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Gray stretch ceiling - sophistication in simplicity (23 photos)


If during the repair the choice fell on a gray stretch ceiling, in this case, doubts may start to torment, because such a color in the interior looks ambiguous. Someone perceives such shades as a sign of gloom and impersonality, and someone at this time skillfully uses the capabilities of this color solution.



The ceiling is an important area from which the overall appearance of the room depends on the color scheme. Gray color represents harmony and tranquility. It is great for high-tech or classic design. This is ideal for offices, as it contributes to finding solutions and improves performance. In the home interior gray ceiling is also appropriate, especially in the rooms in a simple style.

Gray color is an excellent background for objects of art in the room. In a competent combination with a white gray ceiling is able to visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Specialists in the field of interior design distinguish the following advantages of coating:

  • the ability to act as a base tone;
  • the ability to favorably emphasize simple textures and materials;
  • practicality and versatility thanks to a discreet shade;
  • the functionality of color, combined with many tones;
  • the ability to hide the shortcomings of the room;
  • masking of dirt and dust.

The greatest advantages of a gray glossy stretch ceiling, as it effectively increases the space of the room and makes it lighter. There are minor flaws in the canvas:

  • with an illiterate approach, you can get a boring and gloomy interior;
  • in rooms in the northern part of the building, you can create an even colder and uncomfortable atmosphere.

Negative qualities may not appear if you choose a high-quality canvas, suitable for the interior and features of the room.

Before installing the ceiling fabric, you need to determine which shade is suitable for the design idea. The most common shades of gray:

  • wet asphalt;
  • silver;
  • lead;
  • ashen;
  • smoky.

Saturated gray shade is rarely used for ceiling decoration. It can be used with care for a bedroom in combination with an abundance of light colors, then the room will not look gloomy.

Dark gray ceiling in the interior is appropriate only when diluted with light colors. For example, the central part is made in full color, and a white plasterboard box border is created at the edges. If this shade is used for the corridor, then it will have to provide a large number of light sources.



Medium shades also require dilution with light elements to create harmony in the room. Light gray sheets are considered complete and do not require additions.

The above options look great in a residential area. The use of painting, appliqués and printing for the design of the canvas can visually make the space brighter. For industrial premises suitable silver ceiling grilyato.



Combination with other colors

Gray is considered neutral, so it is in perfect harmony with many shades. There are two types of combinations:

  • with soft tones;
  • with muted tones.

The most advantageous is the combination with the following shades:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • green;
  • purple;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • turquoise;
  • blue;
  • pastel shades;
  • beige tones.

The most successful combinations are achieved with white and black. To create a warm room indoors, you must combine gray stretch ceiling with yellow shades. A cold atmosphere will create a combination with the addition of purple and green.



Installation in various rooms

Gray stretch ceiling can be mounted in any room, including a children's room. Each space has its own features and design, which must be taken into account when choosing a shade.



In the living room, this version of the canvas in most cases will look gloomy. Only a few bright decorative elements will save the situation.

For kitchens gray ceiling is most suitable. The best would be the combination of cloth with a metal coating of kitchen appliances. Given the functional features of the room, suspended ceiling in the kitchen is an ideal option. It is perfectly washed from a variety of pollution. The gloss of the surface can increase the height of the ceiling, which is a great advantage for a small room.



It is necessary to approach a choice of a tension cloth for the nursery more responsibly. Gray color is too calm and can make the child sad. Negative consequences will help to avoid only light shades.



Gray color is universal, so we love both professionals and beginners in the field of decoration. An experienced designer knows all the possibilities of shade and uses it to emphasize the sophistication and severity of the room. A beginner can take advantage of the properties of gray to hide flaws and misses and harmonize with almost any color.




The ceiling is different in color, style and texture. The main thing is to like the owner of the room. The gray ceiling is a versatile tool that turns a place of residence into a cozy corner.