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Curtains in Provence Style: Hello from the South of France (28 photos)


For several decades, the Provence in the interior has remained extremely popular. This can be easily explained: each of us wants his home to be calm and comfortable, and this kind of peace can give it an interior in this style. If you choose the right furniture, textiles and accessories, it will seem that you are not in an apartment in the middle of a busy city, but somewhere in a quiet French village in the south of the country. When creating such an interior, there can be no trifles - all its components are important, and the curtains play a special role.



Curtain colors

To make the room light and comfortable, the curtains must meet strictly defined requirements. First, it is important to choose the right fabric. They should be:

  • natural;
  • include pastel and vibrant colors;
  • be decorated with patterns or floral print.

As we can see, this style allows the use of a huge variety of fabrics. So, for the kitchen, you can pick up more colorful curtains in the style of Provence. Perfectly decorated fabrics decorated:

  • small flowers;
  • lemons;
  • berries;
  • cell;
  • vertical or horizontal strip;
  • small geometric shapes.

Provence style is very democratic. If you like roses, you can order curtains with them, but the main thing is that the flowers are small and not very bright, as if burnt out in the strong sun. So, bright curtains, decorated with huge red roses, will attract all the attention to themselves, and the rest of the interior just lost on their background. The main symbol of the southern French province is lavender, so if you want to make a window in the classical style of Provence, try to find a fabric decorated with small purple flowers.



Provence involves a combination of any bright and calm basic colors:

  • olive;
  • milky white;
  • light gray;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • blue;
  • green

You can find a fabric on the canvas which immediately combines bright and soothing colors, and if such material could not be found, you can combine two types of curtains: one of a deep olive color, and the second with bright yellow lemons or purple lavender.




Window design options

Curtains for rooms in Provence style should be simple cut, but at the same time there are no prohibitions and restrictions. You can hang Roman curtains in the style of Provence or classic, English or just tulle. The main thing is to choose the right colors.

The most common option is a combination of thick curtains with thin tulle. Portieres can be decorated with bright flowers or ornaments, and tulle should be as thin and weightless, as well as with complex embroidery. There are no strict requirements for its length. In the bedroom it can be made up to the floor, but for the kitchen a more practical option is suitable - short curtains or tulle to the window sill.

For Provence style, curtains can be made on eyelets, ties, hinges. The simpler they are, the better. Still need to choose the right curtain rods in the style of Provence. Natural materials are welcome here, so wooden eaves with tips in the form of balls or leaves are ideal.



Also, forged copper or bronze cornices will fit into such an interior - with them the window will look even richer. The eaves and rings on the curtain should be of the same material: either metal or wood. In such an interior, it will look good cornices with a "history", wooden or metal, covered with artificially aged paint. Wooden eaves can be varnished or painted in the color of the floor, but they should not be too massive and attract attention. Ideal cornice complements the curtains, but not vice versa.



If the room is on the south side, the drapes can be combined with Roman curtains. On sunny days unwind the roll. The fabric will close the glass and let in a bit of warm light, thereby creating an amazing atmosphere of a real country house in Provence.



Some people think that curtains with lambrequin are appropriate only in a classic interior, but it all depends on the fabric. Silk and velvet - to create a chamber environment, and cotton and linen - for a rustic interior. To such curtains fit into the style of Provence, they are decorated with lace, ruffles, bows or fringe.



Curtains in the style of Provence can be of any kind. The main thing is that they are light, airy and let as much sunlight as possible into the room and even make it warm in winter. The Provence does not welcome too heavy draperies, which visually make the window smaller and collect dust.

For Provence style, it is characteristic to use only eco-materials, no synthetics and plastics. If the dishes, it is desirable from copper and glass, curtains - only from natural fabrics. The interior can be curtains from:

  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • batiste;
  • chintz

From the same materials sew curtains for kitchen in style of a country or east style. As a decor, handmade lace or even coarse burlap can be used. With the help of these fabrics will create a real rustic interior.

Linen curtains are especially popular with buyers, and they are also purchased for Provence-style cottages, because flax is easy to wash, does not stretch, does not fade and always looks good. Linen curtains are suitable for the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen - they are universal.

Plus curtains of such materials that they breathe. And even through the tightly closed curtains will pass the air. We need good quality fabrics that do not fade, do not fade and iron well. Especially it concerns the purchase of curtains for summer cottages and a country house - there the sun is much stronger than in the city.



Curtains for different rooms

The choice of curtains for each room requires an individual approach, because the Provence may be different: cheerful and flashy or calm and elegant. Here you need to rely on your own feelings: in which interior you will feel more comfortable.



Curtains in the living room in the style of Provence should be more elegant. Monochromatic terracotta or lavender-colored, which can be threaded into suspensions with brushes, are suitable for this room. On tulle in the hall is not worth saving. It should be thin and light, decorated with beautiful embroidery.