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Small hallways: how to combine comfort and functionality (27 photos)


Small hallways are commonplace in almost every apartment. When planning a dwelling, living rooms get the maximum area, the entrance hall gets very few square meters, and in houses of typical "Khrushchev" planning it is completely modest. However, it would be desirable to furnish her as comfortably and stylishly as the entire apartment, because the entrance hall is the first room that guests get into, it gives an impression of the taste and character of the owners.



A competently furnished entrance hall is also a guarantee of a successful day, it is in it that all those things should be in order, without which we will not leave the house. How to choose furniture for a small hallway so that neither comfort nor functionality are affected? Listen to the advice of experienced designers.

First, you should carefully examine the corridor: determine the height of the ceilings, the location and size of the windows, the shape of the room - narrow or almost square. It is necessary to select furniture taking into account all these parameters:

  • A small corridor is desirable not to overload a large amount of furniture. It is better to adhere to minimalism and leave the most necessary pieces of furniture: a wardrobe and a shoe holder.
  • Ideally, if the wardrobe is with clothes hangers, shelves for hats and drawers for small accessories - keys, gloves.
  • If there is a niche in the corridor, it is advisable to put a closet into it. The niche should be pre-measured. If you could not pick up furniture in the size of a niche, it can be made to order.
  • When making the ceiling, walls and floors, it is desirable to use light shades. The color of the furniture should also be in harmony with the walls and floor.
  • Mandatory detail of the interior hallway is a mirror. In the small hallway, a mirror can be built into the cabinet door or into the wall. Thin aluminum baguette for framing fit more massive of wood. Hanging a mirror is better on the side of the light source.
  • If the room is narrow, it is advisable not to use strongly protruding fittings, so as not to hurt her while moving.
  • The doors leading to the rooms, to save space, it is better to make sliding.
  • If small children or elderly people live in an apartment, a small stool is sure to come in handy.
  • For a small hallway is ideal multifunctional furniture. For example, a pedestal with a flip top can serve as a shelf and a place to sit, and a wall sconce to have a coat hook.
  • Small pieces of furniture can be equipped with wheels for easy movement. This will also facilitate cleaning.
  • In a very small and narrow corridor, more resembling a vestibule, you can leave only shelves for shoes, and store things in another place.

So that the room decorated in this way does not look too utilitarian, the walls can be decorated with paintings depicting landscapes - they will add some air to the hallway and visually enlarge it.




Sliding wardrobe in a small hall

The sliding wardrobe for a small-sized hall is a successful design find. Hallways, equipped with such a closet, place all the necessary things and save space at the same time. Sliding or pivoting doors are especially convenient. This cabinet is better to install in a niche, in its absence - along any wall. It is better to make doors mirror - this reception will visually enlarge the room and fill with light. Fully enclosed wardrobe fits perfectly into the concept of minimalism. Materials for it is better to choose natural light colors - beige, cream, gray or lilac.

The wardrobes in the form of a trapezoid look good and comfortable - they occupy the whole corner with a wide end, and the narrow ends up near the entrance door without interfering with the easy access. The front side of the cabinet in this case can be straight, gently curved or broken. The last option is a corner cabinet - another ergonomic solution for a small hallway.



The corner hall for a small corridor successfully solves the problem of organizing things. It compactly and comfortably accommodates all those wardrobe items, without which it is impossible to go outside:

  • the upper part is intended for storing hats and scarves;
  • the average place hangers with clothes;
  • there is a place in the boxes with all the necessary small things: keys, gloves, hairbrushes, brushes for clothes;
  • the bottom will be neatly placed shoes.

Buying a corner hallway in the hallway will help to unload it from the purchase of many other pieces of furniture: cabinets, hangers, shoes, and solve the problem of decorating the room in the tradition of minimalism. Instead, you can decorate the corridor with a picture, a statuette or a vase. These accessories can be chosen to match the overall color of the hallway, and contrasting colors. For example, in the hallway, decorated in light gray tones, pick up decorations of a contrasting saturated color - purple, emerald, marsala. If the light is not enough, you should choose light shades - lilac, beige, pastel yellow or orange.




Based on the dimensions of the room, the corner hallway can be chosen completely closed or partially open. Each option has its advantages. The open door has a minimum of closing doors, especially in its middle part. Such a hallway fits perfectly into a narrow corridor, creating additional volume in it. Aesthetics in such a room will not suffer, if properly arrange all things. Competently chosen in size hallway will smooth corners and give the room a sense of freedom.

Hallways gated will look better in wide corridors. This type is convenient because all things are closed and not gathering dust. For a more harmonious look in this hallway, it is desirable to leave several shelves open. They can store the most necessary stuff.



The modular hallway consists of several pieces of furniture that fit together. They can be rearranged, achieving the most advantageous result: when all things are removed and there is enough free space. When choosing such furniture, you can independently choose which modules will be needed, and which ones should be discarded. The choice of a modular hallway is not only an economical decision, but also aesthetically true, since all the elements chosen by the customer will maintain a single style and be in harmony with each other. Modular hallways include all the necessary pieces of furniture: cabinets, cabinets, shelves, mirrors. Sometimes even lamps made in the same style.



The problem of proper lighting of a small corridor should be given special attention, because a dark room will always seem closer and cluttered. Moreover, in the dark it will be easy to stumble and fall. This problem can be solved by installing additional spot lighting. To do this, cabinets are equipped with eaves, on the edges of which are mounted spotlights. Usually used LED - they are quite bright and economical. Point light is better to have in the most necessary places - in front of the mirror and near the exit.




A small hallway is not a problem, but a wide field of activity for various experiments. You can achieve the most interesting results by playing with the tricks that are described here or find your own solutions. The hallway will have a unique interior, if you decorate it with your own crafts - paintings, panels, note boards, homemade boxes for small items, children's drawings, carved mirrors. Hand-knotted rugs will look stylish and original on the floor. On the wall next to the exit, you can hang a homemade panel with pockets for all sorts of small things: shoe spoons, brushes, tools for shoes. Door cabinets can be painted in a modern and fashionable decoupage technique. All self-made elements should be in harmony with the interior, complementing and completing it.




When you make a small hallway, it is important to observe the most important rule: for everyone who comes she must give a feeling of comfort and family warmth. This is the place where people return with pleasure after a hard day's work, where relatives and friends meet.