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Interior doors in 2019: a harmonious combination of style and practicality (25 photos)


Interior doors must be not only practical, but also aesthetic. The modern model of the door is an important participant in the creation of the interior of the room, which is constantly changing and surprising with fresh creative directions, so it is only natural that there are new items in the door fashion - interesting decor, using unusual materials or innovative ways of arranging the opening / closing of doors. Every year, designers offer new exquisite shades for door panels. Non-standard combinations of door forms and room design are striking, and 2019 was no exception.



When choosing doors, pay attention to several characteristics: opening methods, web material, color. In 2019, interesting solutions manufacturers offer for all indicators.

In addition to traditional methods of opening doors (sliding, swing), other options are becoming very popular, which have some advantages.

In the Сompack system, door curtains move along the wall. Moreover, in single-leaf models, the canvas is folded, while in double-leaf models, two canvases are dispersed in different directions. Such a system would be ideal for small rooms with narrow doorways, where the traditional swing option would cause inconvenience.

Opening the sliding doors on the system "ghost" can be considered a rush in this model range, innovation lies in the hidden location of the main working mechanism in the canvas. Thanks to this system, the door opens completely silently, and from the side it seems that the canvas simply moves through the air. When installing in the bedroom, this type of door definitely will not have competitors.




Meet the "secret" door

A great way to "mask" the doorway - installing the door with a hidden box. In this case, the door leaf is mounted in the opening in the same plane with the wall. A feature of the installation is the lack of platbands. Thanks to the choice of a single shade for the door leaf and the wall, the effect of an “invisible” door appears.

This door opening system is equipped with hidden hinges. When choosing this model, it is necessary to take into account that the box is mounted in the wall at the stage of starting repair work. Aluminum is used for the box production. Also made of aluminum and the edge of the door leaf.

Such models are the optimal choice of doors for painting, as they allow you to decorate / decorate a wall with a doorway in one color. This technique visually contributes to the expansion of space.

Despite the development of technologies and the creation of new materials, wood models do not lose ground and occupy the first places in the rating. And this is quite understandable. Doors with wooden linen always look luxurious and noble. Not everyone can afford expensive natural material, so manufacturers offer models from MDF (smooth or embossed) with imitation of any wood species.



And, of course, door manufacturers have not forgotten about those buyers who committed "exactly breathing" in relation to natural materials. The variety of door leaf coatings allows in 2019 to choose models with various other finishes:

  • polypropylene - differs in ease, crash-worthiness, worthy appearance;
  • gloss - the paint and varnish layer having the high reflecting effect. The main advantages of the coating: resistance to mechanical damage, moisture resistance, simple maintenance, high wear resistance;
  • high gloss - almost glass surface, which has an increased resistance to scratches, abrasion, various color palette;
  • glass is the best option for doors used in zoning space, but without destroying the unity of the interior. Designers are now offering to install matte or transparent canvas. Combined wooden-glass interior doors rank first in the popularity rating. Since these models are suitable for installation in any room (kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room).



Fashionable shades of door panels

White color becomes a favorite of the palette, as it is ideally combined with any style of interior. The shades of white are becoming more popular and you can easily choose the door to any floor covering. An important nuance - the models simply look gorgeous in small rooms, since the white color and its shades visually expand the space and make it more airy.

For minimalist interiors it is fashionable to install doors of laconic forms without exquisitely sophisticated fittings. The classics will be perfectly complemented by models with patterns on the surface or stucco. The luxury of baroque and Empire style white doors with gold / bronze handles.

The fashionable color of 2019 is considered to be lime. Its combination with white shades will be a real sophistication of the interior.



Often the choice of doors is difficult. It is difficult to understand how to be guided in choosing a door: to select a model for floors, for furniture or for wallpaper, because it may happen that installing new doors will drastically change the look of an apartment. In order not to be mistaken with the acquisition, it is best to focus on the interior of the room. Sometimes rooms are decorated in different styles. In such cases, installing identical doors will visually create a feeling of a single space in the apartment.



Popular minimalism style will be complemented by compartment doors with glossy surfaces. Fashionable color scheme - shades of gray and black. A good option would be the installation of glass cloth or a combination (glass + other materials).

Loft style emphasized sliding doors of massive sizes. The metal decor of the door leaves perfectly emphasizes the industrial character of the situation.

Scandinavian style is gaining popularity due to the light, spacious interiors. A great addition to the design of the room will be wooden doors. In the decoration of canvases, preference should be given to natural wood cuts or white, blurry blue, turquoise hues. Interior doors are better to install with a flat surface.



Provence style can not be imagined without carved canvases. Artificially aged doors also organically fit into the calm interior design.

The doors of modern interiors are notable for their creativity. If you want to install glass doors, then it is appropriate to choose bright rich colors. Designers also offer door leaves with monochrome photo wallpapers or decorative patterns / ornaments. And very stylish looking sliding doors, the decor of which is made by sandblasting.



The most fashionable can be considered a secret door, because it is this model that will relieve residents of the painful choice - to which piece of furniture to select the door. Until now, this design has not been popular, so visible hinges and platbands nullified the desire to “hide” the door. Now the structures are completed with such canopies that the canvas is installed flush with the walls.



The main advantage of the secret door is the ability to create an organic space, for it is enough to paint the surface of the wall and the door with one helmet or apply a pattern / ornament.