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How to choose a roll-out sofa: types, materials, nuances (25 photos)


One third of life a person spends in a dream, which means that everyone needs to sleep somewhere. In a large apartment, the choice is great: you can put a bed, buy a futon, buy an ottoman or a couch, but in a small room there are far fewer options. In fact, to leave at least some place, a compact roll-out sofa is best suited.



Advantages and disadvantages

Vykatny sofas, as well as any other furniture, have advantages:

  • compactness - in the unfolded state, the sofa takes up space, like a real bed, but you only need to fold it in order to free up all this space for other needs;
  • variability - roll-out sofas are large and small, double and single, soft and hard, so that everyone can choose the most suitable option for him, his room and his back;
  • design - correctly selected folding sofas can become the center of the room and its real decoration;
  • reliability - certain types of sofas are simply impossible to break, their mechanism is so simple and the material of manufacture is so reliable;
  • cost - it is as variable as the other parameters - everyone can find a roll-out sofa within their means, regardless of income level;
  • relevance - the right sofa will fit in any room - even for a small kitchen you can pick up a corner sofa with a vykatny mechanism.




Types of designs

The roll-out mechanism of the sofa is always made as reliable as possible, but can vary greatly in different versions. From these differences depends on the ease of use.

Sofa book

The easiest option, which is familiar to many since childhood. The design has only two components - the back and the seat. To expand the sofa, you need to raise the seat, lowering the back, and then lower it back. Under the bottom of the sofas of this type is a box under the clothes - because of the design features it can be considered the largest possible. The mechanism is reliable and can last for years, but is hardly suitable for people with a problematic spine - in order to raise the seat, you need to make a noticeable effort.




Also, a simple option - to get a bed, you need only physical strength. It is necessary to drag the seat towards itself until it reaches the position determined by the manufacturer. After you need to press the back and lower it to a horizontal position. Also not suitable for people with back problems.


This is often the corner sofa with vykatny mechanism is very easy to use. To get a berth enough to pull the loop under the bottom, pulling the hidden part of the seat, which thanks to a special mechanism will be flush with the rest of the sofa. Forces are required less than for books, but the size of the storage box is small.

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The most modern version of the book, the unfolding of which is carried out not at the expense of physical strength, but due to the work of the mechanism. It is enough to slightly raise the seat so that the backrest will lower itself. Most models are equipped with the possibility of fixing in intermediate positions.



Roll out sofa

This variety also folds out easily - just pull the loop under the bottom, and the bed rolls forward. The user is only required to lower the back into the vacant cavity. The only drawback of such a sofa (it can be a roll-out double sofa or an angular sofa with a roll-out mechanism, depending on the tastes of the user) is the relative unreliability of the mechanism. If you fold and unfold it every day, the rolling out part may break.



Retractable sofa accordion

It works on the principle of a vykatnogo sofa, but even easier - vykatnuy sofa accordion enough to pull the loop under the bottom, so that the whole berth went forward, and the back lay on its intended place independently. This design is suitable even for a child, because it does not require the application of considerable physical force.




One of the most modern options combines roll-out sofa accordion and dolphin. In fact, all you need is to pull the loop under the bottom. The berth leaves, the user lifts him on one level with the rest of the sofa and quietly goes to bed. The back at the same time does not fall.

Roll-out sofas (with a box for linen, with or without wooden armrests) are very diverse. The mechanism should be chosen according to their physical capabilities and needs.

The mechanism is an important part, but there are other nuances that are worth considering. Small vykatny sofas can be arranged in the same way, but because of the different materials felt completely different. Three factors should be taken into account - what the frame is made of, how it is covered and what fabric it is covered with. There are many options.



The most wonderful roll-out orthopedic sofa and the most beautiful frame will not make the proper impression if they are covered with a bad covering. It happens:

  • hollofayber - modern version, very elastic, does not cause allergies, does not absorb odors, tolerates cleaning;
  • foam rubber - the cheapest option, which is stuffed with straight vykatny sofas, quickly crushed, easily absorbs odors and fails in just a couple of years;
  • polyurethane is a relative of foam rubber, but more modern, because it does not hesitate, does not absorb odor and lasts longer;
  • spring block - vykatnye double sofas with such a filler well maintain their posture, but quickly fail and begin to prick with springs;
  • natural fillers - stand prohibitively, like a leather covering, but do not cause allergies and provide good orthopedic back support.



In addition to the filler, the covering also matters - a leather pull-out sofa with cushions will be very different from the same sofa, but with a textile covering. Padding happens:

  • textile, made of simple fabric, is beautiful, pleasant to the touch, but short-lived and will last only five to six years with active use;
  • leather - very durable, does not actually wear out, but not everyone is comfortable to touch, especially in hot summers or very cold winters;
  • leatherette - sofa, covered them, looks no worse than leather, somewhat cheaper, but it will not last for so long;
  • Flock - the cheapest option, which is easily electrified, attracts dust and wool and fails in just a couple of years;
  • velor is a very pleasant to the touch velvet material that wears out almost as quickly as a flock, dying;
  • tapestry - synthetic fabric, specially made the most resistant to wear (serves almost as long as the leather version);
  • cotton is natural, does not cause allergies, but like most natural fabrics, it quickly becomes unusable.



Additional tips

In addition to the form and materials, you should also consider:

  • Additional functionality - sometimes vykatnaya sofa with a box for linen at times more relevant to the same sofa, but without a drawer, and a sofa without armrests immediately loses the same, but with armrests. Someone likes sofas on legs, someone prefers sofas with a bent back - it is worth choosing according to taste, having familiarized with all options.
  • Color and style. Roll-out accordion-sofa should fit well - kitchen roll-out sofa, the skin of which is very expensive and has a rich black color will look stupid in the kitchen in bright colors. As well as vykatnuyu sofa accordion in a modern style just fit disgustingly in the living room in the style of Provence.
  • Dimensions. Corner sofa with roll-out mechanism - or a sofa accordion - should fit well in size. It should be convenient to lay out, he should not poke into the wall and seem too big. Before you go shopping, you should measure the dimensions and go with them.

It’s not so difficult to buy a sofa for your dreams - a corner sofa with a roll-out mechanism, a sofa book, a sofa accordion. The main thing is to know exactly the size, shape, style and materials in which it should be executed.