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Laminated doors in the interior: a new texture (24 photos)


Low-cost interior laminated doors are in high demand due to affordable price and attractive appearance. The low cost of products is due to the use of recycled materials, the minimum number of elements from solid wood. Entrance metal doors laminated with PVC films are also not very expensive due to simple production technology. What are the pros and cons of laminated doors used in budget construction? To understand this issue will help the study of product design.



The design of laminated doors

Cost minimization is one of the reasons for the appearance of laminated interior doors. At the heart of their design is a skeleton from an array of coniferous woods or glued laminated timber, created from lamellae. The voids in it are occupied by corrugated board or other inexpensive filler, which plays the role of sound insulation. Deaf doors are completely covered with MDF with a small thickness on both sides, which is covered with laminated film. It gives the product the necessary decorative qualities, it can have the color of bleached oak or exotic wenge.



There are the following main types of laminating material:

  • film based on single-layer paper - the thickness of this coating is only 0.2 mm, it is not able to withstand mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation and high humidity. The process of applying a decorative layer of this type on MDF is called laminating. Some manufacturers of doors allocate such products in a separate class;
  • melamine resin impregnated multi-layer paper — such a coating can withstand scratches, solar ultraviolet radiation and small humidity drops, but these doors to the bathroom and toilet are not recommended;
  • polyvinyl chloride film - a decorative coating of PVC, 0.2-0.5 mm thick, which is not afraid of changes in air humidity, solar ultraviolet, household chemicals is used. It is easy to care for such a surface, and film makers have learned to imitate the surface design of natural wood well. Choosing doors for a toilet, it is better to stop the choice on products with this covering;
  • Laminatin is a polymer film with a thickness of 0.4-0.8 mm, characterized by high strength and resistance to the effects of household chemicals. It is a water resistant coating whose characteristics make it ideal for bathroom doors. Laminatin colors can be any - from bleached oak to merbau or black ash.

Manufacturers often combine used decorative coatings, covering the edges of interior doors more durable films than the main canvas.

The main advantages of laminated doors:

  • affordable price;
  • the minimum weight simplifying installation and repair;
  • moisture resistance of most types of coating;
  • unpretentious and easy care;
  • variety of assortment;
  • the ability of the coating to resist mechanical damage.

Practical characteristics largely depend on the type of film, manufacturers increasingly deviate from the use of melamine paper and use PVC and laminate in the technological process. This helps to improve the properties of interior doors and is the main reason for the large number of advantages in products of this class.



The main disadvantages of laminated doors are rooted in manufacturing technology:

  • film swelling at the joints;
  • small mechanical strength of the door leaf;
  • low environmental friendliness;
  • unsuitable for repair.

If wooden doors are damaged, you can always replace one of the elements; if laminated doors fail, you can only repair carports, and the canvas will require complete replacement.



Aesthetic variety of laminated doors

Designers often say that PVC laminated doors are not very diverse. This statement can be called controversial: indeed, the complex shape of the door leaf cannot be made from an inexpensive MDF sheet. This white oak doors can be carved, smooth laminated doors differ only in the shape of the inserted glass, decorative elements and color. This makes products relevant to the interior in a classic style or in the style of minimalism. The specificity of the magnificent design of the Baroque or Rococo laminated plastic door is weak, however, the popularity of the products does not fall. What is the reason for the attractiveness of products covered with PVC or laminatin films?

Elegant laminated doors for Milan walnut coated with laminate do not differ from doors with natural veneer. The thickness of the polymer allowed manufacturers to imitate in detail not only the design, but also the relief of natural wood. Because of this, laminate flooring is often called artificial veneer, from which moisture-proof doors of various colors are made. Exquisite laminated doors in Italian walnut colors will always occupy a worthy place in the interior of a city apartment, cottage or office. However, their cost will be incomparably lower than the price of products with natural veneer.




Laminated doors in wenge color are in high demand; they give the interior a touch of nobility and respectability. This is largely due to the exact imitation of the texture of an exotic tree. However, not only are doors selling well coated with bleached oak or merbau, but white laminated doors are in steady demand. They are installed in offices, school and medical institutions. White coated manatee models are the best option for doors to the bathroom or bathroom. The description of models of laminated doors may take several pages in the catalogs of major manufacturers, therefore, it is wrong to call these products of the same type.



Entrance laminated doors

Metal models deserved are the best option for the front door. Traditional powder coating options are not suitable for everyone. Lamination metal door - a great design decision. The owner of a house or city apartment can order coverage under bleached oak or merbau, while the strength characteristics of the door will be at the highest level. Only oak doors can compete with them, but their cost many times exceeds the price of traditional metal models.




Installation of laminated doors is carried out as well as other metal entrance doors. The product does not impose any additional requirements, because the coating is durable, practical and is not afraid of moisture. It differs from a usual metal door only in a surface under a stained or bleached oak.



When choosing interior laminated doors, priority is given to coating. Preference is given to PVC film and laminate: such products do not fade, do not rub, they have a long service life. Laminated doors are available in a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose models for a specific shade of wallpaper or floor covering. Installation of products does not cause problems due to the low weight and unpretentiousness of the surface. All this makes laminated doors the best solution when carrying out budget repairs in a city apartment, country house or office.