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Stretch ceilings with photo printing: affordable, beautiful, modern (24 photos)


The ceiling is the most important component of the interior. With the help of its stylish original design, you can give the effect of completeness to the design of any room:

  • living room;
  • bedroom;
  • hallway;
  • the kitchen;
  • the nursery;
  • bathroom.

With the help of stretch or suspended ceilings with photo printing, the implementation of many interesting creative ideas is available, so their use is becoming increasingly popular in the design of modern interiors.



Photo printing on the ceiling allows you to create the most suitable home atmosphere for the owners with the help of a unique decoration. Stretch ceilings photo printing added to their practicality additional aesthetic qualities.

The procedure for creating ceilings with images involves several steps. First, a high-quality drawing or photo is applied, as a rule, onto a seamless fabric or PVC canvas. After that, the mounting of such tension cloths according to the technology used for ordinary stretch ceilings is mounted on baguettes attached either to the base ceiling or to the walls.

A suspended ceiling with a photo print, as well as a suspended ceiling with images, can not only revive the interior, make the room more comfortable, but also visually (in some cases) increase the space. This effect can be achieved thanks to a specially selected pattern, for example, in the form:

  • fantasy patterns and ornaments;
  • birds in the sky;
  • all kinds of abstractions.



Printing methods

The transfer of the image, including from a photograph provided by the customer, to the canvas of the stretch ceiling can be carried out in three ways described below.

Solvent printing

It involves the use of special solvent inks that are applied to the fabric. Film sheets are not suitable. The paint has a partial transparency, with the result that through the pattern you can see the texture of the base, which makes the image even more spectacular and beautiful.

Ink has a slight toxicity, so made with their help stretch ceilings with photo printing for the nursery are not suitable, as well as for the bedrooms. Such stretch ceilings with photo printing for the kitchen is also not a very suitable option. The width of the image placed on the canvas may exceed three meters.



Latex printing

Efficient, but at the same time, the most expensive way, since it requires the presence of special large-format printers, the cost of which is very high. But in this case there are practically no limitations in the size of the applied image. The picture, thanks to the use of very viscous latex inks, is smooth and sharp. The texture of the cloth is not visible. This printing method can be used with panels of any material. It is often used when stretch ceilings with photo printing are needed in the hall, especially when using a fabric base.



Ceiling with photo printing in the bathroom

A bath is a room in which there is a lot of moisture, so the stretch ceiling in this case should be both beautiful and moisture resistant at the same time.

Therefore, only film webs are suitable.

The texture of the cloth can be both matte and glossy, satin. If the bath is small, then it is desirable that the ceiling cover was light, visually increasing the space of the room. In the design of such premises white glossy ceilings with images on the marine theme look especially good.



The undeniable advantage of film ceilings is that they are easy to clean. Neither mold nor fungi appear on the surface of the PVC film, which is often observed in rooms with humid air.

As for which photo printing method is the most suitable for the bathroom, then we can definitely say that this is not a solvent printing, applicable only to the fabric base. However, the other two methods mentioned above may well be used for ceilings in the bathroom.



Two-level stretch ceilings with photo printing

Two-level ceilings with and without photo printing are always very beautiful in the design of any room. They are suitable for the hallway, and for the bedroom, and for the nursery. However, ceiling structures with two or more levels are also very popular because they allow:

  • hide ducts, cables, wires passing through the ceiling;
  • mask any ceiling defects and protruding structures;
  • zoning premises;
  • use photo printing with backlight or LED strips, or spotlights;
  • it is easy to install chandeliers and suspensions (light sources with one or two lamps on a long cord).

Having several levels of stretch ceilings for a hall or for some other room, although they allow you to add originality to the design of any room, they also have some drawbacks.



Firstly, such constructions can be used only in rooms with a considerable margin of height, since at least 10 centimeters of ceiling space is necessary to accommodate ducts. Secondly, although the creation of a two-level ceiling takes a little time, but it is better to entrust the installation of gypsum boards and the design of the entire ceiling structure to professionals. This will avoid material damage and sagging.



Be prudent when choosing a picture for photo printing. For example, Disney heroes on the ceiling in the nursery will look very cute, while your child has not yet gone to school. However, in a few years your son or daughter may not like this story. And if in your living room you have created a ceiling with monograms, patterns and cupids in the clouds, then keep in mind that you now have to look for furniture in the appropriate, baroque style.