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Cover on the windowsill: a new life of the old base (21 photos)


Almost always under the window there is a window sill. This part of the design performs aesthetic functions and takes over the load. It is not surprising that its initial, presentable appearance is lost over time, but this does not mean that the old window sill needs to be changed. There is a simpler and easier way to fix it.

Gloss also fades

In addition to its intended purpose, the window sill is used by households for many other purposes:

  • as a writing or kitchen table;
  • bench;
  • additional shelf;
  • greenhouse.

White decorative surface attracts children as an object for creativity.



There are frequent cases of close proximity of the window sill with the central heating battery, as a result of which the plastic may deform or even catch fire. He does not tolerate too aggressive household chemistry, turns yellow if the window goes to the sunny side. All this makes a beautiful piece of interior in the cause of pity and irritation.

There are two ways to solve the problem: full replacement and update.

Radical actions, namely the dismantling of the old window sill and the installation of a new one in many situations, are inexpedient. Especially if the old one has lost only the visual appeal, but at the core is still strong. This applies primarily to stone, wood, concrete foundations. Although plastic options are no exception. In these cases, it is enough to update the coverage.

Installing overlays on window sills eliminates many problems at once:

  • the process does not require a lot of time;
  • eliminates hassle with the disposal of garbage left after dismantling;
  • money is saved.

The construction market offers specially designed for this repair pad on the window sill. Samples of different colors and sizes are produced, so it will not make up a new coating to match the wallpaper or any other work.



Sill cover: what is it?

Plastic overlays for window sills are sheets with a profile edge of different standard sizes. In the process of installation, they are cut to the dimensions of a particular window. The installation process involves fixing the pads on top of the old base, without dismantling the structure.

Pads have a sufficient margin of safety and rigidity, therefore they serve as a good protection for the sill base. However, they cannot replace it: they are too thin, therefore they are not used as an independent element, only as a decorative element.

Complements the set end plate on the window sill. It is made of similar material, which helps to hide the flaws of the base.

Decorative repair plate is available in two versions: PVC or fiberboard. It can be used if the sill thickness does not exceed 6 cm.



Advantages of lining

Plastic linings for window sills have a whole list of advantages that make their installation profitable:

  • Versatility. Installation of the lining is possible on any windowsill: old or new; wooden, plastic, stone, brick, concrete.
  • Variety of assortment. You can easily select a pattern that matches the color of your home. It can be monophonic or imitating wood, stone, other materials.
  • Speed ​​and ease of installation. You do not need to remove the old window sill - just glue the cover to it. You can do it yourself.
  • Interchangeability. A lost trade dress or a faded lining can be easily changed to another if desired.
  • Aesthetics. The decorative lining is made of the same material as the window frame, so together they look holistic.
  • Price. The material is inexpensive, the next purchase is not able to undermine the family budget.

Installing overlays on window sills returns an attractive gloss to it, drastically changing the overall appearance of the window as part of the interior for the better.



What to consider when choosing?

The market is full of various offers of domestic and foreign manufacturers. In such an abundance of plastic lining on the window sill, it is no wonder to get confused, so if you plan to update the window sill, you need to choose a pad consciously. Several main criteria are taken into account.


Plastic overlays for window sills are issued in various scale, including monophonic or motley registration. Popular imitation of natural materials:

  • wood;
  • marble;
  • stone

The choice of any type of plastic lining on the window sill, except white, requires some effort, because you need to analyze the compatibility with the interior. Not everyone is ready for this, so the lining of neutral white is the most common and in demand. They coincide in this with a plastic frame and do not affect the overall color design of the room.




The standard repair plate on the sill is three meters long and one and a half wide. However, it is possible to purchase a product with other parameters that are closer to the necessary ones, therefore, before placing an order in the web or in a store, it is necessary to measure your window sill as accurately as possible. It is desirable to add a couple of centimeters to the values ​​obtained for the allowance required for the correction during installation.

The length is measured over the entire surface of the sill, plus the areas that capture the wall. Together with the main one, an end faceplate on the window sill is immediately acquired, with which both sides are decorated. Its dimensions are also carefully measured and taken into account when buying.

Installation of overlays on window sills can be done personally, without recourse to a specialist, since special construction skills are not needed. The tool is also the usual, available in stock for each "handy" owner:

  • roulette;
  • saw with fine teeth;
  • jigsaw;
  • construction adhesive;
  • putty or its equivalent;
  • silicone.

You may need special formulations to bring the old sill surface into proper view (degreasing, wiping).



Mounting step by step

Installing the repair pad on the window sill is simple, without surprises, but, as in any business, care and accuracy are required.

Foundation preparation

Provides for processing the existing sill. From whatever material it is made, it is thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Otherwise, the surface risk not stick.

After that, the plastic base is considered finished. On a concrete window-sill, small defects should be made up with plaster putty. The old window sill made of wood is cleaned from the layer of paint, and the cracks, other indentations are covered with wood putty. When it dries, it is ground with fine-grained sandpaper. Further, the basis of any window sill is treated with an antiseptic.



Latch fixing

Fixing the plastic lining on the sill is made on a basic basis and is performed as follows:

  1. the lining is thoroughly cleaned from the inside of the dust and debris;
  2. On the basis, that is the window sill, assembly glue is generously applied: with a solid line along the perimeter and arbitrarily along the rest of the surface;
  3. the decorative overlay is pressed against the window sill, after which heavy objects (books, dishes with water) are put on it, it is advisable to place them thicker so that the surfaces stick together evenly and securely; be sure to install the load in the corners;
  4. after the glue dries, the load is removed.

To the protective film lining does not interfere at the final stage of installation, it is lifted from the edges along the entire perimeter.