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Bright doors in the interior: not serious, but how beautiful (24 photos)


For centuries, the doors performed a single function: to protect housing from strangers. Then they began to ensure the privacy of individual rooms in the house. Today one more has been added to them: to demonstrate the level of well-being and good taste of the owners. Bright doors in the interior of the apartment pressed practical non-mark. They have a lot of good, the main thing is to correctly fit them into the overall design.

Why bright?

If for the entrance design people more often choose solid and non-dark dark variants, then interior ones prefer more lightly.



The most popular are neutral white and gray, as well as the whole gamut of light brown. Neutrals are therefore called that they are universal, suitable for almost any interior, although there are some limitations.

Bright interior doors in the interior have positive and negative qualities.


They are always beautiful and solemn, but besides the aesthetic, there are more practical advantages:

  • The most bulky furniture does not look so against the white door, and the room becomes light, does not seem overloaded.
  • This range is used for the design of all rooms, except for a strict office with dark pieces of furniture. In it the frivolous lordship is out of place.
  • Under the bright door fits any interior. There is no obligation to subtilize over the overall compatibility. You only need to match the color of the door with furniture, walls or floor. Unlike more demanding dark tones, a lighter harmony of shades is acceptable for light ones.
  • The interior with light doors is the only option for small rooms that are visually enlarged.
  • The maximum broadening effect creates a bright gloss on the door leaf. Brilliant coating improves mood, creating a sense of the presence of the sun. Particularly benefit from such decor dark interior hallway.
  • Decorating the walls with materials under the bright doors makes the space infinite.




Bright doors, first of all, entrance doors do not favor practical hostesses - too branded, they require intensive care. However, modern household chemicals easily solve this problem.

Aesthetes and snobs look down upon light colors, especially white. To them, such examples, in comparison with the noble dark constructions, seem rustic, but the uncomplicated surface easily ennoble the corresponding architraves.

The infinite variety of coloristics blurs the frames for the imagination of designers. And yet the most in demand interior with light doors of several colors.


Universal for interior doors. It is neutral, so it is ideally combined with objects, decor, floor and walls of all colors. Suitable for any floor covering.

An option for small premises, which the bright range visually increases. The greatest effect is made by the combination of a white door in the hallway and a light floor.

The snow-white door gives a solid room a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Elegant options with glass inserts: mirror, matte, stained glass.

Not everyone likes dazzling whiteness, but this is not a problem. On the market, it is easy to choose doors in the color of ice cream, ivory or baked milk Visually, they are perceived as white, but subconsciously do not cause concern.



Expensive models are made of solid white oak and white ash. Oak in the interior - the best choice for a classic style, which adds quality. White ash doors are distinguished by their sophistication and durability. Wood with a beautiful bright texture looks decent in the most respectable home or office. She creates an aura of freshness and purity in the room. The white door with the same windows and plinths looks especially good.




The main advantage of the light gray scale is universality. Bluish shades bring chill, emphasizing the severity of the interior. Gray-beige model warms the room.

The light floor with the same tone and light doors in the interior make fragments of bright colors more expressive.

There are several limitations for gray doors:

  • they will visually reduce the space, so they are not intended for small rooms;
  • against the same background they look gloomy or even smeared;
  • a simple door can “compromise” the interior of a classic style;
  • Combination with brown or black causes negative emotions.



To gray doors in the interior look elegant, it is worth considering the recommendations of experts:

  • a duet of gray and yellow makes the room sunny and bouncy;
  • light gray door exquisitely set off by white furniture;
  • a combination of violet and pink under bright doors is appropriate in the bedroom or bathroom;
  • The gray door visually enlarges the space of calm tones; this is a chic option for a bedroom or living room with an elite decor.

Gray doors in the interior are also in perfect harmony with blue or blue colors. Such a union creates an aroma of sophistication and elegance. Used for the door in the hallway, in the bedroom, the room of a teenage girl, and sometimes the living room.



Shades of brown

Wood light brown tones casts thoughts about nature, creates comfort. The color gamut of this segment is classified as follows:

  • light brown;
  • beige;
  • yellow and gold.

This is a good choice for both internal and external doors.

Light brown

This color has the wood of beech, cherry, birch, larch and other wood species. Brown doors are equally organic in classic, traditional or contemporary interiors. They balance the bright decor, ennobling his rustic simplicity.




The most neutral and imperceptible of the entire group. Suitable for any design, but if the furniture is very dark, you should think before choosing such a solution. If you want to have a beige door, and there is nothing like this in the interior, you can add it with plinths or platbands in color.

The cool beige shades are flawless in combination with light gray or white, especially if the doors in the hallway are solid or veneered.

The whole range of green interior will play in a new way in the vicinity of a beige door. Bright grassy tones in the room will balance the warm beige, up to the golden. Muffled greens harmonize the grayish coolness of bleached oak or similar wood.




Option for poorly lit rooms or regions with chronic sun deficiency. It is necessary to install a model of golden oak in the interior, and life seems not so gloomy.

Combination with interior elements

Light doors decorate the interior, if they fit harmoniously into it.

  • Popular composition similar in tone decor. So, the harmony setting is created by a light floor and light doors in the interior. Material they may be different, for example, wood texture.
  • If the walls and doors are bright, they are made in the same tone, but in different shades. In this way, the details form a coherent whole.
  • The floor and the doors of warm shades are well combined: tea rose, pale yellow, woody brown.
  • A bold decision - the door of several shades. In this case, one color is chosen for it, and the platbands or other inserts are darker in tone.

Carefully use different light shades indoors: excessive variegation clears everything. Each room is decorated in one color.



Room style

The light entrance or internal door is suitable for the interior, made in any style, it will bring warmth and comfort to the house.

  • Country A model of artfully aged wood with dark reflections is appropriate.
  • Classical. The door with unusual panels, engraved glass makes the interior chic.
  • Minimalism, Scandinavian. Light floor and light doors in the interior, better white.
  • Provence. Suitable pastel colors for the background with a pattern of meadow herbs and flowers. The combination of cold blue and warm beige creates a cool, cozy atmosphere, but the decor is not redundant. Doors in the hallway can be artificially aged.
  • Eco. Beige versions of the entrance door are in harmony with the style attributes: green background, stone walls, the same or plank floor.

If the apartment is designed to repair and buy a new door, you should choose a light one. It is very beautiful and stylish, though troublesome. With her, the living room, nursery or kitchen becomes elegant, and the bedroom is romantic. To live in such a room is very nice.