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Frameless sofa - stylish, comfortable and functional (27 photos)


Frameless sofas will appeal to all lovers of comfortable rest. The first frameless furniture was the chair bag. Its popularity has prompted manufacturers to the idea that this technology can be used for sofas. The use of bright colors, unusual combinations and quality materials makes frameless furniture an excellent alternative to ordinary sofas.



Features frameless sofas

Frameless sofa appeared on the furniture market relatively recently, challenging the routine and standard designs. These sofas are used to design children's rooms, offices and living rooms, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The main feature of such structures is the absence of a frame. The product consists of an inner cover, which is filled with granulated polystyrene foam. The design is soft and light, but it keeps its shape well. The outer cover is made of fabric with dirt-repellent and waterproof properties.

The main benefits include:

  • Ease. Due to the absence of a frame, the sofa is extremely light, so even a girl or a child can lift it. It is not necessary to put it permanently in a certain place. It can be moved at any time closer to the TV or even moved to another room.
  • Security. Frameless furniture can be used to design children's rooms. The absence of sharp corners, soft-touch fabric and environmentally friendly materials ensures the safety of the structure for children and adults.
  • Practicality. Frameless furniture is equipped with removable covers, so the care of such products is extremely convenient. If hard cover spots or holes have formed on the case, it can be replaced with a new one.
  • Durability. Covers sew from fabric which differ in the increased density. It has excellent dirt-repellent properties, and also does not let moisture through. The filler also has high qualities, which for a long time retains its original properties.
  • Comfort and comfort. The soft sofa takes the shape of a person’s body, so it’s convenient to watch TV, read, or simply relax after a hard day.
  • Stylish and beautiful. Frameless sofa from eco-leather or thick fabric looks stylish and fashionable and gives bright colors even to the most boring interior. You can order models of various shapes, designs, colors and functional features.
  • Affordable price. Models of sofas without frame look beautiful and unusual, and at the same time their cost is much lower than that of classic furniture.
  • Hygiene. The presence of a removable cover allows you to refresh the furniture at any time, so a bright children's sofa without a frame will become a real find.




Frameless sofas have several advantages, but when buying such furniture should be taken into account and their disadvantages. These include:

  • Loss of volume Over time, frameless sofas lose volume, so you need to periodically pour the filler.
  • Low landing. As a rule, such models have a low fit, so it will be difficult for older people to get up from them.
  • Bad back support. Frameless sofa bed is not suitable for daily sleep. It can be used as an extra bed for guests. Low stiffness does not provide the necessary support for the spine, so back pain may begin.

Rest in people is associated with soft pillows. A frameless sofa is a big pillow on which you can fit in full height, so the main advantage of such furniture is convenience and an unsurpassed feeling of coziness and comfort.



Models and use in the interior

To frameless sofa could take a worthy place in the house, delivered maximum pleasure and perfectly fit into the interior, when choosing a model, take into account the color, shape, as well as design features.

Frameless modular sofa is the perfect choice for decoration of the living room. Many individual components allow you to assemble a seat for a large company. If desired, the blocks can be separated and placed around the room. Also from the blocks you can build a comfortable bed for unexpected guests. Frameless transforming sofa allows you to arrange the room in accordance with all requirements. You can order blocks of different colors, daily changing their places, experimenting with forms and combinations.




For sleep it is better to use a bed with a hard orthopedic mattress. However, you can choose a frameless sofa that will meet the basic requirements for a good sleep, but it must be made of high-quality materials, and its foundation must be tough enough to support the spine.




One of the most successful solutions is a frameless corner sofa. As a rule, such models consist of two modules that stand at an angle to each other. Having laid out such a sofa, an even double place is created. In some cases, a separate corner module is used. Such models are quite long, so they allow you to relax comfortably, even when folded.




In the nursery it is recommended to choose models of bright color and unusual shape. The sofa puzzles that allow you to experiment with colors and shapes look great. Also, kids will love the sofas in the shape of lips, balls, or favorite cartoon characters.






For classic interior pick frameless furniture is quite difficult. Suitable models with strict lines of black, white, brown or beige. Bright colors and bold shapes should not be used in this case.




Frameless sofas - a modern, safe and environmentally friendly type of furniture, which is popular for decoration of any premises. A wide range of colors, shapes and models will allow you to decorate any room brightly and with taste.