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Oval bed in the interior - the harmony of sleep (20 photos)


For the first time, oval-shaped beds appeared in the interior of children's rooms. These rounded designs resembled cozy nests and ancient children's cradles. It was difficult not to notice how this bed fits comfortably into the general idea of ​​the room, while remaining a very practical piece of furniture from the point of view of the parents. Thanks to free access from all sides and soft sides, moms and dads could look after their offspring without any problems and not worry about their safety.



Gradually, the oval bed moved to adult interiors, where it firmly occupied its positions in modern and eclectic styles. Its harmonious design found a response in the interiors of fancy shapes and bold combinations. Compact or, on the contrary, too large oval-shaped models were installed in the apartments of young citizens, transforming their impetuous life.

An important advantage of a bed of this form is that it can be suitable for children of different ages. Both newborns and older babies are placed in such beds.

Oval designs for very small ones are equipped with a pendulum mechanism that allows you to rock the bed and rock the baby. This principle is taken from the past, when round baskets or cradles with children were hung up in the huts and children were rocked to the songs.



For older children, around the perimeter of the bed, you can install a barrier in the form of an arena, whose solid rods will be made of wood, plastic or metal. Due to the fact that the protection will be installed on the oval, for the child does not overlap the review, he can see everything that happens around him, and parents can watch the child from any corner of the room.

In addition to all of the above, oval beds have other advantages:

  • rounded corners allow you to maximize the protection of the child, now you can not be afraid that he will hit the corner and get hurt;
  • Some designers have stated that the bed in the shape of an oval reminds the child of his life in the womb, which makes such a design very cozy and comfortable for the baby’s life;
  • since there is not a single corner in the construction, it is very convenient to place it even in small rooms, and you do not need to wrestle with which wall to attach the crib to comfortably move - the oval bed can be located right in the center of the room;
  • the oval shape of the crib is not demanding of the overall design of the room, and, therefore, will perfectly fit into any interior; in such a bed both a boy and a girl can sleep;
  • the design has a high margin of functionality, as it can be transformed into other children's interior items.

All these features can not leave indifferent a single parent, because the safety and comfort of their own child always decides when choosing the future situation of a new family member.

The most popular is the children's oval transforming bed. This design allows you to adapt to the growth and development of the child, creating a comfortable environment for life.

Modern designers every year improve the transformation of such a model, and today it is already possible to find projects representing 6 pieces of furniture from one oval bed. However, the most accessible and common models are 3 in 1. In this case, the usual oval bed is modified in just three different versions. There are possible combinations of a cradle: a changing table and playpen, or a cradle-bed and children's sofa. In fact, there are a lot of variations, and some of them can be thought up on their own, it is important to just initially decide what you expect from this new design fantasy.



The very first and main advantage of such a transformer bed is its functionality. Parents do not have to spend much money in order to conveniently equip a baby nest, now all the pieces of furniture are assembled in one design.

In addition, this option is great allows you to save space, leaving the freedom for children's games.

The versatility of this model, again in that it will fit into any style, is suitable for a boy and a girl. This bed can be decorated with soft sides, canopies and various draperies. Change the decor as well as the design itself, you can as the child grows up.

Any children's bed, including an oval, should be, first of all, harmless to children's health, so when choosing, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • structural stability - when buying children's furniture, pay attention to all fixtures, joints and transitions, check how the bed stands on the floor, it should be very stable, because you trust your child to it;
  • give your preference only to natural materials - even if you have to overpay for natural wood, but you will be sure that no harmful substances will interfere with your child;
  • the same rule applies when choosing the upholstery - if you decide to equip the bed with soft sides, choose only natural fabrics so that the child from early childhood does not know what an allergy is;
  • if you protect the crib with a playpen, pay attention to the distances between the bars - the child should not push the head between them, this is very dangerous for health. Also look at the rods themselves to be as polished as possible, and then no splinters threaten your baby.

Observing all these requirements, you will find not only multifunctional and comfortable furniture, but also one that will protect your child in time.

Adult designs are less versatile, but they have also found their admirers among modern people. Such oval beds are more like a bed and require appropriate furnish around.

Oval-shaped beds for adults are made both for one person and for two. However, it should be noted that a double bed of this design will take up quite a lot of space, which will have to be taken care of in advance.



Like the nursery, the bed can be equipped with soft sides, which allows you to create a cozy imitation of a cocoon or egg. It is pleasant to sleep in such a bed and wake up comfortably. Soft sides protect against unexpected shocks, and a cozy bed gives peace of mind.



The headboard of this bed can be very different. There are options when a soft oval bed turned into a back and a specific visor, which created an increased feeling of comfort and security. There are beds with a wooden headboard or with leather details.



Best of all, such beds, of course, will look exactly in modern styles such as loft and hi-tech. The oval design is original, therefore it is difficult to choose a decent interior decoration for it. Minimalism, typical of almost all modern styles, as nothing better cope with this task. Depending on the materials from which the bed will be made, the shades of the external design of the room are selected.




Harmony oval bed in its rounded shape. Lack of corners does not break the space of the room and makes staying in bed comfortable. So let the harmony of your dreams in such a bed not know the corners.