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Room on the door of the apartment - a small but important detail (27 photos)


The first thing that people see when they visit is the front door. If the appearance of the door system is inappropriate, the initial impression will be unpleasant. It seems that the ticket is almost imperceptible detail. However, you must admit that if it is old or sloppy, it will ruin the look of even an expensive door, so in pursuit of creating a cozy interior, you should not forget about such trifles. As is known, the general picture consists of trifles.



Now in the shops you can find a lot of number plates for every taste and wallet. When choosing, you should focus on the material from which the door is made, its color and design, as well as the appearance of the hardware. Let's talk about the most popular types of rooms.

This option is suitable for owners of solid, expensive, classic doors, on which unpretentious models of plastic or aluminum rooms will look alien. Beautiful products made of brass emphasize the high status of tenants. A noble dull shine will add sophistication and elegance. Make sure that the rest of the accessories were of high quality.

Brass rooms on apartment doors are often exclusive. For their placement on the door leaf, special grooves are made, which coincide in shape and size. Then they put the finished checks. You can choose your favorite font, unique brass numerals will be made according to its model. Among other things, this alloy of metals is very durable, which guarantees longevity of the product.




Stainless Steel Numbers

Unlike the previous one, this option is not suitable for classic door models. If the brass numbers gave a certain shade of antiquity, then the numbers from stainless steel - the choice for high-tech, modern doors. Especially appropriate and harmonious they look on the metal doors. Best of all, if the numbers are rough square shape to achieve the effect of reliability.



Production and installation of these models is the same as in brass products. The numbers on the stainless steel door are usually also ordered in the manufacture of the door. However, you can independently buy and attach steel numbers. The main advantage of this product is the preservation of the original look for many years.



Plastic door plates

Non-plastic door - the cheapest of the options presented, and therefore very popular. They are made using laser engraving and mechanical milling. The advantage is that with the help of plastic models you can select even the most boring entrance doors, using a variety of fonts and color combinations. However, these checks have one serious drawback: due to poor heat resistance, they are absolutely not suitable for the street.




Wooden rooms at the entrance door

Wooden figures - ideal for wooden doors. It is only important that they differ in color. In order for the number not to be lost against the background of the same shade, the colors should contrast with each other.

These checks are made from solid plates using laser engraving and cutting. So products of a beautiful natural tone turn out. Sometimes images are painted on the finished figures.




How to attach a ticket to the door

Once you have decided on the choice of the number, it must be fixed to the front door. However, before proceeding directly to screwing or sticking numbers, it is necessary to determine the optimal place to place the number plate. You need to focus on the fact that the people who came to visit did not have to search for the cherished numbers on the door leaf for a long time.

Armed with a ruler, measure the distance from the door lock to the top edge of the door. In the middle make a mark with a pencil. At this level it is recommended to place the apartment number. Of course, you do not have to strictly follow this rule. If visibility does not suffer from this, you can attach a number in any other place.

Decide which mounting method is appropriate in your case. Some identification plates are fastened with screws, others are glued. Well, if the method that you choose, has already been used previously for fixing the door handle. Also consider the fact that metal, wooden or brass rooms are quite heavy, so it is better to attach them with screws. While the figures of lightweight plastic will not fall away under its own weight, if they stick.






Bonded Numbers

Self-adhesive numbers fit doors of any material. Attaching them is very simple:

  1. It must be ensured that the surface intended for the identification plate is perfectly clean. If this is not the case, wash and dry the area to dryness.
  2. Carefully remove the paper that covers the sticky part of the number.
  3. Find the pencil mark made earlier on the door and press the number to it.

In the process of sticking you need to act carefully. As if the number on the door will be attached crookedly, it will not be possible to re-use it, and the surface will have to be cleaned of adhesive residue.

For each door you can choose the numbers that will be ideally suited for color and style. To do this, you only need to allocate a little time in order to find the right option in the variety available.