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Bathroom doors: constructive variations (27 photos)


Choosing the door to the bathroom, you must take into account not only your preferences in the interior, but also the operating conditions. High humidity and high temperature can cause serious damage to a product made from materials not designed to work in such conditions. Traditionally, doors are chosen at once for the whole apartment or house, for this reason it is worth starting with a bathroom and toilet. It may well turn out that for elegant doors with wenge glass for the living room there will not be a pair of similar doors made of waterproof materials. However, the task of how to choose the door to the bathroom and toilet is not difficult, manufacturers produce a wide range of products that meet the most stringent requirements.



Types of bathroom doors

Moisture resistant doors for the bathroom can be created from natural and artificial materials. Of course, traditional wooden models are far from the best option. Wood jars from high humidity and temperature extremes, it cracks, geometry changes and urgent repairs are required. The exception may be the door to the bathroom of yew or larch. This wood is not afraid of high humidity, but yew is expensive, and larch has a lot of weight. Not surprisingly, property owners prefer the classic interior doors for the bathroom, created from modern moisture-resistant materials.



Bathroom doors of laminate and laminate

Owners of standard apartments prefer to put inexpensive doors to the bathroom and bathroom. Indeed, in the "Khrushchev" will look strange door from an array of wenge or merbau. For budget repair, the most competent choice would be a laminated door, which can be chosen for any design and color. The coating of such products may be of laminate or laminate. These materials are created from decorated paper, soaked in varnish. The difference lies in the fact that a conventional laminate has a thickness of only 0.2 mm and only one protective layer. Putting a door with a coating of this type is recommended in rooms with a humidity of not more than 60%. Another disadvantage is the lack of resistance of the laminate to mechanical stress. During operation, scuffs appear on the thresholds, which will be difficult to disguise.

Laminatin has a higher strength characteristics, as it consists of several layers of paper and has better protection. Such doors are suitable not only for the bathroom, but also for the bathroom in the “Khrushchev” or “Brezhnevka”. Their cost is slightly higher than models with a laminate coating, but the service life is much longer.



Doors made from natural and artificial veneer

Natural veneered bathroom doors are recommended to be installed if the wood used is waterproof. These products look noble, respectable, but practicality should outweigh these material advantages. Modern doors of ekoshpona have no less attractive design, most often they mimic the texture and texture of natural wood. At the same time, they are completely waterproof, differ in long service life and perfectly resist mechanical stress.



They produce artificial veneer of polyvinyl chloride, plastic is not afraid of water, and modern technologies allow to reproduce wood texture in detail. For this reason, PVC doors for the bathroom are the best option, especially since the buyer is not limited in choice. You can buy a waterproof door under wenge, bleached oak, dark walnut or other popular type of wood. Visually, PVC coating is no different from natural wood, which is why it was called artificial veneer.



Manufacturers produce plastic doors to the bathroom with additional finishing inserts of frosted, satin, tinted glass. You can purchase models with mirrors, stained glass and glazed models, with silk-screen printing and decorative embossing. Doors in different styles are produced, not only classical, baroque, but also hi-tech or modern fans will find a decent model.



Glass doors

Glass bathroom doors made of thick tempered glass are becoming increasingly popular. They have a box of pine or aluminum, are available with tinted and frosted glass. In the range there are models with a mirror surface, which are able to ensure the maximum level of privacy. Decorated with photo printing glass door to the bathroom can be an interior decoration in any style. The range is so wide that it is easy to select a model for exclusive projects. Doors are practical, characterized by high strength and unpretentiousness, have a long service life. A seal is installed along the perimeter of the web, ensuring the tightness required for the bath.




Design features of the bathroom doors

Interior plastic doors for bathroom and toilet have a number of important differences. Their height is similar to models designed for living rooms, but the width is traditionally smaller. This is caused not only by the traditionally small size of the premises, but also by practicality. Another important nuance: a door with a threshold is necessarily installed in the bathroom, which will allow to eliminate drafts and condensation.

Sliding doors to the bathroom and toilet, hidden doors, swing and folding models are produced. Which door is better to prefer? The classical swing door provides a maximum level of tightness. Hidden doors are an original solution, but their structural elements may not be ready to withstand high humidity. A more practical sliding door to the bathroom will be convenient in a narrow corridor, it will not interfere with the passage, will allow to decorate the space in front of the bathroom with a floor vase or other decorative element.




How to choose a bathroom door?

What door, from what material to choose a bathroom? The traditional solution used to be white models for painting, now the choice is much larger and many fans of contrasting styles prefer wenge to beige wallpaper rather than bleached oak. Dark canvas will effectively stand out on a similar background, but, nevertheless, shade is a matter of taste. The best choice is a plastic door to the bathroom, such models are suitable for a city apartment, and for a respectable mansion. Doors from glass will become a good choice, but their cost is much higher. With budget repairs, it is better to install models with laminate coating, it is more practical than laminate, and the service life of such doors will be 2-3 times longer.




When choosing doors it is worth considering that the bathroom and toilet are small. Dimensions of products intended for these premises are smaller than at the door to the bedroom or living room. Manufacturers take this into account and if they produce a collection of wenge or cherry, they will definitely offer several door sizes. Also, when buying a door leaf, you should not forget about additional elements: a box, a casing, accessories. Particular attention should be paid to canopies and handles: they should be with a protective coating that will prolong the life in high humidity conditions. The door handles in the bathroom must be equipped with a latch or lock, because it is a private room.