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Bed-couch: a useful gift from the East (32 photos)


The attribute from the tales “Thousand and One Nights”, the embodiment of the bliss of the East, the ottoman enriched the homes of many countries of the world. In Turkic-speaking peoples, this word means “board”. The inhabitants of ancient Persia called so ottoman. Today it has been modified, but the basis has remained the same.

What is an ottoman?

The traditional ottoman is a low wide sofa without armrests, with a back of a small height. It does not decompose as a classic prototype. The urgent needs and demands have modernized the design and construction of this furniture.



In pure form, only owners of spacious multi-room apartments allow themselves such luxury. For most, it is a bed-couch, but they use it as a bench, for sleeping, and as a chest. Her seat rises, and niches for things are made under it.

Advantages over other furniture

An ottoman combines all the best from a traditional bed and a sofa, therefore it has the virtues of both that and another piece of furniture:

  • Saving. The acquisition of an ottoman is advantageous from several positions. Space is made available in the room, which for most small apartments is always taken into account. An ottoman is a two-in-one furniture: a bed for sleeping and a sofa for sitting down at any time of the day. In addition, no need to spend money on an extra piece of furniture.
  • Ergonomics. Absolutely flat surface, without joints or seams, which most models of sofas have. This provides a more comfortable sleep and rest.
  • Style. Fits into any design of the room. An ottoman with silk upholstery or similar fabric adds to the room the scent of the Orient and luxury, the tapestry coating adds solidity.
  • Versatility. You can safely put it in any room, right up to the kitchen, and compliance with sanitary standards will easily provide the appropriate upholstery material.
  • Compactness. Lack of backs and armrests does an ottoman less dimensional. It takes not so much place, as a usual sofa, looks more graceful.
  • It is not surprising that more and more consumers, especially young ones, choose an ottoman complete with an orthopedic mattress.

The room in which it is located does not look like a bedroom at all. Even if she has a white upholstery plus the same color frame. However, sleeping on it is not worse than on the bed.

There are many varieties of ottomans on the market. Furniture is installed along the wall or in the corner. It may or may not have armrests.

In the classic ottoman, the back is rather low, but today's double model makes it a full-sized headboard.

An ottoman intended for sleeping can be single or double. The choice depends on the requests of the owner, destination, dimensions of the room.

What more will it look like - a bed or a sofa - is determined by the design. Similarity to the bed will give a soft back and headboard on the smaller side. The back, equipped on the larger side, will make an ottoman like a sofa. In both cases, the design excludes armrests.



Designers and furniture makers created models for different requests, preferences and budget.


The corner bed-couch looks more like a sofa, so it is placed in the kitchen, living room, public areas. The main thing - to find a suitable upholstery.

The wooden structure assumes two backs, of which the smaller one is located on the left or on the right, therefore before purchasing it is necessary to precisely determine the place where it will be installed. Although created models with mobile segments that are easy to reinstall.

An ottoman with a soft back adjacent to the wall provides additional comfort, protects the wall covering from abrasion.

The angular configuration is chosen for small rooms - it usually takes empty sections of the room and visually expands the space.




With drawers

Significantly increases the functionality of this piece of furniture having a box under the bed. An ottoman with drawers for linen is especially in demand for small apartments, where the problem of storage of things is always present. The box can be one large, although several pull-out sections are much better. They are more convenient to use, since everything is easily advanced, and it is easier to maintain order in them. Boxes can perform an aesthetic function as an independent element of decor, but more often they are made from the same material as the ottoman frame, so visually they are hardly noticeable.




With withdrawable part

The importance of roomy luggage storage recedes before the need for another place to sleep. The question is solved by an ottoman with a roll-out bed. That is, instead of the boxes, the design provides for an additional mattress on the frame. Thus formed two beds located at different levels. Sliding models are a good solution for a child’s personal room or in case of guests arriving.

With lifting mechanism

How long and quality an ottoman with a lifting mechanism will last, how comfortable it will be, depends on its type. This may be a spring design or gas shock absorbers. The springs are not ready for large permanent loads, this is a budget option.

