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Interesting crafts on February 23: original ideas for beginners (54 photos)


Crafts for February 23 traditionally reflect military themes and are designed to please our dear men - relatives and friends, friends and colleagues - defenders of the Fatherland. It is simple to make original gizmos with your own hands from scrap materials, you just have to show creative potential.






Crafts for Defender of the Fatherland Day

If we consider the classic versions of handicrafts for February 23, relevant solutions such as:

  • greeting cards with thematic design, made of cardboard with the application of colored paper;
  • paper figures according to origami technique;
  • crafts from plasticine to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

Interesting solutions from scrap materials are very popular. For example, you can create a panel on the military-patriotic theme of buttons, make crafts from a napkin on February 23, or arrange a beautiful box for a gift from cardboard packaging.

If you do not attract simple versions of self-made gifts for the men's holiday, adopt the "solid" types of creativity:

  • Woodburning;
  • decoupage;
  • papier mache;
  • polymer clay products;
  • crafts from salt dough.

Another way of making original products as a symbolic gift to gentlemen on February 23 is quilling, which means creating a pretty composition using rolled strips of paper.





Those who are in search of trendy options for making crafts-presents for Defender of the Fatherland Day will like such solutions as:

  • creation of various figures from socks;
  • crafts from sweets on February 23;
  • compositions of fruit and sweets.

Gentlemen will be delighted with your attention and will appreciate even the simplest version of crafts on February 23, and tasty presents will not leave indifferent any of the representatives of the brutal part of society.




How to make crafts on February 23 of paper

If you plan to make a handicraft for father's holiday together with young children, choose simple ways to make paper products. Using the technique of origami, it is easy to fold from a sheet of paper funny people, amusing figures of little animals or even a space rocket. With the help of applications and colored markers you can paint the details.

Interested in voluminous paper crafts for February 23? Cut out the mug blank from the cardboard and teach the children to fold the product along the marked lines and connect the ends with the PVA glue. Next, ask the kids to draw a mug using colored paper. Here the application in the form of a tank, aircraft, car is relevant. If dad is related to rail transport, in the decor, use the image of a locomotive or a train with several carriages.

Children are particularly interested in crafts papa on February 23 in the form of volumetric figures of vehicles. You can make a small model of the tractor from corrugated cardboard and colored paper. Attach a cart with a funny bear figure with a keg of honey to it. By the same method, it is not difficult to make a three-dimensional craft in the form of a cardboard train, a ship or a submarine.

Among the ideas of paper crafts to the Defender of the Fatherland Day are also in demand:

  • panel of disposable plates with thematic application;
  • shirt with a tie made of colored paper;
  • Homemade booklet with colorful images and cheerful greetings.

Perhaps the most popular version of the pope's handicraft for February 23 is colored paper soldiers. Children will be happy to fold the figures under the strict guidance of adults, who should carefully monitor the correct implementation of all phases of work.







On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, various figures are made of plasticine, including soldiers in smart uniforms, airplanes, and guns, but tanks take the first place in popularity.

Craft tank from plasticine grandfather to February 23

Tank can be done in different ways:

  1. Arrange the hull of the tank in the form of a rectangle, slightly rounded corner projections. On each side, build tracks from flat circles and a long strip. From above make a tower with a gun. Decorate the craft with a red star.
  2. Take a matchbox, decorate the surface with colored paper - this is the tank body. To it on each side stick mugs-wheels of plasticine, and from above plant a round tower with a cannon from a match.
  3. Mold the tank body of plasticine, make the wheels of nuts or screws, use a dowel of a suitable size to design the gun.

It is also easy to make plasticine airplanes, helicopters, cars.




Postcard in the style of plasticine by February 23

To create a masterpiece in the style of plasticine, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • a sheet of white cardboard A4;
  • greeting text printed on office paper;
  • plasticine, sparkles, cocktail tubules;
  • stationery and decorative scissors, pencil, ruler, PVA glue.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Bend the cardboard sheet in half, trim the perimeter with decorative scissors.
  2. Draw a sketch of the tricolor in the form of three wavy lines and a holiday date - 23 - under it. Between the two images must leave space for a spectacular salute.
  3. Put a white-blue-red strip of the Russian flag out of a thick layer of plasticine, make a date with blue plasticine.
  4. Cut the tubes of the same color with scissors into small segments and stick the blanks into plasticine strips.
  5. Decorate the salute with sparkles with glue.

Text with congratulations, you can simply attach, or stick inside the card-souvenir. Such an original hack on February 23 will certainly please your beloved fathers and grandfathers.

If you do not know how to make crafts on February 23 with your own hands from scrap materials, pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. A matchbox tank. It is easy to make a tank using 2 matchboxes (body), a ribbon made of corrugated fabric (tracks), a bottle cap (tower) and a juice tube (gun).
  2. Matchbox machines. You can build a taxi, bus, fire engine or a copy of my father's car.
  3. Tank of sponge for washing dishes with a cannon from the tube.
  4. Support for pens from the designer as a gift to father for the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

It looks interesting racing car from the sleeve of toilet paper with a little pilot from the designer.






