly becoming for city dwellers not only a source of fresh vegetables and fruits, but also a place of rest from the city bustle. It has become fashionable to go out of town for the entire hot period of the year, so many citizens are trying to create comfortable conditions for living and recreation in the countryside. In many ways, the cozy atmosphere in the house depends on the street doors.



Entrance doors to the cottage

It so happened that almost all dacha plots are located far from the city and are not always reliably protected. It is for this reason that the primary task of the owners is to provide serious protection of the property, so the entrance doors to the cottage are chosen from those that are guaranteed to preserve the situation and tools. The reliability of the front door is determined by several indicators.


It is preferable to install steel doors to give. The sheet of metal should be at least 3 mm thick, since a sheet of lesser thickness can be easily cut and drilled. Anti-corrosion coating protects the metal from moisture and ensures long service life.



It is advisable to use pine wood only as an interior decor, as unfavorable weather conditions will quickly destroy the wooden street doors to give. The iron door to the country house with the decoration of precious wood (oak, ash, beech) looks luxurious. To protect against difficult weather conditions, the outer fabric is treated with a special composition. Such input wooden products are durable, very beautiful and attract the attention of neighbors and guests. However, installation on a modest cottage of such an expensive door is not advisable.

Proper door frame design

The bulk of the models that are offered in stores, is equipped with a single box. Such products are mounted on an anchor, which with the help of a special press is easily pulled out of the opening. It is recommended to install the door frame mounted in the opening girth.

Manufacturers of metal structures began to equip the boxes with a special protected cavity for the tongues of the lock. Additionally, the box is equipped with anti-burglary pins, bolts that make it difficult to open the doors (even in the case of knocking out the wall).



Interior doors for cottages

Rare cottages are equipped with any devices for space heating and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year. Country doors perform traditional functions: isolate individual rooms, serve as noise insulation, have a decorative meaning. The service life of the material from which the doors are made is significantly affected by changes in temperature and humidity, therefore, when choosing interior doors, attention is paid to several factors:

  • material characteristics, and especially - protection from changes in humidity (an important indicator for rooms with poor ventilation);
  • the cost of the product;
  • Decor (the most popular method of decorating a summer cottage is painting. This method is especially suitable for wooden doors for summer cottage, as it makes it easy to change the color of the product if desired).

In country houses traditionally installed swing single-door doors, although in large spacious rooms will look effectively double doors or sliding doors (compartments, folding).



What material to choose: a brief description of the properties

Previously, pine doors for summer cottage were practically the only possible option for the manufacture of country doors from an array. Today, these products are the most environmentally friendly. The service life of the model depends on the quality of the lacquer coating, since in conditions of an unheated room the tree will absorb moisture. This property of a material may, if poorly assembled, result in a skewed door. Hardwood has more resilient characteristics. However, such models will cost a lot already.




MDF is used in the manufacture of doors using various technologies. Laminated surfaces are considered to be the most resistant to adverse climatic conditions. The film protects the canvas from changes in moisture, withstands non-critical mechanical damage (scratches, abrasions). The door leaf can be veneered or painted. To build the frame manufacturers use moisture-resistant plywood and glued laminated timber. The low price is also a pleasant advantage of the models.



Plastic doors can be considered as an acceptable option for installation in the country. The positive aspects of such models are:

  • low weight (so it is easy to install structures with your own hands);
  • low cost (modest prices make products affordable and in demand);
  • resistance to changes in humidity and temperature;
  • simple care and attractive appearance;
  • a variety of sizes, shapes, colors allow you to choose the door for installation in the house and on the street (for the toilet).

The disadvantage can be considered the fragility of plastic products (from sharp and strong movements, the canvas is able to crack). From an aesthetic point of view, such an option can be called controversial, since plastic doors look more like office than country.



Glass cloths in country houses will look somewhat exotic, although it is impossible to deny the dignity of glass that is suitable for giving: immunity to temperature and air temperature, durability, environmental friendliness, aesthetics.



When choosing exterior and interior doors in the country, many factors matter. An adequate assessment of the cost of products, their positive and negative characteristics will help make the right choice. There is hardly any need to install expensive reliable doors, if only weekend days are spent at the cottage, or the house furnishings are very modest.