Gas-filled shock absorbers are more convenient, maintain a significant mass. Furniture with such a mechanism is not cheap, so when choosing you need to carefully read the instructions. It indicates the maximum permissible loads and features of the operation of the mechanism.



Children's ottoman

The endless range offered by the furniture industry, allows you to easily choose exactly what suits the child. You can always find a model that meets the conditions and standards required for children's furniture.


The modern children's bed-couch reminds a small-sized sofa of the corresponding design, comfortable for children and teenagers. A princess’s light bed is suitable for the girl: an ottoman, which has white not only upholstery, but also the whole frame. The boy will appreciate the bright ottoman in the form of cars.

This kind of ottoman as a sofa is especially appropriate for children. It is a wide sofa with a back and armrests. It has no potentially traumatic legs, which is not only convenient, but also creates additional safety for children.

If the child does not have his own room, a folding model will do. In the assembled state, it has the appearance of a large chair and does not disturb the interior of the room.

Retractable couch is convenient for families with children-aged. It is much safer than a two-story model, and it takes up space like a single bed-couch.




What to consider when choosing?

Children grow constantly, especially during sleep. In order for their posture to be beautiful, the ottoman must be with an orthopedic mattress and comply with the sanitary requirements:

  • A bed is necessarily solid and moderately hard: sleeping on a soft bed leads to the formation of an incorrect posture in the child, therefore the best option is an orthopedic bed with a spring block and polyurethane foam as a filler. This material stably holds the shape for a long time.
  • A bed for children needs a safe one: all the corners are rounded, and the folding model cannot spontaneously fold and injure the baby.
  • Upholstery is acceptable hypoallergenic and well repellent dust.
  • Such furniture is quickly dirty, so you should buy removable covers for an ottoman.
  • For the baby, an ottoman with a side, insuring against falling.
  • The mechanism for transforming a bed in a room for a teenager should not be too complicated or difficult for him to cope with on his own.

It is desirable to buy an ottoman in the presence of a child, so that he and not just parents like the chosen model. Of course, it should be bright, joyful. A practical model that contains drawers: adult cabinets are released, and the child is unwittingly taught to maintain order in personal items and toys.




With orthopedic mattress

This option for a bed is chosen both as a curative and as a prophylactic. Exactly matched mattress makes the standard ottoman much more comfortable.

In this case, some special models are not provided and are selected as for a regular bed, only with the desired degree of elasticity.

An ottoman bed with a mattress of the required level of rigidity is selected taking into account the weight, state of health, age and other personal characteristics of the person.

So, children's or teen beds provide hard mattresses. For the elderly, it is better to choose a model with an orthopedic mattress softer.

Mattresses are also divided into spring and springless. A good mattress with autonomous springs is able to adapt to the curves of the body as much as possible. The most popular type of springless construction is a polyurethane model. This material is different in density, and the more it is, the higher the quality.




Even more will have to pay for the latex mattress, but these costs are justified: the material gives the greatest orthopedic result, does not provoke the occurrence of allergies, repels moisture, lasts longer. On such a bed, healthy sleep is guaranteed.

If it was not possible to find the necessary option from the entire proposed abundance, the masters will complete an individual order taking into account the wishes and all the parameters.


The purpose of an ottoman as a piece of furniture is to serve as a place of sleep or rest, therefore it is advisable to approach the choice of material with full responsibility.


The skeleton is made of materials of different cost. The budget price means using chipboard with laminate for different types of wood. Much more expensive bed-couch made of solid wood. This is usually pine or beech. Products from the array from the standpoint of environmental safety are preferable, since they practically do not emit substances hazardous to health. Furniture, for example, made of pine, is well resistant to mold, mildew, it is durable and lasts a long time.

In order for the couch to cope with significant loads, its frame and frame are made of high-quality wood, and the thickness of the wood requires at least half a meter.





Intensive use of the bed-ottoman makes a durable cover required. It is better to take upholstery fabric with a volume ornament: it is not so strongly deformed. The pattern is chosen at will or may be absent altogether, but in any design material is required reliable.

In the process of upholstering an ottoman, the fabric is noticeably tensioned, so you need to scrupulously evaluate the quality: the stitch is flat, with stitches of the same length, no signs of needles are observed on the surface.