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Chandelier in the hallway: features of choice (27 photos)


The most visited room in the whole house is the entrance hall. It is in it that they meet and accompany family members, guests and other visitors, as well as disposing things. Since, as a hallway, there is a first impression of the whole dwelling, its arrangement should be approached with the utmost seriousness.



Over time, the layout of the corridor ceases to be liked, and the thought appears to remake it. In order not to start complicated and global repairs using new built-in furniture, you can try to fix everything by installing wall and ceiling lighting. Since there is a huge variety of chandeliers, it is important to choose the model that will best meet the requirements.

If the corridor by its square and location does not suit the owners, it is not necessary to immediately do repairs with wall beating, you can try to improve the condition with the help of a chandelier for the hallway and the corridor. Properly chosen lighting device can visually expand the room, increase the height of the ceilings or make it more comfortable.



If you place unsuitable lamps in the hallway, you can achieve the opposite effect. Part of the usable area will decrease, and the hallway itself will become uncomfortable and uncomfortable. For this reason, it is important to build in lighting devices, the choice of which depends on the size and style of the room.

Even the widest and tallest hallway needs sufficient lighting. No need to buy any ceiling light you like. At best, it will not look as beautiful in the interior as expected. Choosing a particular model, it is better to build on the size of the room.



In order to not regret their choice in the future, they build in lighting devices, taking into account such rules:

  • For a small room, a small pendant chandelier or sconces for an entrance hall is required;
  • In the case of a narrow corridor, a lamp whose width is 1/3 of the width of the room will help to correct the situation;
  • For long corridors, a rectangular shape of a chandelier is more suitable;
  • Square or round models are an excellent option for hallways located in the shape of a square. The choice of a particular product also depends on the style of finishing;
  • For a large room is better suited massive ceiling chandelier in the hallway with multiple lamps. A great option would be lighting fixtures that emit directing light;
  • If the ceiling height is less than 3 meters, it is not necessary to install low recessed lamps. It is better to give preference to compact models with a short suspension;
  • If high ceilings, it is better to install a classic pendant lamp in the hallway.

Given these rules for the selection of lighting devices, you can correctly adjust the space and hide the flaws of the layout.

If you choose a specific hanging model of the chandelier for the corridor, then you need to pay attention not only to the size, but also to the style of this room. To emphasize the modern interior are more suitable geometric forms of the product, and for the classics - unusual or exclusive forms.

You can complement any style with the help of fusion chandeliers, since they are considered universal and suitable for hallways in a classic style.

Some hallway decoration styles need addition. For example, with an ultramodern design, you should not install a universal version of the lighting device. Sometimes when mixing styles, you can achieve a delightful result, only it is better to listen to the opinion of a design specialist.



In order not to make mistakes, it is recommended to pay attention to such tips:

  • The entrance hall is the first housing unit that greets visitors coming from the street, so you can experiment with street motifs by installing chandeliers on the ceiling that resemble a lantern;
  • If there is a tree or a bamboo in the decoration of the hallway, then it is better to choose a chandelier with wooden or elements imitating this material;
  • In order to emphasize the high-tech style, a suspended chandelier with a nickel-plated frame is installed.

When deciding on the choice of the optimal product model, it is important to pay attention to its color and design.



The suspended translucent or completely transparent model of the chandelier, in which there will be only a light tone, will help to highlight the overall color range of suspended ceilings. As a complement to the modernist style in the hallway, it is better to use a bright model that will be the center of the corridor. In this case, appropriate design decisions.



Which light source to choose?

Deciding to install a new chandelier on the wall in the hallway, you do not need to be limited only by the style decision and size, since the main purpose of this product is lighting.



If the product model is already selected, then it is necessary to determine the light bulb. There are several options that have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Conventional incandescent bulbs are considered traditional; they shine softly and warmly. On the other hand, this product is considered uneconomical;
  • Energy-saving lamps provide an opportunity to save energy, but when they are burned, special recycling is needed;
  • Chandeliers with LED lamps are very popular because they are economical and easy to use. Despite this, many may not be satisfied with the spectrum of the glow;
  • Halogen lamps do not tire the eyes. Chandeliers with a similar light source look very original.

We choose one or another version of fixtures taking into account personal needs. If savings come first, then it is better to give preference to energy-saving lamps. Also a good option is the LED ceiling.




What experts advise?

In almost all cases, there are no windows in the hallways, so it is important to create a bright environment in such rooms using lighting fixtures. Also, to solve this problem, you can install glass interior doors, through which the rays of light will fall into the corridor. To alleviate the situation is possible with the help of a mirror in the hallway.



You can pay attention to such lighting options:

  • Lamps for the hallway and the corridor with a motion sensor are very practical and economical. You do not need to look for a switch in the dark; it is enough to appear in the field of view of this device. To date, modern automation is not so expensive, so many prefer it to her;
  • If there is a need to highlight the individual elements of the interior, then you can use LED strip. She often decorates the perimeter of the ceiling or floor to eliminate the fear of confined space. It is also used for the mirror;
  • If the finish of the long corridor is not appealing, you can decorate it with paintings or handicrafts with spotlights;
  • It is better to light all niches, ledges and decorative elements, but this illumination should not be the main decoration. LED strips or spotlights are best to install on top.

An important role in creating style and comfort in the hallway performs lighting. With the right choice of original lighting fixtures, the entrance hall will be not just a small and dark room, but a bright and comfortable room for meeting and seeing guests off.