Colorful airplane from ice cream sticks

The work is extremely simple, but fascinating, the result is guaranteed to appeal to all without exception.

Required to cook:

  • ice cream sticks - 8 pcs .;
  • cocktail tube - 1 pc .;
  • glue, scissors, gouache with a brush.

Stages of the aircraft:

  • create an aircraft body of 5 sticks of ice cream, connecting them with white glue;
  • we receive the received timber with the butt end, fix one stick perpendicularly on it, slightly moving away from the edge of the body. It is part of the wing of the aircraft;
  • on the edges of this stick, glue the pieces of the tube;
  • in parallel to the stick with the tubes, glue the second one; we have a wing;
  • to complete the tail of the aircraft, you need to take a half of the last stick and fix it on the other end of the body, moving slightly away from the edge;
  • An important detail is the propeller on the nose of the airplane, it is easy to make it from the remaining half of the wand, cutting it in two. Glue the propeller together with the bead.

Let the glue dry, then take the gouache and tassel, beautifully decorate the airplane-souvenir.

Having at hand a set for burning, you can make a beautiful crafts to the day of the defender of the Fatherland.

Necessary materials:

  • a board with a prepared surface for burning;
  • stencil;
  • pencil;
  • a device for burning.

Stages of work:

  • draw a sketch with army plots or transfer the image to a tablet with a stencil and pencil;
  • Using the device, burn the drawing along the lines.

If you wish, you can color the burned image around the contours. Next pack beautifully pack and present to the addressee on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.




Decoupage on the box with a gift to her husband on February 23 is a great way to show your talent and express love for your strong half.

Necessary materials:

  • basis for decoupage: in this case - a cardboard box for a gift;
  • napkins: decoupage or ordinary paper with a beautiful pattern;
  • scissors, brush;
  • PVA glue, water.

Stages of work:

  • cut out selected patterns from the napkin;
  • glue diluted with water 1: 1;
  • impose the image on the surface of the box, apply adhesive composition. You can arrange part of the box or the entire surface of the base.

After the decoupage is dry, you should cover it with a special varnish for greater decorative effect. For decoupage, you can use any surface: wood, plastic, ceramic, glass and even stone foundations.




Figures and compositions of salt dough look very presentable, they are easy to make at home. If handled correctly, these crafts will delight others for a long time, recalling the holiday in honor of which they were made.

Necessary materials:

  • wheat flour - 1 cup;
  • water - 250 g;
  • salt - 1 cup;
  • PVA glue, gouache;
  • background for the composition of salt dough - cardboard and fabric, or a substrate of other bases;
  • elements for decoration - sequins, beads, rhinestones, skewers;
  • scissors, varnish, tassel.

The sequence of works:

  1. Knead the dough from flour, salt and water with the addition of PVA glue.
  2. Divide the dough into pieces. Depending on the nature of the composition, add the gouache of the desired color and again knead each piece separately.
  3. Prepare a base of cardboard and fabric, or use a ready-made background substrate.
  4. Build figures from salt dough. You can use molds or other devices.
  5. Attach the finished figures to the substrate, wetting with water.
  6. Decorate the composition with decorative elements, which can be fixed with glue or simply pressed into elastic dough.

It now remains to let the craft dry, then paint the figures in gouache of the corresponding color. As soon as the paint dries, apply a fixing layer of varnish.







Do-it-yourself holiday exclusive products can be made using ingredients such as pasta, beans and cereals, flower petals, feathers, shells, pebbles, threads.

How to use unusual materials:

  • place the exclusive decor for a photo frame with shells;
  • to decorate candles, napkin holders, bottles of wine for a festive table setting for Defender of the Fatherland Day;
  • on pebbles you can draw thematic plots and motifs;
  • create from color macaroni panels with army motifs.

Perhaps the easiest way to effectively individualize a finished card on February 23 is to use cereals and clove petals. To do this, prepare rice, pasta, peas, lentils and other cereals / legumes, depending on the color of the images on the greeting card and glue. For example, white rice, small pasta of blue and red colors can be used to decorate the tricolor. To decorate one of the main symbols of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland - a tank with a gun - green peas or lentils will do. The image of a carnation on a postcard is decorated with dry flower petals. The result will be an odd job for February 23 with an impressive 3D effect.






Would you like to please your dear men with a tasty present for Defender of the Fatherland Day? Show culinary skills and cook a cake, in the decoration of which use elements with army motifs. Consider the taste preferences of those gentlemen to whom the gift is addressed.

If sweets are not in special favor in the brutal circle, prepare for the Defender of the Fatherland Day a trendy puff cake made from vegetables and meat with sour cream-onion cream. Decorate a culinary masterpiece with an image of a tank, airplane, locomotive, car or other "brutal-willed" attributes, salute, inscription. The decoration is important to use sweet and sour berries and fruits in jelly. It will be a great gift for February 23 dear men.