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Wenge doors: combinations in the interior (23 photos)


Exclusive interior design will help to create wooden doors of wenge color, which will highlight the taste and high social status of the property owner. The wood of this tropical breed has a characteristic sophisticated pattern of texture, dark color, shades of which vary from golden brown to dark chocolate color. For Africa, this tree has become a true black gold, followed by a real hunt for decades, which resulted in the almost complete disappearance of forests.



Wenge color is often associated with unsurpassed luxury and high status. In connection with the cutting of African forests and the reduction in the number of trees, the cost of wood has increased many times. Today veneered doors of wenge color have a high price, which is far from being available to all potential customers. For this reason, models covered with PVC film are demanded, the cost of which attracts buyers all over the world.

Wenge wood has a high density, is distinguished by its flexibility and ability to resist mechanical damage. The entrance door of wenge solid color will always be functional and practical, but the cost of such a product is very high. For this reason, the following types of doors are popular:

  • interior veneered;
  • metal doors covered with PVC film;
  • interior PVC doors;
  • interior, covered with artificial veneer.

Interior doors are made in wenge color with glass and solid models, sliding doors and swing doors, folding and pivoting. This allows you to select products in accordance with the budget and scope of operation.

Wenge doors are used in the interior, made in a very different style. Manufacturers produce classic and modern models in this color, products that fans of high-tech and minimalism will appreciate. Doors in the style of modern color of wenge with asymmetrical decorative elements and smooth lines are very popular. It goes well with the color of wenge mirror, so these compartment doors are incredibly popular in boudoirs.



The wenge doors with frosted glass are fashionable, the number of such models is impressive not only to ordinary people, but also to specialists. Frosted glass can have a different glass area: from small inserts to inserts that occupy 80-85% of the door surface. White or beige glass is used, as light shades are ideally combined with almost black wenge.

It is necessary to use wenge-colored doors in the interior carefully, as it is difficult to combine it with shades of blue, pink, orange, blue and light green. When choosing a wallpaper, you should give preference to light colors: white, beige, sand, gray. The contrast between the dark wenge and such wall material will be maximum, which will make the interior emotional, atmospheric, bright.



It is quite difficult to choose the floor covering under the interior doors of wenge color in the interior. The main problem is that the texture of this African tree is so original that it does not fit the traditional versions of laminate or linoleum. Do not combine interior doors and wenge flooring, it will overload the interior, make it difficult to perceive. When using doors of this color, designers prefer such flooring as bleached oak, light beech and maple. Alternatively, you can choose a nut with a predominance of gray tint.



Choosing the door color of wenge

Luxurious metal entrance door in wenge color will be the best solution for a city apartment with a bright entrance hall. It is possible to use such steel doors in mansions with a facade finish of beige or gray facing bricks. They will harmoniously look with a white, light sand and pistachio facade plaster finish.



In the interior of the apartment you can use compartment doors, swing and folding models in the color of wenge. They are used in any room of the house: in the living room, kitchen, office, bathroom and bathroom. The light corridor with dark doors looks luxurious and elegantly emphasized. Models made in different styles are selected based on the preferences of the property owner. The only recommendation would be advice on the use of doors with large amounts of glass in shaded hallways.



MDF Wenge doors have an affordable price and can be used for budget repairs. They are perfectly combined with laminate or linoleum under bleached oak, which is produced by all the leading manufacturers of floor coverings. Despite the affordable price, potential buyers will be impressed by the wide range of products in different styles. You can buy a compartment door or a glass model for a boudoir, products for the office, library and living room.



PVC wenge-colored sliding doors can be used to access open or closed white oak terraces. Veneered blind doors of this color will be a good choice in the technical premises of the house. Glass decorative elements will decorate wenge color models for living rooms and bedrooms.



Wenge is a symbol of luxury, well-being and refined taste. The choice in favor of the doors of this color will allow you to create a refined interior in the house or city apartment. Products from wenge can be used in the design of office premises, cafes, restaurants. This is a great choice for hotels, including hotels with 3-5 stars. Wenge is ideally suited for different trends in interior design, the particular pleasure of buying and installing these products will give fans of contrasting solutions. A wide range of products from natural and artificial materials will allow you to optimally select the door in accordance with the budget for repair or construction.