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Making out the ceiling in the country: tips lovers


In the country, many of us spend much less time than in urban apartments, and yet the owners want the country house to be cozy and comfortable. To make it so, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on this - you can use inexpensive building materials for repairs. If you have to finish the ceiling in the country, then you can use not drywall or stretch fabric, but cheaper options.

How to start?

Before deciding what to make the ceiling in a country house, you need to repair and insulate the roof. The roof should not flow in a coma case. Warming the ceiling in the country is better to entrust the team of professional craftsmen. It is impossible to save on heat, sound and waterproofing materials. Thermal insulation is one of the most important stages of preparing the ceiling in a country house. Otherwise, the first rain will ruin your new beautiful ceiling.

When the preparatory work is completed, you can choose exactly what to make the ceiling in the country more profitable and faster. For headlining you can use:

  • clapboard;
  • plywood;
  • panels;
  • drywall;
  • tile from polyfoam.

The prepared ceiling can be whitewashed, covered with colored paint or pasted over with wallpaper. Any of the selected materials will be good for a country house. Here another thing is important - the coating and skin should be safe for health, not emit any harmful substances, and they must also "breathe." If the materials are of poor quality, in summer the country house can turn into a greenhouse, in which it will be impossible to be. If you can not decide how to sheathe the ceiling in the country, study the characteristics of these options and choose the best combination of quality and price.

If you are planning to make a dacha ceiling wallpaper, then it is better to choose rolls on a paper basis, a width of less than a meter. They are easier to glue, they let air through and prevent condensation from accumulating.

For repairs in the country nothing can be better than natural wood and its derivatives, because the main advantage of these materials is environmental friendliness and absolute safety in operation. If you want to save money and make a ceiling in the country with your own hands, use plywood sheets. To make a ceiling of plywood, it is enough to have basic knowledge and have a standard set of construction tools.



You will need to build a frame on the ceiling, and then sew it with plywood. All communications, irregularities and other flaws of the ceiling will hide under it, but at the same time several centimeters of space can "eat up". If the room is small, the ceiling of plywood will not work here. Plywood sheets require additional processing. They can be varnished, but it will not look very presentable. Better to take the paint that fits under the walls and floor. It should not be lighter on several tones. Too dark plywood ceiling will put pressure on your head.

The question of how to trim the ceiling in the country so that it was beautiful and cheap, worries many. In addition to plywood and wall paneling, fiberboard and MDF will be suitable for finishing. In appearance, these materials are not much different, but have a different structure and composition.

Plywood sheets are made from peeled veneer, glued with special glue made from artificial resins, and fibreboard is made from an array consisting of homogeneous fibers glued together. Due to the difference in the technology of manufacturing, the ceiling of DVP is outwardly different from plywood.

MDF is suitable for finishing the ceiling - another type of material made of sawdust. MDF panels are of different types:

  • veneered;
  • laminated;
  • painted

Each type has a very beautiful appearance. From the huge variety presented in stores, you can choose MDF panels under the tree, and you can opt for any color: from red and blue to green and blue. Thanks to this diversity, you can finish the ceiling in the kitchen and in other rooms of the country house. The advantage of the panels is that they do not need to additionally cover something. Just install the frame and attach the MDF.

Designers often advise making a ceiling in MDF from MDF, because this material is inexpensive and does not require additional maintenance. It is enough to simply wipe the ceiling with a wet cloth. MDF is not recommended to finish the unheated room. With sudden changes in temperature and high humidity, the panels can be deformed. If it is too cold in winter, it is better to paint the ceiling or make it out of plywood. In the interior of the room of a simple house on the country estate, the ceiling will definitely not fit, too decorated.

If you are willing to spend money on a good country repair, you can make a ceiling of plasterboard. The framework from aluminum guides on which plates from gypsum cardboard fasten is mounted. Then they are covered with water-based paint. GKL mounted easily, but this design at least ten centimeters lowers the ceiling. Visually, it can be raised using the ceiling baguette. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the width and pattern.